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Confronting Israel Firsters At UC Berkeley

Confronting Israel Firsters At UC Berkeley

On February 15th, I attended the Conservative Women in Media Panel at UC Berkeley.  There were some excellent stances taken on the First and Second Amendments, and I cheered for the ladies as they took them.


However, Zionism reared its ugly America-last face, and my oath to confront all enemies of the Republic, foreign and domestic kicked into full swing: see time = 57:23, click picture below to go to video:

women panel


There are some other times in the stream where members of the audience laugh when one panelist repeatadly uses the term “Judeo-Christian”.


Afterwords, I was interviewed by the student newspaper, “The Daily Cal” after the panel ended:


I have some more media that some goyim are gathering up for me pertaining to this event.

The highlight of the evening was when the Israel Firster panelist, Kassy Dillon accused me of ‘waiting outside the event for her’ after the panel was over:

(hyperlink to tweet if you click on the picture of tweet below)

accused of waiting for zionist outside conservative women in media panel


The best panelist was Antonia Okafor, she had very strong stance on the Second Amendment, and I made sure to clap especially hard for her when she interpreted this critical Amendment to the Constitution with the Founding Father’s Original Intent.   I am going to try to wake her up to Jewish Supremacism and the exploitation and abuse of Africans by Jews throughout history.  I reached out to her to try to get her away from the rabid zionists she has fallen into orbit of. Hopefully she will do a live stream with me!


Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

Your Counter-Semitic Candidate for US Senate in California

Youtube Censorship of Red Elephant Video

Youtube Censorship of Red Elephant Video


shut it down emoji

A few days ago I had the pleasure of streaming with Vince of The Red Elephants, and his very special guest, Alfred Schaefer. We discussed the war atrocity hoax propaganda that was branded as the ‘holocaust’ in the 1970s.

Youtube, as of last night, completely shoahed the video. I have uploaded a backup copy to

bitchute schaefer

(hyperlink in picture above)


At first, youtube censored the video in many countries, especially in countries where the people need to see this type of content, as mentioned in this tweet from @RealRedElephant :

TRE Aldfred video shoah


Then the video was full-blown shoahed, as the ADL runs most of the social media companies, such as Twitter, Facebook, including Google-related companies, including Youtube:

ADL scared video with ALfred and Vince

(hyperlink in picture above)


I’m really starting to like Paul Nehlen’s (Gab: @PNehlen) proposed  legislation.


Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

Your Counter-Semitic Candidate for US Senate in California



Trying to Start the Conversation on Race in April 2007: OBCOTS

Trying to Start the Conversation on Race in April 2007: OBCOTS

the thinker

I originally wrote the following paper for a philosophy class.  I turned it in near the end of the spring semester, 2007.  Although I received an ‘A’ on the paper, my professor refused to discuss the paper with me.  I went to the chair of the philosophy department, who was German, and asked him to discuss the paper with me. He told me, “there are some perspectives I will not debate” (Implying the paper had been forwarded to him and reviewed by him).  I pleaded with him to give me feedback, asking how I could get an ‘A’ on a paper that nobody would give me feedback on.  In German, I told him before he asked me to leave, “You, German, must address this issue, more so than a member of any other people, given your country’s cultural masochism. Please, let’s discuss the paper!” He then responded in English, “You are a disgrace to the language!”


When the economy collapsed in 2008, I added a few sentences and uploaded the paper to Facebook, originally trying to discuss the paper with Europeans facing mass immigration (Yes, I thought mass immigration in 2008 was already intolerable!) In any case, I wound up getting responses from pro white activists all over Europe, in South Africa, South America, and Australia.  Among the respondents was Anders Behring Breivik.  He said he too was writing something, and that someday I would read it (note, he made no illusions about committing violence, he purely spoke of his writings, which he would not share until they were ‘ready’).


I tried to have an honest conversation on race, starting when I was a child.  Nobody wanted to have it. I wrote the paper below, in 2007, trying to have that conversation.  Nobody wanted to have it. In 2008, I tried to start the conversation again, but social media kept deleting accounts that would have it.  In 2011, somebody who had wanted to have the conversation in Norway snapped, because nobody would allow this conversation in public.


