12 thoughts on “Appeared on JF’s May 20 Show

  1. Hey Pat, or Pat’s webmaster!
    There is a request by one of your turbo autismo helpers that I bring to you, you can delete the comment after you read (I don’t have social media and email is hard to open for reasons). Here it goes:

    “Hey can someone tweet Patrick Little or email him or something and tell him to publish more pics of himself. There are like 3 workable Face-shots of him available on the internet. It makes the whole photoshop campaign poster efforts really really difficult cuz we’ve already used up every available pic, multiple times each. And the best one is with him wearing fucking sunglasses lol.
    So yeah someone needs to get a hold of him and tell him to invest in headshots or at least release a few more clear face shots (iPhone quality is more than fine). We’ve got nothing to work with here.
    We need head shots!!!!!”

    He added:

    ” I don’t have a faceberg or a twitter or anything. Just photoshop CC. So please head-/plg/er, convince him to spend $300 on professionally photographed headshots. Leave a comment on his FB or something idk.”

    That’s all. Thanks for all your works goys, keep pushing, we’re going to win this shit.

  2. You are a fucking cuck. Your uni-party is going to jail and being rooted out, and I pray that they take down shill plants like you in the process. Your days are numbered, and your attempts to create a false image for the American public in an attempt to silence them is treasonous and sickening. May you get what you have coming to you…

      • Trump wouldn’t have gotten elected without our support. Have you complained to the media about calling all white pppl voting for Trump, NAZIs? Not the NAZIs are bad if you do your research but the term is meant to generate a Pavlov’s dog response

    • To James: Please explain what you mean by uni-party, what you perceive as treasonous activities, if you support Israel over the US, why? Sincerely want to hear your point of view. Thanks.

    • Right, I bet you think that Hitler and George Lincoln Rockwell were kike plants too. Protip: anyone who mentions the Protocols (as Pat did here) is the real deal. Kikes pretend it doesn’t exist and shabbos goy insist it’s fake.

  3. We have Jewish slavery in California TODAY! They’re doing it via Qabala mind control which the CIA weaponized under it’s MK Ultra program.

    We also have Jewish TERRORISM that was inflicted upon my family and even children in school; it continued after an admitted Jewish/Masonic WITCH used ‘The Craft’ upon me leading to, if not causing a fire in my home nearly killing my dog and me!

    The Jewish crime network is quite active here and this too is quite apparent by the appearance of “communism” which is certainly Jewish supremacism.

    Search “ANTI-SEMITIC BART flyer” to see my successful end-run around Jewish censoring on Youtube and Google; this cult will be destroyed as their time has run. Their role is not without purpose, and even elements of their crew is aware of this unstoppable fact. (Fyi, my children are Polish Jews so their ‘anti-semite’ garbage is of very limited use and organized Jewry will go away.)

    With the help of others we’ve cracked their Qabala numeric language of ritual murder wide open; you can see this for yourself here:

    The language uses integers so while the vocab is quite small the symbols too add complexity due to ambiguity.

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