Jewish Supremacism Hurts Everyone, And In Academia, Especially Whites And Asians

The Asian and White communities are heavily underrepresented at elite universities and institutions, because jews, in their nepotism, have taken up all of the seats!  According to Hillel, last year, ethnic jews were 67% of Harvard graduate students, despite being less than 3% of top performing high school students.  This left almost no room for other races, including Asians and Whites with perfect scores.  Whites (no, this does not include jews) were 70% of top performing high school students in 2017, but were less than 12% of the incoming freshman class for Harvard undergraduate school that year.  Jewish supremacism is hurting everyone, and it needs to be stopped.  I am reaching out a hand to the Asian communities who feel the sting of jewish supremacism as hard as the whites do.  I, Patrick Little, pledge to do everything I can to stop jewish nepotism, and free up more seats in elite institutions for non-jewish students, seats based on merit, not based on jewish connections to the jewish faculty and donors. Let’s put some fliers up in some Asian communities, let them know that I am going up to bat for them against the jewish supremacism that is hurting their children’s futures.

If you are an Asian in California who is not afraid to stand up to jewish supremacism, not affraid to stand up for  your children, contact me at to help me arrange outreach and meet and greets in your communities.  We must secure the existence of our peoples and a good future for our children. Together, we can liberate the university admissions departments from the jewish supremacists. Together, we can make California, and the United States, Great Again.

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