This paper caused a rift between myself and family members and friends. I have had some acquaintances apologize to me during the last few years, stating that they thought I was crazy to talk about this stuff in 2007 and 2008.  One of the common responses I have received from these people in the last few years was, “You were right, we should have listened”.


It’s time for an honest conversation on race. Enjoy the paper!

This paper used to be re-posted to a bunch of websites. The only place I can see it now is on  the profile engine:

obcots profile engine



Optimal Biological Continuity of the Self

Written 4/2007



Optimal Biological Continuity Of The Self

By Patrick Ryan Little


Preface (preface added December 2008, when this was posted to Facebook)

This paper questions the foundations of many equitable practices in Western society; dogmatic adherence to related ideology should be suspended during consideration.  Otherwise, the readers might find themselves unable to see past the stigma and into the content.  Thoughts are not policed in this thesis.  The author hoped that the reader might enjoy the elimination of the need to pay head to hollow concepts such as good and evil in this philosophical prose, as they are truly the two miscellaneous file cabinets, where logical lose ends of thinker’s other pondering have simply been discarded.


Biological Legacy as Immortality:

How can some people appear to lead meaningful lives without a concept of God in their head?  Assuming there to be no God Entity, then any mainstream concepts that provide long-term (beyond one lifetime) meaning to human life, such as the soul or afterlife would be rendered unfounded fantasies.  Without divine inspiration, a naturalist might then induce that there is a biological drive within all individuals which is approximately understood by the contemporary mind as supernatural substance, like a God Entity.  What is this primary source of motivation for one that believes in the absolute mortality of the individual?  I argue this primary motivation to be optimal biological continuity of the self (OBCOTS), as will be described throughout the paper.

The aforementioned atheist naturalist would be an empiricist, and use observations of natural settings to serve as the basis of inference for the meaning of human life.  Categorizing humans to be alive, animals rather than plants, and in the highest tropic level (top of the food chain), these observers would look to other animals for insight into the primary sources of motivation.

From an evolutionary stance, the meaning of life is long term survival, so the animal may pass on genes such that the individual’s phenotype can partially re-manifest itself in the resulting spawn, such that the process may be repeated.  Individuals are merely cells in the trunk and branches that form the family tree that links the present with what came before and what is to come (and the later only if it is assumed that the individual survives and replicates).  This tree is the afterlife, where all of the older biological souls remain attached to the living decedents, with phenotypical pieces of the organic legacy facilitating the continuity of form for the deceased.  This essay will explore the implicit moral egoism of optimal biological continuity, as well as the primary sources of racial tensions, and their instrumentality in nature.  Finally, the factors weighing in on the eventual effective extinction of the Phenotypical Europeans will be explained from a rational perspective.  How did altruistic social constructs fail to replace traditional norms and roles, such that empathy for other races gradually spiraled towards apathy towards the survival of their own?  Serving as the primary medium of OBCOTS, could racism be the natural mechanism that maintains diversity?


Roots of Optimal Biological Continuity of the Self:

Sir Edmund Burke spoke of an inter-generational chain, where individuals of one generation are bound by duty to respect the wishes and laws of those they descended from.  An astute genealogist might dare propose that subconsciously, all know this chain servers to transmit more than just values.  When a grandparent looks at an infant grandchild, they don’t comment about the baby’s obedience to the family’s social norms.  Rather, they are most likely examining phenotypical (expressed) traits they detect in the child that are similar to other blood members of the family.

In light of OBCOTS, it becomes obvious why so many Caucasian families instinctually reject miscegenation.  Individuals who engage in such reproduction spell the end of a thread of phenotypical continuity from their respective families.  Thus the partial death of the family’s ancestors’ contingently-timeless legacy is the result of resisting the primary motivator.  The inter-generation chain serves not only as a medium for ideological continuity, but also the inheritance of physical form.  But why is the phenotype so important, why isn’t the genotype more important (as anthropologists have been trying to convince us since counter-traditionalism took root in the 1960s)?

