Opponents Spill the Beans: We’re Actually Leading in Polls

SurveyUSA’s April poll revealed that I (Patrick Little) was set to finish second in the California Senate primaries.  With 18% of the vote, more than double the next candidate, it was foretold that I would face off against Feinstein.

Poll results showing Dianne Feinstein at 39%, Patrick Little at 18%, and Kevin De Leon at 8%.

From the edges of the Internet, where the embers of Free Speech still flicker, word of this poll’s result has spread.  The results of this poll have ignited fires within the hearts of freedom-lovers, who have been reinvigorated by a true American candidate, who dares to publicly name America’s real enemies.

America’s greatest enemies are Jewish supremacists.  These people are economic vampires; they are perpetrators of cultural degeneracy; they are terrorists who aim nuclear missiles at America, who is officially their “ally.”

Naturally, the Jewish supremacists who exercise near-universal control over television, print, and social media were quick to insert my name into their “Nazi” news story templates.

Numerous “Nazi” articles

We (myself, and many of the voters whom I represent) contest the assertion that “The Holocaust” should completely shield Jews from all criticism.  My campaign reveals the rampant nepotism, supremacism, and terrorism exhibited by generations of powerful Jews.  If recognizing the negative effects of Jewish behavior on gentile societies is called “Nazism” and “anti-Semitism,” then perhaps these terms describe normal and healthy reactions from gentiles!

With more people growing immune to false accusations of “white supremacism” in the wake of Trump’s election, and with my poll numbers consistently growing, the Jewish press has responded by spreading more lies intended to subvert my campaign.  Official press reports say that my polls have suddenly dropped from 18%, to 0%!!

Search result shows Patrick polling at 0%

Phew!  According to the Jewish-controlled press, only a “radical,” “fringe” group of Americans would prefer not to be ethnically cleansed in their own countries by Jewish immigration policies, which were designed to radically alter the demographics of their nations.  It must only be “radical” Americans who would prefer not to die in Middle-Eastern wars of aggression waged for the terrorist state of Israel.

The Jewish-controlled press is now saying that those crazy “Nazis,” who love their culture and their people, may as well just stay home on election day, because Patrick Little is polling at 0%.

Except, I’m not.  The Jews have lied.  I, Patrick Little, am winning.

I just got internal numbers showing that the Nazi candidate in California, Patrick Little, is doing way better than the media is reporting. – The Young Turks

… our data is showing [Patrick Little] is rising in the polls, he is gaining momentum … we have to make sure we get every single person we know to the polls! – Alison Hartson, Senatorial Candidate

Perhaps this is when we declare, “Hail Victory?”

The Jews underestimated us, and now they are panicking.  The Jews have seen my strong and growing poll numbers, and they have tried to hide this information; however, they are now so frightened that they are spilling the beans.

Their fright is unwarranted, of course.  Despite all the ills that many Jews have inflicted upon Americans of all races, we still seek a peaceful resolution with Jewish supremacists for their crimes against the United States; hence our ascension via the democratic process, and our legislative goals.

This Tuesday, head to the polls with your head held high.  Bring a black ballpoint pen and demand a paper ballot, because rigging the voting machines will be the Israelis’ last pathetic attempt to nullify your vote.  We will not be thwarted.

We will win.

10 thoughts on “Opponents Spill the Beans: We’re Actually Leading in Polls

  1. May every true patriot who lives in California vote for Mr Patrick Little as he tackles the demons of hell.
    Correction: Mr Little’s support cannot be 18%. It is around 50%. That is why the msm are giving him a blackout. The Jewish Supremacists are panicking!

  2. I’m a registered Democrat, but voted for Trump in the last election. Somehow my name has vanished from my longterm LA polling place (due to a “printing error”, whatever that means). Of course, I did get all the usual Official information (including polling place) in the mail before the election. I was forced to use a Provisional Ballot and told I have to re-register! I wonder how many others this has happened to?

  3. The following two links may be considered starting points in looking into the mechanics/cost rubber meets the road realities of actually going about a recount:



    This final link is anecdotal in nature. It tells of what was facing Judge Moore in Alabama after the election he was in.


    Whether there is a recount or not, the fraudulent voting results should be exploited to the max to educate the goyem about what we are up against when a man such as Patrick Little challenges the Jewish status quo.

    You may know a tree from its fruits. The election tree in America, the home of the deliberately dumbed down and anesthetized (i.e., bread and circus) masses is rotten. Electronic machines are a total fraud on the American public. (See http://www.bollyn.com/electronic-voting/.) We simply won’t have fair elections until we dump the electronic voting machines and have honest people counting paper ballots.

    Ultimately this is all just as much a spiritual battle as it is a temporal one. The strongest ally of the Jews has ALWAYS been Satan, the “prince of this world” (John 14:30). He is no small adversary, but with God all things are possible including the overcoming of this ruler of hell. More than anything else this wicked angel fears a man of true humility because it is that humility which calls down the favor of Jesus Christ God Almighty, the King of Kings and of all Creation. (John 4:6)

    Fear of the Jews is our weakness. Fear of the Lord God is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10) and it is in that wisdom we may find the true path of overcoming our strongest adversaries: Satan and the demons and their main anti-Christ agents, the Jews.

  4. Wow, I wish I had heard about Patrick Little earlier.

    In 2016, I became the first Washingtonian in history to run for office (Washington State Governor) on an anti-Jewarchy platform. In fact, I used my campaign to promote the word I coined for Jewish corruption – Jewarchy. (See http://www.jewarchy.com)

    I couldn’t find ONE PERSON nationwide to ally with or support me and officially got less than 1% of the vote. The Jews truly have enormous control over our institutions. In fact, I’m trying to learn the extent of their control over public education; I spent sixteen years as a teacher with the Seattle School District and learned some interesting things.

    Two years later, my campaign website is still getting a steady flow of traffic at http://www.governor5.com and I’m working on a series of political books (including Jews 101) that you can learn about at http://www.kpowbooks.com

    People who are aware of the Jewish menace need to network and organize!

  5. I certainly agree with the paradigm that depicts jewish supramacists along the globe “conquering” land and minds to fullfill their will; this is, to inflict decimating effects upon mother nature ( to say the least). We in Chile will fight to retain Patagonia which is being negotiaded by the chilean political leaders with the satanic state of israel. I wish your model could help the problem here. I will follow the news on the developing issues of the so called ” israeli voting machines”. Claudio Seguel Huidobro-Chile –.

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