Outreach To African Americans

Outreach To African Americans

Jews dominated the African slave trade in the United States, South America, North Africa, and Middle East.  Jews also dominate, to this day, the white slave trade; primarily of young Eastern European Christian girls.  The jewish media’s myth that whites controlled the slave trade is based only on Hollywood lies.  Whites also historically know the feeling of the crack of the jewish whip. Today, the pain of the breaking houses for young women brought on by jewish gang rapists in Tel Aviv, where our women are spiritually broken before being shipped off to jewish-owned brothels globally.  Together, we can oppose slavers, jews, and present these supremacists with a united front, and shout in one, unified voice: “Jew, we will no longer be your slaves and your whores!”

Israel is the modern-day central hub of human trafficking, and the world capital of human trafficking, of primarily young white women, is in Tel Aviv!

African black hands in chains on white

Back before the Civil War, in the southland, slave markets were closed on Saturdays, the jewish religious day, and not on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath.  Jews also controlled the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.  We need to spread awareness, and help put an end to the legacy of the jewish-dominated slave trade in the Americas.  It is a giant wound to heal, but together, we can overcome this terrible legacy.

Jewish supremacists blame slavery on whites, but 40% of jews in the US owned African slaves before the Civil War, compared to only less than 1% of whites!  Please, members of the African American community, black leaders, reach out to me, and help me get the message out.  Let’s address the legacy of slavery together, let’s address jewish supremacism.  Contact Pat@LittleRevolution.us to set up walkthroughs, and meet & greets, in black communities with me. We can talk about reparations and current issues facing black communities.

Together, we can defeat jewish supremacism. Together, we can make America great again.  Stop human trafficking, address the legacy of slavery, by putting an end to jewish supremacism.

jewish slave trade

5 Replies to “Outreach To African Americans”

  1. You are 10 times more intelligent than anyone in the movement.

    Whites, Blacks, Muslims, Asians, Hispanics – they all must unite against the Jews.
    This is how we win.

    You give me hope.

  2. The following website from Dontell Jackson is a great resource on the slavery issue:


    If you would reach out to TOMMY SOTOMAYOR (popular Black news/talk show host on YouTube, he would like to talk with you).

    There is a community of Hebrew Israelites in San Diego. They, along with the Nation of Islam, would like to speak with you and maybe hold an event.

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