How will you spend your upcoming Memorial Day weekend?

There is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying the company of friends and family over your Memorial Day weekend.  But, in the spirit of celebrating hard-won freedom, you may consider dedicating some of your time this weekend to making a difference in the lives of your loved ones and your community.

Box of Flyers

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, take time to reflect on the sacrifices made by countless brave men and women, who have given you the freedom to enjoy this upcoming holiday.  Like America’s honored veterans, we must also make sacrifices of our own if we intend to preserve our cherished way of life.

Freedom is never free, and for this reason, dedicating a portion of your weekend to raising awareness of the greatest threat to our personal liberty and prosperity would be a fitting way to honor our nation’s war veterans.

The most pressing current threat to American freedom is the terrorist rogue nuclear state of Israel.

Speaking out against Israel is not easy.  We know that those who dare to take a stand against Israeli war crimes can expect to be attacked in some manner; but, keep in mind, the freedom you enjoy now was paid-for by the sacrifices and suffering of those whom we take time to honor each Memorial Day weekend.

Mossad’s motto may be, “by way of deception, thou shalt do war.”  Draw the Sword of Truth from its sheath, and fight back!

Print and distribute flyers.  Have an honest conversation about Zionism with a close friend, a co-worker, a member of your religious organization, or a family member.  Spread the truth across social media and comment sections across the web.

Most Californians are asleep to active threat posed by our “greatest ally.”  Yet, the sun is beginning to rise over our state, and our people are beginning to discover the truth.

As California goes, so goes America; and as America goes, so goes the world.  You are now in a position to personally help lead the world towards peace.  We will confront evil, and vanquish it forever.

22 thoughts on “How will you spend your upcoming Memorial Day weekend?

  1. In a famous face to face confrontation with Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern day Zionism, Pope St. Pius X (whose body to this day lies miraculously incorrupt), the great saint stated in a stern categorical manner: “We are unable to favor this movement [Zionism}. We cannot prevent the Jews from going to Jerusalem — but we could never sanction it. The ground of Jerusalem, if it were not always sacred, has been sanctified by the life of Jesus Christ. As the head of the Church I cannot answer you otherwise. The Jews have not recognized our Lord, therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people.”

  2. Great site update with the hello photos. Keep up the great work and keep doing what you been doing from, an unofficial Patrick Little support site

  3. Here’s another transcript:

    Patrick Little — Interview with Radcapradio, May 13, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

    [Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer, is running for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and its government.

    Here, Little is interviewed by a Radcapradio host, Jimmy Wood, on his Senate run and how he came to hold his views, and his desire to liberate America from the Zionist Occupational Government!

    Topics discussed include:

    — His former political views as a “Constitutional conservative”, Ayn Rand fan and how he was awakened around the time of Trump’s election.
    — His patriotic, pro-White background.
    — His awakening to the “jewish Problem” through reading “Culture of Critique”.
    — How jews have been expelled in the past, 100 and more times, in European history, because of their behavior.
    — How jews are engaged in genocidal behavior against Christians in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, etc.
    — How jews have controlled the slave trade, including the Atlantic slave trade, throughout history
    — Jewish control of our media and their brainwashing using “Talmudvision”, through their control of all the broadcast media, and now through their control of social media. The role of the “jewish lying media”.
    — How jews, as Bolsheviks, committed mass genocide of tens of millions of people, including the Holodomor in Ukraine.
    — This whole “Holocaust” narrative beginning in the 70s when the mini series came out on TV, “The Holocaust”.
    — The various ridiculous and debunked methods that the jews claimed were used by the Germans to kill them.
    — How jews “project” their crimes onto other people.
    — How he has been censored off of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
    — How the jews are committing “suicide by cop” by their failure to stop their over-reach in destroying everything.
    — The evil, mentally ill nature of these jews in promoting all their degenerate subversion of sexual roles.
    — The need to remove jews from US government positions so that they only there in proportion to their percentage of the population.
    — Jewish over-representation in crucial centers of power, through nepotism.
    — Jewish extreme over-representation in elite universities through nepotism and how this harms not only Whites, but other ethnic groups like Asians.
    — His rejection of the “Holocaust” myth.
    — How George Lincoln Rockwell inspired him to do IRL activism.
    — His views on succession for California.
    — The jewish terror attack on the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, and jewish involvement in 9/11.
    — The source of his vigor and courage to run his Senate campaign.
    — His reaction to Trump’s attacks on Syria.
    — His views on Libertarianism, the jewess Ayn Rand.
    — The need to solve the “jewish Problem” before anything else.

    This interview is a fairly laid back affair by the host, allowing Patrick to have a good old rant on the central role of organized jewry in harming White society, and the need to rid them from power, as a number one priority, regardless of any of our own ideological differences.

    — KATANA]

  4. Mr. Little’s views prove he is a Jew-hater. And he and his followers worship Antichrist Hitler. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    • To Marc: I grew up in a Jew neighborhood, I know what they think of the ‘goy’ and what they teach their kids. The Bolshevik (Jewish) Revolution and Holodomor were horrendous slaughters (holocausts) perpetuated against whites/christians…tens of millions were killed in the most disgusting ways imaginable. Jews own the media, hence, little to zero is known about these atrocities, but all attention is focused on ww2 and the plight of ‘the chosen’.

    • all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for goyim* to do nothing. you almost had it. just made the obvious change of “good men” to “goyim”. You were really close there buds

    • and antichrist? please. whats more antichrist than killing tens of millions of whites and christians in the most terrible genocide this world has ever known: the bolshevik revolution and holodomor.

    • To Marc the Jew:
      Leave Hitler out of it. Hitler was a SAINT when compared to the ANTI-CHRIST JEWS.

      The quote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” was a wake-up call regarding the abject evil perpetrated incessantly by JEWS…

      Thankfully, anti-Semitism is is well underway globally while being an anti-Semite is becoming honorable… And there isn’t one thing YOU JEWS can do about it except dig a deeper grave for Israel and world-wide Judea. You did it to yourselves…!

      You would be well advised to go head-butt the nearest tree stump and repeat as need Marc the JEW…

  5. STFU you sheeny shylock jew nose loving ignorant kikes.

    The world’s going to come to hate the jews when everyone realizes you have infiltrated the american government, and perpetually creating war among other disgusting hideous things. Thats treason, why are there jews in american senate?

    That’s fucking takeover from within… Holy fuck. wake up you sheep before this worlds decimated by fucking kikes.

    Only a matter of time. call it hate, call it whatever you want. Call it a conspiracy, those are great things to call something truthful.

  6. The Jews at Intel were walking the Communist Chinese through their newly established internet hub across the street from Intel. Communist Chinese Officers in civilian clothes. This was in 2001-2002.
    Funny how the United States Army was not present!
    They are undermining our country and have the Red Chinese in Blue UN helmets standing by as peace keeping force when the shit hits the fan here!

  7. I’m now on my sixth post, on my blog, about Patrick Little and his run for the Californian Senate seat.

    He’s come out of nowhere with guns blazing, naming the jew, in a “in your face” manner. Naturally this sounds too good to be true, as he’s saying in public exactly what many of us say in private.

    His policy platform certainly has a few quirks that some may disagree with, like reparations to blacks from money currently given to Israel, but a from a pragmatic political point of view, his main message is on target to the hilt.

    Here are some transcripts, starting here:

    Patrick Little — Speaks After Getting Kicked Out of GOP Convention, April 5, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

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