It’s Time To Start Deconstructing The Holocaust Myth

It’s Time To Start Deconstructing The Holocaust Myth



You might be wondering what the hell the news article above is all about.  If you have not yet awoken, I have a brief summary below.


First off, the jews who ran the British, US, and to a lesser extent, French  state departments promised to invade Germany with French and British armies if Poland and Germany had a military confrontation regarding the Danzig corridor… these jews lied to Poland so that the Jews who ran the USSR could annex half of Poland.  These empty jewish promises became apparent when, two weeks after the Germans had launched a relief effort to Danzig, the British, Americans, and French had not become involved in a land war.  The Jews all knew that the (((USSR))) and the German governments had an agreement to partition Poland in the event of an war between Germany and Poland.  Note, Germany did everything humanly possible to prevent war, even offering Poland close to 90% of the disputed land.  But the jewish lies worked, and Poland was destroyed, and the Jews got their Second World War that solidified their control of white countries (and their then colonies). The Polish tragedy aside, let;’s get to the real story below.


I have talked to some German soldiers who survived the Soviet and other Allied concentration camps for German soldiers of 1945-1951 over the past few years.  The one thing the ones who saw the Eastern Front (almost all of them) told me is that the Wehrmacht was greeted as a liberating force from Jewish tyranny of the USSR (85% of kommisars, or top politicians in the USSR, as well as most of the secret police were ethnic Jews).

The Germans were greeted as liberating heroes, and flowers were placed on the entering German troops’s uniforms and in their rifle barrels.  There are many reports of German troops showing up in Ukrainian and Russian towns, and the Slavs had already executed the secret police and kommisars of the USSR.  The Wehrmacht would radio to Berlin, “We entered the town square and found the townsmen executing Jewish terrorists”, Berlin did not know how to respond at first.  The main point is, Jews in NKVD and Cheka uniforms had killed over 20 million Slavic Europeans in a serries of genocides and ethnic cleansings, starting with the Romanov family, and climaxing in the Holodomor Genocide.


The Germans set up internment camps for the Jews that were spared by the slavs, whose quest for revenge might have lead to the extermination of all of the Eastern European Jews. These were more luxurious than the camps we set up for German, Italian, and Japanese-born citizens in the USA.


Many Jews evaded internment and went into the woods, waging a terrorist campaign against the recently liberated Slavs and the liberating Germans. They were called partisans, and they were Jewish terrorists, mostly communist party members and communist party supporters.


I had the pleasure of meeting one SS officer, since deseaced, God rest his soul, and he survived a Jewish terrorist attack from Partisans in the Balkans.  His unit was wiped out except for him, and he had to crawl for two weeks with a broken leg until he reached another free European unit.  He was later awarded the Iron Cross for heroism in charging a tank and destroying it with a Panzerschreck at point blank range.


The point is that the Jews won WWii, and after show trials involving torture to extract false confessions ar Nuremberg, they re-wrote history through their control of both Soviet and Western institutions.  We live under the shadow of the war atrocity hoax propaganda of the so-called holocaust, which is a Jewish lie (although most Jews themselves are unaware of the fact that it is a fabrication, or the fact that Jews were committing actual holocausts in Europe before the European War of Liberation From Jewish Bolshivism, now called the Second World War).


I want to make the Jews aware of their tribe’s past and current crimes, including the genocide the Jews have been waging recently against the Assyrians and the Palestinians.  I want to do this to spare them a tragedy that is likely befall them if they do not surrender control of ethnically European countries.  More and more goyim are realizing that Jews have seldom been the victim in recent history, and are behind most modern massacres in European and Asian countries.  As we awake to the Jewish lies and subversion, there is a good chance the same rage of vengeance that came upon the Eastern Europeans will come upon the ethnic Europeans that the jews have been trying to ethnically cleanse from our countries via mass importation of hostile replacement populations that they then incite against us with their media.


Help me spare the jews from the brunt of the vengeance they will otherwise face.


As your Senator from California, I will work to outlaw all foreign aid to to the terrorist state of  Israel.  I will introduce legislation making the propagation of incitement against ethnic Europeans by Jews illegal.  I will reduce the participation of Jews in our government to reflect their proportion of the US population.  I will help end their ethnic cleansing of us via mass migration.  I will work to lower the percentage of graduate students at harvard from 67% to 2 to 3% Jewish, reflecting their percentage of the population.  We can end their stranglehold on our media, social media, news, and educational institutions, and I will do this peacefully.


We don’t want the Jews to face a sudden backlash from an outraged, awakened population.  Help me manage their stepping down from power so that it is peaceful, so that they have a chance to understand what is happening instead of being taken by surpise, so that they can learn from their past exploitative mistakes as not to repeat them as a group as they have in the past.

Keep in mind, most jews are ignorant to the facts I have stated above.  Unless they become aware of the actions of their own international elite that control our countries, they will be unable to help rectify the situation.

This is going to be a difficult process for the Jews, but without this process and our help, the Jewry, including their innocents, may not survive.

Help me to save the Jews from their evil Talmudic elites.


It is time for the US Army to release the letters General Patton sent home to his wife.  It is time to talk about the true circumstances of his murder shortly after the war when he realized we had fought on the wrong side.  It is time for the truth.


Respectully Submitted,

Your Counter-Semitic Candidate in California

– Patrick Little




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  1. You’re a nut bag. NONE of your comments are supported by facts. You quote a few sick individuals and repeat their lies. Jews are ethnically cleansing the USA?? How? How will you “reduce the participation of Jews in our government to reflect their proportion of the US population” without violating the constitution. Slippery slope; the flip side is we’ll have 45% Hispanic’s in the govt to reflect their proportion. How does one “work to lower the percentage of graduate students at harvard from 67% to 2 to 3% Jewish” How do you control the admissions at a private University? Stupid, stupid stupid. Hate for hates sake, not a sound fact in the article. You should be re-educated by a sane individual, not some crazy Nazi web site. You’re a joke. Go back to your “homeland”

  2. I suggest you feature this powerful Ukranian video and supporting article about the Holodomor Genocides on your site to combate the barage of ‘holocaust’ propaganda you are exposed to.

    The following video would also be a good comeback to the ‘Jewish 6million’ repartition

    Both these sites contain many short shocking videos and are supported by a wealth of information in encyclopidia and article form

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