“Free Monika” Demonstrations

“Free Monika” Demonstrations

Monika Schaefer is a sweet old lady in prison for asking honest questions about dogmas in Germany.  She is one of many political prisoners being held for questioning certain historical narratives.


sorry mom wrong about holocaust


I will be leading a demonstration in front of the San Francisco German Consulate.


Email me at Pat@littleRevolution.us if you would like to organize a peaceful protest in front of your nearest German Embassy or German Consulate.


We need people in front of the German Embassy in DC, and as many embassies and consulates as possible, in the US and around the world.


Here’s a quick video with the details about Monika’s persecution:

schaefer arrest

For details on the persecution of Monika, see wir-sind-Monika.com


I would like to do it either this weekend or next.


I will be updating this article with more details shortly.


Here’s a map of the Location of German Consulates in the US:

German Consulates
Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

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  1. My thoughts? Alfred should be in her place! Germans, not Jews, put Monika in prison. Monika and Alfred Schaefer are the children of War Criminals, whose parents fled from Germany to the safe haven of Canada to avoid prosecution. Neither of these REVISIONISTS is bright enough to remain quiet about the criminal past involvement of their relatives. Anyone who sees Alfred’s countless hate-laced anti-Jewish videos and still does not believe the Holocaust DID happen is a fool. Monika has been imprisoned because Alfred sent her to do his dirty work, namely the distribution of Nazi propaganda, the authorities confiscated from her computer. READ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volksverhetzung. Alfred is a retired IBM employee. He knew better than to keep incriminating evidence on his storage devices but encouraged Monika to do so. And, while Alfred enjoys retirement and a bucolic life, Monika sits in a Prison cell! Yes, Monika’s loving brother led her into harm’s way. Alone in a German Prison, she is forced to deal with the very issues her parents- so desperately wanting their children to be spared- left Germany hoping to avoid. Ultimately, it is Alfred they have to thank. A touch of the ironic, is it not? Monika is taking the fall for Albert. This is proof that he is nothing but a spineless coward. I don’t know how he can live with this fact!

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