Anchors Away Immigration Reform Plan

Anchors Away Immigration Reform Plan


Whereas it was the intention of the international clique to flood the country with third worlders, as to destroy the founding stock of the country, and whereas this clique has controlled our jewdiciary since the 20th century, and whereas they used control of this branch of the government to stop the enforcement of immigration law, the United States shall have a law to make good the demographic destruction done to the country by this international tribe. I give you the Anchor’s Away Bill that will become law:

Revoke citizenship of all anchor babies born since Jan 1, 1965

Revoke citizenship of all those who got citizenship from them

Revoke citizenship of all granted amnesty since Jan 1, 1965

Revoke citizenship of all those who have ever entered the country illegally

Revoke citizenship of all of their descendants

Revoke the citizenship of any US citizenship of any person who has ever held Israeli citizenship, gone on a ‘birthright’ trip to Israel, or used an Israeli passport.

Dump all of the above groups of people on the southern side of the wall between the US and Mexico, and let them figure out how to get home from there.


White voters, if you want to make this happen, you have to register to to vote in the primary on June 5, and you have to vote for Patrick Little.


Patrick Little

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