The following is a scientific side-trek necessary for the establishing a philosophical premise that might otherwise be perceived as conjecture.  Take the Florida Panther as case and point.  It is its own species, located only in Southern Florida.  This species has recently dropped below its critical number, meaning it will go extinct from inbreeding, due to the insufficient number of surviving members in the gene pool.  To mitigate this problem, a species that is capable of breeding with the Florida Panther was brought in to restore critical mass for a sustainable gene pool.  However, the species, as it was, will be phenotypically extinct soon, as a large number of the traditional traits expressed phenotypically in the Florida Panther are lost as individuals will now contain a large percentage of their genes from the Texas Mountain Lion.  None of the genes in the sperm/eggs from the Florida Panther were lost in miscegenative reproduction, but the inter-workings with foreign genes make for a new, slightly altered genotype, whereby the phenotype is drastically altered, resulting in differing expressed traits.  The resulting mean demeanors of individuals in the future ‘Florida Panther’ generations will be distinctively less reminiscent of the species true phenotypical legacy, as their morphology will have been radically altered (… relatively, as compared to what would have been the case resulting from natural rates of change in phenotypes over time due to beneficial mutation).  If the Florida Panther is a non-human animal (which it is), then the death of the phenotype spells the effective death of the species.  However, if the Florida Panther were a human race, ‘science’ would say that the genotype has been maintained, and the integrity of the species not compromised, despite the infusion of another reproductively-compatible specie’s DNA.  Perhaps the Florida Panther should not be considered its own species, or perhaps different races of ‘humanity’ should be considered different species.  Biological compatibility, as far as science is concerned, is not grounds for proclaiming homogeny… Anthropologists would have tried to convince the late Dodo it wasn’t going extinct, so long as they thought it would lead to a more peaceful society.

For OBCOTS to be sound, the will to survive must be closely related to egoism.  Survival entails the consumption of finite resources and public goods, whereby ones own existence lessens the resources available to other individuals: to survive is to hurt others, and this must be justified with some sort of belief that the personal consumption of resources is good (because it betters the situation of the individual).  Facilitating one’s own survival is a natural right.  But this immediate use of resources only solves the problem of mortal survival.  With OBCOTS as the primary drive, or as God or the meaning of life, the survival of the biological legacy of both oneself and ones ancestors depends on a combination of maintenance of the phenotypical integrity, as well as defence of traditional societal/normative buttresses that have served to facilitate that maintenance.


An Aardvark is a perfectly good Aardvark, an Elephant a perfect Elephant:

If differences amongst racial groups in typically expressed traits don’t influence the inherent behavioral processes of respective members, then why should differences in morphology among related species of animals have different respective functional consequences?  Having different proportions of body mass stored in different areas of the body is enough to cause consequences on averages perceptions and behaviors of individuals belonging to different races.  Typical morphology of organs and cell organelles themselves, not just sensory organs and external structures differ between races as well.  With different morphology in terms of average size, shape, and composition in various, certain sections of the human body, corresponding areas of the brain stimulated must then also vary, as there will be fundamentally different nerve input for different organs of various respective races.

Differentials exist between in average observed levels of several psycho-active hormones between races (especially adrenaline and testosterone, the hormones whose levels are increased by the consumption of artificial steroids; need I even draw a link to professional sports?  Higher levels of these hormones are helpful in muscle growth, but as we all know from juicers in the gym, increased levels of these hormones caused by steroid consumption also prove prohibitive to abstract/complex thought).  During the formation of the brain, these psycho-active hormones have distinct effects on the formation of the various structures of the brain.  As sensory, and thus perception is influenced by the expression of genes (phenotype), people sharing similar expressed traits will be more likely to similarly perceive and thus form similar attitudes and opinions towards observed stimuli.  The phenotypical influences result in average differences in propensities for certain behavior based on race membership… but these races should be viewed merely as merely different, not better or worse than each other, ceteris paribus; an ant is a perfect ant, a sloth a perfectly good sloth.

As these average mental attitudes and perceptional tendencies compile together into the aggregate consciousness, the personality forms; the domino effect of reason and logic in the brain, inferred from observed stimuli, will likely make for more similarity in personality between two members of the same race than between members of two different races, ceteris paribus.  As race is statistically significant, in terms of reliability as an effective indicator of many common phenotypical traits, OBCOTS adherents are staunchly opposed to miscegenation, as it results in far from optimal maintenance of the phenotype.


