US Senate Campaign

US Senate Campaign

My name is Patrick Little, and I am running for US Senate in California.

I’m a Mainer by birth, a husband by choice, an experienced IT engineer, and a USMC veteran of Afghanistan.


I am fighting for US Citizens in California, and my campaign platform will be re-posted on this site.


I have been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and her government. is the official website of my Senate campaign.


Campaign email:



24 Replies to “US Senate Campaign”

    1. Yeah right…I’m jewish and I wholeheartedly disagree with having jews in power and controlling positions of power in america. They control all of the media, they control the medical and banking industry, they feed us garbage propoganda with the entertainment industry. They do absolutely nothing for lower class jews that are struggling either, so why are you so concerned jim jones? are you even jewish? Are you receiving some form of benefits from israel that you don’t want taken away? Surely if the world isn’t being held back then we can thrive and everybody can experience a better life, and not on a communist level where everybody is held to a low poverty standard where you can’t break out. Nazi germany became the richest country in the world because hitler removed the banks and created a new currency. He only put talmudic jews in concentration camps, leaving the christianized jews and elder jews that were over the age of 60 to be citizens left in their homes. Also if you were a jew and served germany during WWI then you also were able to stay. Hitler ONLY started the concentration camps (which were not used for killing or gassing) ONLY AFTER america started rounding up germans and japanese and putting them in brutal internment camps where guns were aimed at them 24/7 and the state of living was very poor. Go look up the Holocaust lies, I’m not going to explain it all here. Just know that america is fully controlled by a group of elites that are playing on your pathetic emotions.

      1. Wake the hell up… the renegade Jews who are running the global dictatorship, are just that… Illuminist, Freemason renegades. They have no intention to return to Israel to await their Messiah. Learn to differentiate between the Luciferian Illuminist Jews, the likes, of Henry Kissinger, the Rothschilds, the Morgans, and the Rockefeller and the Cheney’s, etc. and as for your inability to discern the truth of the Holocaust, well that simply demonstrates in public you ignorance.

    2. You have caused all the wars and hundreds of millions murdered as a result. Dont forget that because we won’t. Patrick Little will stop all wars being fought on behalf of Israel.

      Patrick Little for the United States Senate!

    3. Hey Jimbo, I’m curious, if your shilling is ineffective, does the JIDF still cut you a check? I mean, do you shill on commission, or are you an hourly-paid pleb?

  1. Fuck you nazi trash. I hope you rot in the 10th level of hell where you belong. You are nothing more that a thin skinned bully who was probably bullied as a kid so you are trying to get even. In fact you were bullied by a Jew. You are a loser you will lose the race by a landslide, and then you can fade into oblivion. Go fuck yourself nazi fucktard

  2. Keep up the Good Fight Patrick you have many supporters in America you are doing the right thing exposing the subversion of our country.

  3. Posting all over the internet with your contact info and campaign site url.
    Sent JF a Gab to please have you on his show.

  4. Anybody who disagrees with jews in way, shape or form you are accused of being “anti Semitic” I call that nonsense! If standing for justice is called anti semetic then call me antisemitic. Jews destroyed black communities and blame it on whites. Jews in senate and house robbing American people sending hard earned American tax dollars to jews in Israel. If you simply disagree with jews they will have all other jews like pack of wild dogs attacking you all over jewish controlled media doing their character assassinations. So on and on…. Jews are out of control its about time we need to put them in their place and not allow them to destroy communities, start all the wars and blame whites for it.

  5. If you really want to MAGA then you should die for what you believe in and commit suicide. You are a worthless piece of shit. Get cancer and die!

  6. Interesting the level of spite and bile that comes from these talmudic scorpions when you threaten their global hegemony. When the flak really intensifies it means you are over the target. More power to your arm Patrick.

  7. Patrick Little is the last hope for this country to break free from the ZIonist Communist power structure. If Patrick Little can get his desired policies enacted, we can have stem cell medicine for the masses, graphene solar panels to provide free energy for all, graphene oxide water filters for clean pure water all over America and much more. I am very familiar with these technologies already. We just need a champion of the people so we can remove the parasites that prevent us from being free and prosperous.
    follow me on youtube. @teslasprodigy dirty goyim. peace

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  9. Me and mine want to say Thank You Patrick Little for your voice shouting from the rooftops!! the same truths so, so many great and TRUE Americans and countless more worldwide before you have told.
    Our age, age old enemy will be defeated this is prophesy, let US do all we can to expose their evil once and FOR ALL!
    Daily prayers for you in your journey exposing Edom!

  10. This is right out of Adolph’s playbook: When Hitler appointed Goebbels as propaganda minister, he was guided by the maxim that “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, maybe people will come to believe it”. BTW, in case you have forgotten, the world defeated Adolph and what he stood for. Hate for a time can seem invincible, but in the end, it always looses. Think of it, always.

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