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Campaign Slogan: Liberate the US from the Jewish Oligarchy

A careful examination of history shows that the decisions of Jewish people have been the catalyst for widespread misery throughout the past few centuries.  A close look at today’s power brokers reveals their Jewish heritage or influence, which is the source of nearly all injustice worldwide, and of the degradation of formerly-good American institutions.

While I am looking to represent all US Citizens, I am a white advocate.  There is systematic discrimination and incitement against European-descended Americans, and I want to crush manifestations of anti-White racism in US institutions.  This racism is originated by Jewish Marxist conspirators.

Asians face discrimination in academia, with Jews occupying 67% of seats in the graduate school of Harvard, despite being less than 2% of the US population.  I will ensure that Jewish nepotism no longer squeezes qualified Asian-Americans out of our universities.

I am also a black advocate.  Justice must finally be made for black Americans descended from African slaves.  The descendants of the Jews who ran the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and who operated the slave markets in America must be held accountable for their ancestors’ crimes against humanity.

During my 2018 CA Senate run, I originally proposed to limit Jewish representation in our government institutions as a countermeasure against their race’s cancerous influence on our society.  However, after further consideration, I have decided that full expulsion of Jews from the United States is the only solution for freeing us from Jewish supremacist tyranny.


  • Merit-based employment in all government agencies and all institutions which receive funds from the Federal and State Governments.
  • Introduce legislation outlawing lobbying efforts of foreign governments, specifically those of the terrorist state of Israel (AIPAC, ADL, etc).
  • Introduce Senate resolution condemning Israel for terrorist attacks on the USS Liberty and US bases during the Lavon Affair.
  • Put to rest the issue of slavery in the US by introducing a bill ending all foreign aid to Israel, and giving the US population of blacks descended of African slaves in the US a one-time payment.  This payment will be equivalent to the next ten years of aid to Israel divided by the number of recipients.  Enshrined in this bill will be a permanent ban on providing foreign aid to Israel, including a death penalty for any politician introducing a bill that would lead to foreign aid to Israel.
  • Introduce a bill to fund research into implementing my Mars Impact Theory, the redirection of asteroids to a collision path with Mars such that the planet would have its magnetosphere and atmosphere restored for later colonization and mineral exploitation by the US government and potentially any partners in colonization.
  • Introduce a bill that would lead to the embargoing of Israel until they agree to repay all foreign aid previously rendered, with interest, as well as reparations to families of the victims of Jewish terrorist attacks on the US.
  • Introduce a bill to the US Senate making it illegal to raise funds for any foundation related to the perpetuating of propaganda related to a “holocaust,” formally making the US’s stance on “the holocaust” to be that it is a Jewish war atrocity propaganda hoax that never happened.
  • Introduce legislation restoring immigration policy in the US such that the 1965 Immigration Act is repealed and restoring the policies of the National Origins Act.
  • Introduce legislation restoring the original intent of the Constitution, explicitly stating that the United States is an ethnically European nation.
  • Campaign Finance Reform: Make it illegal for corporations or lobbies of foreign governments to donate to candidates or political action committees.  Outlaw all lobbies, except non-profit lobbies that work to protect the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the US Constitution.
  • Nationalize Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all other natural monopolies in the IT industry.
  • End the estate tax for family-owned farms, and reimburse all families who have paid estate tax on their farm inheritances going back to the establishment of the estate tax, with interest.
  • Reclaim the weapons-grade nuclear material that Israel stole from the US in the Apollo Affair, using the full force of the US Military if necessary.
  • Sentence traitors to the US who have conspired with the terrorist state of Israel to complete a community service project, cleansing the Superfund site created by the Apollo Affair of radioactive material, without protective gear.
  • Whereas Jews are ultimately loyal to the state of Israel, and thus represent hostile foreign nationals of a terrorist country that has committed acts of war and war crimes against the US, without resolution by ceasefire or peace treaty, and whereas every other Western country has ultimately expelled the Jews, therefore, expel all Jews from the United States by the year 2022.
Shout Out From Eric Striker at the DS

Shout Out From Eric Striker at the DS


I forgot to keep my website updated while on vacation in Austria.

Looks like I got a shout out from Eric Striker at the Daily Stormer for protesting Jewish Supremacist censorship at Twitter.


Banned From Social Media

Banned From Social Media

I’m running for US Senate, and Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have all decided that I cannot have social media accounts.  Although I committed no crimes, I made points that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith does not want to be made publicly.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and especially Twitter are interfering in a federal election campaign in the State of California, and I am beginning to wonder if a goy (Jewish word for a non-Jew) has any route of legal recourse when confronting Jewish Supremacism.


Here’s an example of the type of tweet I was made to delete to stay on Twitter before my ultimate banning from the online public square.




In any case, I am now on Gab and Wrongthink.  Handles are below:

Gab and WrongThink Handle: Patrick_Little.



I am currently forwarding my gabs to a new twitter sock (until it gets shoahed)

Twitter front for my Gabs: @RealPatrickLitt