New Important Video Related to the Campaign

New Important Video Related to the Campaign

A celebration of the Jewish People!

3 Replies to “New Important Video Related to the Campaign”

    1. Speak for yourself you vile coddler of the butchering communists, who slaughtered over 60 million (some estimates say 100 million) people in Europe to “defend” Europe against the “evil” National Socialists — translate, make it safe for Israel’s agendas to dominate and destroy it like we see happening today.

      We NEED Patrick Little, because garbage like YOU, “nazi hunter” (what a joke!) still run loose in this world thinking it’s your place to tell the rest of us what to think, how to feel, and who to be — while you coddle criminal scum who ruin our nation, conflate them with “immigrants” to confuse decent folk, and allow open racist propaganda to dominate our streets and get taught in our universities. YOU get the hell out. YOU are not welcome here.

    2. Shut the hell up, the people are fed up of your lies Schlomo.

      Patrick Little is a hero and he has global support.

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