Erin Cruz Won’t Debate Me

Erin Cruz Won’t Debate Me

Erin Cruz, an open agent of the Zionist lobby, has attacked via video and tweet.

If she is so confident that she is the better candidate, then she should debate me:

4 Replies to “Erin Cruz Won’t Debate Me”

  1. Jewish women are ho’s.

    So are their shiksa goyim advocates, by their own talmuddied definitions.

    Erin Cruz, ergo.

  2. If Cruz wants to flaunt her Jewishness, a good counter strategy would be to expose the Jewish role in the genocide of the Armenians and Greeks, post World War One. You could pick up a lot of votes from California ‘s large Armenian population. It’s about time there was a candidate that can shoot straight, ride hard, and speak the truth!

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