Important Campaign Message

Important Campaign Message

The Globalists are on the attack.

It is time to stop being on the defensive, we need to move beyond just supporting Trump when he is attacked, and instead launch a counter-attack against the globalists that are trying to take down this great President like they have taken down others in the past.


One Reply to “Important Campaign Message”

  1. Trump is “this great President”? The jew-loving crypto-jew Trump who takes orders from jewNetanyahu is “this great President”?!

    You also support the “JewsForHitler” scum jew who is infiltrating the pro-White anti-jew online broadcasters, don’t you?

    You seem to spend more time in front of jew companies and jew meeting places (per your videos) than in face time with White people.

    Therefore, what is your real agenda, Little?

    By evidence, I already know the answer. But you might want to respond in order to pacify the gullible numbskulls who would constitute your following.

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