Twitter Has Censored My Account (Again)

Twitter Has Censored My Account (Again)

I will not self-censor.  If you think what I wrote is not true, then it is time for this discussion, which is illegal to have in many white countries.

The truth is, Hitler personally ordered, repeatedly, that Jews in internment were to be treated well.  Hitler stopped the local populations of the countries liberated from the Jewish secret police and Jewish gulag system (which together had committed a genocide of over 20 million Christian Europeans in the 1920s and 1930s) from potentially exterminating their Jewish populations.


There were concert halls, swimming polls, soccer fields, ice cream, and many other luxuries at Auschwitz.  There were hospitals where Jews were born and the babies were cared for. There were no German ‘death camps’.  I will not delete this tweet, because it is the truth.  Many Jews, when offered the choice of retreating with German internment camps chose to retreat with them, because the level of luxury provided at those camps was so good.  Until the end of the war, when Germans were starving to death and there were typhus epidemics resulting from the allied bombing of civilian infrastructure, there were some typhus deaths in the camps, but GERMANS WERE DYING OF TYPHUS TOO.

Twitter has once again violated FEC laws.  Can I get a lawyer to help me pro bono to sue Twitter and the ADL?

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Respectfully Submitted,
Patrick Little

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