Progressivism, the Devastating Triumph of ‘Free’ Will, and White Shame:

Locke, Hobbes, Kant, Burke, Nietzsche, Marx, etc. All wrote during a period of European conquest.  Gender roles, religious beliefs, societal norms, and countless other aspects of society that were assumed to be static, have changed.  It seems like the Enlightenment emboldened the Western mind to challenge its own natural, primary motivations, as the Zeitgeist of the typical white gradually moved from egoistic to altruistic.  The adhesive effects of the intergenerational-chain were lost through the apathy of uninspired, complacent whites, preoccupied with the rhetorical nothings from populist demagogues.  Questions of equitable ethics and concepts of Altruism spread through 19th century citizens like wild-fire, resulting in the formation of institutions that worked against the grain of natural law.

As the quest to tame the perceived best within consumed White Westerners, the formerly conquered races took the initiative.  In defeating the ‘beast’, whites also took every supporting structure out from under OBCOTS, as more ‘equitable’ public economics and regulations were implemented.  These self-hamstringing majority norms in modern whites include the acceptance of consistently lower ratio of tax dollar input to government benefit received (relative to all other races), subscription to institutionalized discrimination against themselves alone, and the institutionalized demonization of thoughts and behaviors that help to sustain OBCOTS.  These happenings, along with many other ‘progressive’, artificial, leftist societal constructs, were designed by people of European decent to terminally inhibit the success and maintenance of their own race, as to avoid the short term discomfort that that results from having to defend oneself.  Simply put, whites disqualified themselves from competing on a fair playing field with non-whites, because the other races made the altruistic white feel guilty for having effectively fulfilled the wants instilled by the primary drive: survival to the point of domination.  Winning never felt so bad, nor losing so good; freedom is slavery and slavery freedom.  Yes, mastery of Orwell’s double-think is a prerequisite for a white to be acceptable, respectable, [presentable, a vegetable! (Thank you, Supertramp: “The Logic Song”).

The end of the great era of modern Western domination is being brought about by the empathetic philosopher kings… Actually that was Rome, when the bearded, philosopher emperors of the second century converted the empire into a welfare state, which facilitated the assimilation of many of the worker class into tyranny of the inept masses of uninspired Roman plebes.  The Roman people had become so complacent and tolerant of others that they lost track of their long term self interest, to the point where staying emperor became a popularity contest, and capital resources merely collateral for loans to pay foreign mercenaries and workers (as to prevent populist rebellions).

In a similar fashion, the societal traditions that facilitated OBCOTS in Western civilization in the past have been dismantled in the name of ‘progressivism’, although it’s a travesty to think of it as progress.  To defy nature or or thee hand of fate is celebrated, in a modern, sick twist of values.  The phase of death thralls began a century ago in the West, with the formation of an altruistic white majority.  Empathy for outsiders has developed into apathy for the state of their own race.  This ‘progressivism’, that is facilitating the death of the white race, is also of its own creation, ironically enough.  Perhaps these altruistic governances would have held true if immigrating races had shared those same altruistic values.  Lo and behold, the combined explicit and implicit doles/benefits for non-whites in countries with White infrastructure have surpassed the magnitude of explicit dole that beat-neck emperors provided for their plebes two thousand years ago.

Whites, in their position of conquest, set up too comfy a system in Europe and the former colonies.  Truly widespread, long-lived adversity became a distant memory with few great exceptions in the last two centuries, however all the races that had been defeated, captured, or otherwise subjugated never lost their hardness or unambiguous will to survive.  They are still in touch with their primary drives, breeding at a rate and pursuing political objectives that will maximize the possibility of the proliferation of their OBCOTS.  Knowledge of the altruistic nature of modern Whites is exploited by the usually more egoistic non-whites.  A public economist, when free of the fear of losing his/her job, could make a simple prisoner’s dilemma graph on a chalk board illustrating the siphoning of the utility from one race to another through a free-rider scenario.  Upon request, this public economist will do exactly that.

