/pol/ Wages War Against the ZOG

/pol/ Wages War Against the ZOG

My campaign staff, 4chan’s pol anons, seems to have kicked things into overdrive for my campaign to liberate this country from the jewish supremacists.  Let’s get 90% of the vote on June 5, goyim!

from boards.4chan.org/pol/

update May 12 (below):

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  1. Hey Patrick Little,

    I am deeply impressed by your courage. You inspire me and give hope to all people who suffer from the jewish supremacists.

    Maybe these sites can aid you in your struggle for freedom of the white race:

    http://www.hiddenlol.com (redpilled meme site – anyone can make an account and post NatSoc/redpill memes)

    here are lots of memes against the hohly hoax:

    Good ideas on how to redpill the people:

    Stay safe:

    Never loose hope! We will do what we can to save the white race and to help you.

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