The Caravans…

The Caravans…

… into the US and Europe Won’t Stop Until Jewish Supremacists Are Removed From Control of This Country.


These people were told they could come to the US by the same people who invited the millions of military-age men pretending to be teenagers to Europe.

I had been considering going down to the border to help the effort to try and stop these invaders, but it is no use.  The jewdiciary will block our immigration laws and enforcement from functioning as intended, just as the foreign nationals illegally in the country will be able to vote against me in this election, as they wait for their anchor baby or amnesty.

Donald Trump has caved to the Jewish supremacists who control this country. The last hint that he would stand up to them was during the campaign. At this point, he needs to start talking about Jewish power, or resign the Presidency.

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