Mine was betrayed by most by my Father’s generation.  Compromised was not only OBCOTS for my generation of Phenotypical European Kin, but also the ancestors of those that chose short term peace and comfort over fulfillment of their duty to their lineage.  Insurrections, physical destruction, and other behaviors associated with an inability to accept history as fact by other races were rewarded (or perhaps better thought of as mitigated at the time) by White nations, as counter-culture became mainstream among whites as well as among non-whites.  In that treacherous generation of politicians, man’s rebellion against his primary drive, indeed against his/her motivation that is so often confused with divine inspiration, OBCOTS, climaxed.  But why rebel against the subconscious urge to partake in the only plausible form of immortality?  Like a Greek Tragedy, the more the inherent is resisted the server the consequences for the insolent.  In this case, as opposed to the case of the Greek Tragedy, the consequences are systematic, not individually tailored.

I am convinced that the dualism in mainstream Western thought has reached a point of insanity.  With every candidate topic of thought having at least two poles, the limits of how open a mind can be without compromising its own long term survival have been realized (at least by this author).  If only Whites had realized that the concept of God and the self are virtually identical.  As an empiricist, the statement of the problem and my final conclusion on the matter are the same: modern Whites have not only collectively decided to betray the legacies of their ancestors, but also to ensure the eventual extinction of their likeness.  Given the premises established, one can only assume whites have become suicidal as a race.  Like anything suicidal, this race is merely confused and must find itself again, and I hope to help in this quest of renewed self-discovery.  The quick fix to this problem is racism, by all races, against all races.  This preserves the OBCOTS of all races; however it results in much war, civil unrest, etc.  In the last two hundred years, this mechanism has been labeled ‘immoral’.  A more ‘humane’ solution than racism is needed, despite its congruency with the principals of ethical egoism and the laws of nature.

(The following two sentences were added in December 2008… I later realized that many had written on this subject, so I never came up with the ‘solution’ paper). My next work shall contain this solution, and it will be palatable to all of the races, and not only the Phenotypical Europeans who are going extinct.  This solution may be Pan-Nationalism, as will be defined in my next paper.

The majority of ‘whites’ will eventually refuse to continue tolerating double standards against themselves, especially in the lands that they originally evolved on.  This will occur; necessarily before Phenotypical Europeans (‘whites’) reach their critical number, or have become too few to prevent extinction.  Whites in most countries have begun forming militias that they perceived as vital to survival.  We sit on the eve of a race war, with whites becoming minorities in every single one of their ancestral lands in the next few generations.  ‘Progressive’, institutionalized programs of indoctrination are failing to mute the natural logic in intelligent whites.  Should it come, it will be a war for survival, unrivaled by any in history.

(Following sentence, added December 2018).

Only Pan-Nationalism can prevent its coming.


(Poem added to paper in December 2008)

“Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

Because their words had forked no lightning they

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright

Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,

And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight

Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,

Cure, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

-Dylan Thomas



Human Capital: My Educational Platform

Human Capital: My Educational Platform

astronaut baby


The only capital that matters in the long term is human capital.

All other value flows from the nation’s biological capital.

Our current education system is not an educational system, but rather a set of Maoist indoctrination camps.

It is for this reason I would like to unveil the education part of my platform.

I. Long Term Vision:

  1. Test all children for all forms of intelligence, once per year, starting at age 5.
  2. Put children on paths to success by matching them up with a training program that best suits their strengths.
  3. Each year of school, adapt the education further in the selected fields to the specific subjects the pupils show interest in.
  4. In the fourth grade, have the children enter a three tier school system, mimicking the system in Germany.  At least three types of schools would have to be offered in all states, with states encouraged to innovate with their own additions:
    1. Gymnasium: For students who will need to attend college and graduate school. All university costs will be paid by the state.
    2. Realschule: For student who will need some theoretical some vocational training and  with a focus on administration. Internships begin in mid teens. All internships will be funded by the state.
    3. Hauptsschule/Volkschule: For students who will be entering into apprenticeships early in their teenage years, who do not require large amounts of theoretical education. All apprenticeships would be subsidized by the state, with both the apprentice and the master receiving compensating during this time of training. Depending on the vocation/skilled labor set, apprenticeships would last anywhere from four to twenty years, with different levels of mastery of the skill/trade/vocation being available for achievement, if applicable to the type of work.


