Vote At The Ballot Box Like You Vote With Your Feet

Vote At The Ballot Box Like You Vote With Your Feet

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White America,

As we learned after this last election, your actual political beliefs are not what you told the pollsters before the election.  In the polls, we voiced in far lesser numbers that would would vote for Trump, a pro white candidate, than we voiced in the voting booth.  This was the case, even when Trump was just using dog whistles to give us hope again.


We all know what making America great again means.  We vote with our feet when our neighborhood is flooded with non-whites.  We move our families to refuges that are very white, while citing anything but demographics as the reason for our white flight.  We know what ‘good schools’ mean.  It’s time we admit to ourselves what we value.  We value feeling safe in our communities, we value being able to raise our children around people who have similar similar behavior rooted in similar biology.  All of the studies show that diversity has a horrible, atomizing, demoralizing, dehumanizing effect.


We all want what has been taboo until now to say aloud, we want to be around other whites, safe from non-whites.  But unless we start voicing that sentiment regularly at the ballot box, all of the places we have retreated to will be eventually overrun by non-whites.  We see this happening in nearly all white countries, and the countries that don’t allow themselves to be overrun by foreigners are berated in the globalist news.


I’m here to tell you not only that it is okay to be white, not only that it is okay to vote white, but that you MUST vote white.  Your ability to vote with your feet is quickly evaporating, and your own children are being programmed to hate themselves based on their racial membership at the anti-white indoctrination camps few will dare to continue calling ‘schools’ in the coming years.


I have a plan, see my education plan for how my policies will help to keep you and your children safe from the destructive waves of diversity.  If you cannot afford to retreat from yet another formerly-white area, my home schooling tax credit ideas for whites who can prove their children’s schools are preaching anti-white hatred are the solution for you.  If you have managed to recently retreat to a white area, my policies will help your community have the voice it needs to keep itself white.


There’s no more sticking your head in the sand, folks!  We are years away from losing everything unless we unite as one white voting bloc now.  You have to vote pro-white in 2018, our children’s future depends on it.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

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