Some Past Activism

Some Past Activism


Above: photo courtesy of an anon at /pol/


I became active in my anti-Zionist, counter-Semetic adventures starting in 2017.

At first, I tried to sneak up on the tribe, like President Trump does, however, I think this only works if you are an established, well-liked persona in the public mind.


My one man protest in front of the German consulate, January 2017.


I also was capturing footage, in incognito, at the Battles of Berkeley.

(trying to locate video I made of Stickman’s battle buddy getting dragged off by antifa where they opened his head up after getting him on the ground)


However, in the Spring,  three months after my awakening to the Jewish Problem, during the course of my months-long reading binge, I came across two books by one of the bravest and best Americans ever to live: Commander George Lincoln Rockwell.

After reading Rockwell’s words, I realized that sneaking up on the Jews is what ‘conservatives’ have always tried to do, and it never works. Even now Trump is on his knees to the Israeli lobby and its interests, as he is besieged by the over 7,000 Jewish organizations in America, including the SPLC, ADL, and other front organizations for AIPAC.


My Balls Drop: June 2017, Roseville

The first time I worked up the moral courage to do the right thing and start talking about Jewish crimes in public was in Roseville, at the the anti-sharia rally thrown by Act For America. If you want to hear the details about that event, ask me in the comments and I can come back and update this post with a story.

Roseville, CA

roseville float largeAbove:  front side of ‘The Mobile Redpill’, a float I put on a fold out wagon

SPLC article including the mobile redpill

Above: rear side of The Mobile Redpill (photo courtesy of the SPLC).

This was the first time any of my work garnered any attention from any Jewish terrorist groups that I know of.  My heart warmed with pride as I saw the mobile redpill had made the SPLC website




Charlottesville, July 2017

Me with dr duke and mike enoch

Above: I got to meet the two of the best white advocates in history:

left: Mike Enoch, creator of TRS, co-host of The Daily Shoah and Strike & Mike

right: Former Louisiana state representative, Dr. David Duke, author of three books you need to read: My Awakening, The Secret Behind Communism, and Jewish Supremacism.


I’ll update this post with more details about Charlottesville later.


March for Kate, SF, 2017

I will upload videos of me naming the Jew at that event later


Twitter HQ. December 2017:

See: Shout Out From Eric Striker at the DS


2018: You ain’t seen nothing yet


Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

Your California candidate in the battle against Jewish supremacism





5 Replies to “Some Past Activism”

  1. I’m skimming your site for the first time. Yesterday, I listened to and watched your interview with the admirable Alfred Schaefer on the broadcast of Vince and his Red Elephants.

    I was impressed, sir.

    There are three things I would like to comment on at the moment.
    1. In this article, you praise Enoch. He is a jew. If you don’t yet know that jews constantly circulate into and out of White efforts in order to co-opt them, mislead them, or flat-out destroy them, then please accept my input. If you play the “good jew” game, you will not get support from we who know better. We will only watch from afar or not watch at all.

    2. I saw a video in which you were protesting outside Twitter. Two pieces of scum counter-protested by insulting you (“hate speech”) on their signs and with their mouths. I could see immediately on first sight that they are jews. Have you identified them as jews?

    3. Mars. I’m glad that you are a thinker well beyond the norm. Please let me introduce you to the independent scientist James McCanney. His website is . He is superb on matters of space science, and weather, and water. He is lame but somewhat knowledgeable on jews. And he is off base on some matters that are not in his best scientific disciplines. As he has reported for at least 15 years, NASA lies and lies and withholds information that should be public. As for Mars, he reports that Mars HAD an ocean and life. These were stripped off about 3,500 to 4,000 years ago. Mars has enjoyed an increase of its atmosphere since space probes have been going there to measure it. In this comment, I will not go into the science of McCanney about comets, planets, and reasons for the return of Mars’ atmosphere. If you would like to have a conversation about it, or anything, I invite you to email me using the email address I have provided.

    James Laffrey,
    proudly half German,
    proudly half Irish.
    All White.

      1. Dear sir,
        Thank you for your reply.

        I’m against in-fighting, too. But Mike “Enoch” Peinovich is not in. He’s a jew. Here is a link to a video of proof, of the Enoch speaking.
        1. In this video, you get enough audio of the Enoch in the first 3 minutes, more in the first 5 full minutes. The whole video is 22m50s and contains other good bits through to the very end.

        Also, let me say that I saw a video a couple of months ago of the Enoch and David Duke on an outdoor stage. Enoch spoke first and said one of those same admissions of his being a jew, and he said that because he has performed good acts that he has “earned” acceptance in the pro-White movement. (Wrong.) I think that video was a longer version of the video at the following link in which the jew said these things earlier in the longer video. It’s the same scene, him in sunglasses, everything. I will try some more to find it. If I do, I’ll let you know.
        Link to video in which Enoch’s admission was cut from the beginning:

        On space science, James McCanney’s website is .
        Let me save you a lot of time. McCanney does not provide menus or lists of contents for his broadcasts, and his website requires time-consuming exploring to find the best material — and discarding the chaff. As I listened to his entire archive a year ago, I took some skeletal notes on contents of noteworthy broadcasts. So, let me suggest specific broadcasts in his archives and then suggest a specific page.

        Links to the archive of his Science Hour broadcasts:
        *First Half.
        *Second Half.
        1. The Science Hour mp3 from Feb. 25 , 2007, includes his description of what comet tails do and some info on Mars.
        2. The Science Hour mp3 from Oct. 9, 2008, talks of Bankers; and catastrophies involving Earth, Venus, and Mars.
        3. The Science Hour mp3 from Sept. 24, 2009, offers a history of Venus. This, like all of his important work, will be quite a ride for a first-timer, but as I recall it takes you through planet-formation, to interaction with Mars and Earth, and then the final settling into orbit of the new planet.

        Link to a page, called “Thought Of The Day” page, on which it is worthwhile to do a search for the word “jew” and see what he has written in the past.
        Please note, however, that McCanney has not been consistent on this topic. I think he fears losing his audience, thus losing his income, so he has dropped specific references against jews. There is very very much more I could cite and describe — as I had done on my now-defunct website ( — but you are surely busy and so I think I’ve said plenty, for now.

        With admiration,

        1. The admirable Mr. Laffrey is right about Enoch the jew.

          Audio of him/it saying he is one but ought to be given a pass because of his activism WAS until very recently at the following link but jewtube killed the channel in defense of their own, of course.

          However, I downloaded the video. Still have it. But it’s just audio of Enoch, not actual video of him while talking. Let me know if you want it and then I’ll use my VLC media player to strip the mp3 from the vid and email it to you.

  2. Hi Mr. Patrick Little.
    A few days ago, I sent you evidence and links. But my comment is not posted. Did you get it? Too busy? Or have you banned me?

    By the way, I watched your town hall video in which you answered many questions. It’s interesting that you are where I was about eight years ago.

    Well, ’nuff said for now.

    I am James Laffrey, owner-writer of the website “WhitesWillWin” 2012-2017.

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