White Political Prisoners

White Political Prisoners

pepe in prison

I have set up a space for international cooperation for white political prisoners.


If you are:

  • a past or current white political prisoner, or a white facing charges that could potential make you a future white political prisoner;
  • the family or friend of a current white political prisoner;

email me at Pat@LittleRevolution.


We need to realize is that whites who advocate for their people, or just question certain historical narratives, are often thrown into prison without due process.


In the USA, Christopher Cantwell has been denied his due process because he is a thought criminal, as have other white activists who are being persecuted as a result of attending the Charlottesville Rally.

In Germany, Monika Schaefer and Cynthia Stoltz have been locked away for wanting to have a conversation about historical events, the narratives on which we, as whites, are not allowed to question.

In the UK, people are put in front of a court for talking about the mass gang-rape of the nation’s indigenous white youth by muslims and other invading elements.

If white Americans face the issue of political persecution  without realizing it is happening to whites all over the globe, and vice versa, we lose.


Email me at Pat@LittleRevolution, and you can join a space I have for building a community for white political prisoners and their families.  Some have already joined. You might be surprised who you get to network with in this group.


It’s time to organize and show our international solidarity against the lawfare component of white genocide.


Patrick Little

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