II: Near- to Mid-term solution:

During the overhaul of the school system, there should be a temporary ramping-up of the home-school systems offered to families.

  1. Whereas jewish subversion has turned educational institutions funded by the federal and state governments into anti-white indoctrination camps and, while, the environment of such publicly-funded schools poses a risk to the safety and long-term cognitive well-being of ethnic European pupils, for the purpose of the further education of these children in supportive environments, there shall be established:
    • A system of subsidy to white families who can demonstrate that their children and/or their piers have been exposed to jewish-led/funded programs of incitement against ethnic Europeans. This system will include an annual federal tax credit equal the amount of money dispersed in that locality for the educational purposes, divided by the number of children in the system, times the number of children formerly enrolled in the anti-white school environment. This tax credit will be refunded to the federal government by the locality/state that disperses money into the anti-white school system the ethnic European children had to be withdrawn from.
    • A federal agency responsible for the subsidizing of small businesses that contribute to the formation of more cost-effective home-schooling methods.
    • Local advisory boards for parents looking to create pooled home-schooling efforts, in charge of dispersing funds to proprietors of commercial buildings and residential housing suitable for supervision of children engaged in distance-learning programs.  Such local advisory boards will also steer the location of such pooled home-schooling efforts such that participating families can be as close to equidistant as possible to the supervised distance-learning facility.
      • Tax credits will be issued to parents who volunteer to supervise the children during the school-year in the distance-learning facility.  At the end of the year, each parent submits to the local advisory board a time sheet of the days they supervised the pooled home-school groups.
    • Forced labor camps for teachers and professors who are found guilty of incitement of children to racial hatred against any specific groups from the time period 1980-2018.

Let’s make America Great Again by empowering all of America’s children to the recognition of their full potential.

Podcast With Alfred Schaefer and Vincent James of The Red Elephants

Podcast With Alfred Schaefer and Vincent James of The Red Elephants


Earlier today I had the pleasure of joining Vincent James of The Red Elephants in talking with the hero, Alfred Schaefer, brother of of German/European heroine, Monika Schaefer.


Monika was arrested at the trial of Sylvia Stolz.  The reason for the arrest: she told the truth in 2016 about the jews during the War for European Liberation from Jewish Bolshevism.


Monika is currently being tortured by Jews and their Shabbos Goyim in Germany by means of isolation, the same torture the jews employed against one of our heroes, Andrew Aurenheimer, aka Weev.



Please support the efforts of the Schaefer siblings, and visit .

The jews have stolen all of Alfred’s video equipment, and I am sure they would appreciate all of the donations they can get.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

Your counter-Semetic Candidate for US Senate in California.



Video has been shoah’ed from youtube.

Video now on

bitchute schaefer

Campaign Updates 20180207

Campaign Updates 20180207

San Diego event was much smaller turn out than expected, looks like in-fighting between some of the groups that had planned on attending lead to a small turn-out.


The police kept me from approaching the Antifa crowd, was trying to talk to the (((Green Hat Lawyers))) that give free legal aid to any Antifa that gets arrested for attacking whites. Trying to clean up the audio on a related video for posting to the site:

pat in sd in front of green hats


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by R C Maxwell at the event (we are trying to clean up the audio and edit the video so it is displayed as landscape, but it is still possible to hear the interview if you strain your ears with the raw audio here).

R C was surprised to learn about over-representation of Jews in slave ownership and involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Listen here:


I later got to sit down with R C Maxwell at a private venue, and discuss topics ranging from my background to my counter-semetic platform.  I am waiting for some very busy goyim to get that edited video to me.


Today I dropped off the signatures at the court house, and on the 13th, I drop off the cashier’s check and pick up the paperwork for the 65 nomination signatures.


If you are wondering why my site is so clunky and it is taking me so long to get my media edited and posted to the site, it is because I don’t have any volunteers yet! If you would like to help me, I need help in every department related to the campaign. Please email if you can help me out with some of your time!


Pat Little

Your Counter-Semetic Candidate for US Senate in California