Absolutely Jew’d Election Results Were The Best Possible Outcome

The defrauding of the initial 2018 California Senate results was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests.

Such blatant tampering of the election results is the best possible outcome for our movement, because we will now reveal that Jewish supremacists have sabotaged the Will of the People.

The election results for the entire state currently count my votes at 54,633.  Yet, I have met with leaders in the Muslim and Christian Arab communities, and they were all voting for me.  There are over 1 million of these people in California.  I have received letters from Islamic and Palestinian organizations showing they were handing out flyers at their organizations instructing everyone to vote for me.  I got 40,000 votes in one part of the Bay Area alone.

You may also recall that opposing candidates leaked internal polling numbers and sounded the alarm in response to the mass of our base.

I have dominated the other candidates in Google search and YouTube engagement.  Prior to the election, my website also ranked far ahead of all but one candidate; namely Alison Hartson, whom the Jews have also shafted with their fraudulent results.


Our website has received very high traffic leading up to the election, with people reading for an average of 5 minutes, with 34,000 total views on our home page, and 10,000 views of our in-depth platform proposal.


In contrast, Erin Cruz, who was a “podcaster,” with less than 200 subscribers before this election, had no support.  Every meeting she held was completely empty; the Facebook RSVPs below show that she had an average 2-3 people in attendance.


Supposedly, Cruz received 3 times as many votes as I?  Ridiculous.  She is an astroturfed candidate, financed by Jewish supremacists.  Her chances of receiving more than a few hundred votes were nil.  Yet the Jewish-controlled media set the expectation that she would be one of the top 5 candidates.

I will have affidavits from tens of thousands of people confirming that they voted for me, and I have had a team of lawyers reach out to me from several states.  My legal team and I are going to all of the counties, and we have already served them letters demanding that they preserve the election ballots for 22 months, as required by federal law.  My team will be helping me recount all of the ballots and collect evidence of voter intimidation and fraud.  You can volunteer to help, too.

These lying bastards and deceivers are going to be brought down from their seats of power, and the longer they hold onto their power, the harder their fall will be.  The asymmetry of information that Jewish supremacists perpetuated before the Internet is past.  Today is different.  We the People are winning, and winning big.

Stay strong.  We will march forward towards victory, exposing this massive scandal and the Jewish supremacists behind it.  We will achieve more victories in 2020 when I run for President.  We will trample out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.  Our truth is marching on.

22 thoughts on “Absolutely Jew’d Election Results Were The Best Possible Outcome

      • “Tom” is a KIKESUCKER loser of the worst sort proving that stupid is as stupid does. “Tom” would be well advised to go head-butt the nearest tree stump and repeat as needed, which is the best advice for an abjectly stupid traitor .

      • Neo-nazis are pathetic creatures, living in their mommy’s basement sucking down Hot Pockets, while typing on their free smart phones that mommy bought for them. They have no lives, no jobs, no political power, and masturbate to the poster of Adolf Hitler they have hanging on their wall.

  1. It looks like the crime of vote fraud was committed. If we can substantiste this we will achieve something. The key to defeating these people is to expose them as what they are in truth. We have an opportunity here.

  2. The Holocaust is a lie. TV, education, Federal Reserve, government, war, prison, all frauds. How can any one stand by that ? No way. Nobody wants that. This is just a beginning. Way overdue. 10,000+ years

  3. https://antizionistleague.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/the-dialectic-of-the-jewish-one-party-state-with-text1.jpg – Dialectics is a formula for generating predetermined outcomes. Reduced to its simplest form dialectics could be summed up as problem, reaction, solution. Applying a dialectical strategy is accomplished through a process of tension and resolution. Here a construct is employed as the strategy to create the problem or crisis thus fermenting a reaction (tension). Then the problem is controlled by presenting a solution (resolution). In this way the Jew achieves its desired outcome. – https://antizionistleague.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/the-one-party-state.jpg

  4. BOTTOM LINE: Patrick Little did amazingly well in the election. He will do better later.
    The JEWS are going to get very nasty now that the global awakening is taking off… so… it’s now time to get even nastier than the JEWS which will be no problem considering what a repulsive problem they are and have always been.

    The plains of Armageddon are litterally in Israel. Armageddon will not be the end of the world, simply the end of Israel and global Judea. Bet on it.

  5. I just received this late June 14th email from Jim Condit, a top of the line expert on vote fraud who has been battling this problem for many years. (See, for example, the following — a report from the SPLC on Jim and two of his websites: https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2017/12/28/roy… , http://electionnightgatekeepers.com/, http://www.votefraud.org/.

    What follows is the exact transcript of his email: “Do not get caught in their recount maze. it is as rigged as the election. Once the ballots disappear from public view – the chain of evidence is broken. ———– The only thing to do is to document on cell phone sound and video that they won’t let you see the ballots or ballot images in any effective way. — Document how long mail in ballots have been out of public view. ——– Please note: Letting you watch ballots go through a machine means nothing. —- The election officials are usually co-opted by the system they have inherited and been trained in. They abdicate their responsibilities to the company they hire — and they sign “results” on blind faith. Recounts are problematic for many reasons.”

  6. The more pro white, anti Israel and America or (enter State name) First platforms we get out there, even at the precinct level like how the tea party did it, will eventually bring down the whole house of cards. But unfortunately, unless whites wake up now and run / vote for these brave candidates in ’18 & ’20, there won’t be enough of us to stop the brown wave at the ballot boxes!

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    • Paladin – One day you are going to get beaten to death in some dark deserted alley where you went in order to engage in fellatio with a pig. Your corpse will never be identified.

  8. The jews are panicking big time. More and more white people are waking up and realizing that Israel and jews are the source of all the problem in America and Europe. It’s the apex of insanity to blame Russia when Israel did 9-11 and jews were behind the Iraq war and now the Syrian war. Israel steals land from Syria because of oil, land, water, and resources all the while claiming to be humanitarians. Jewish NGOs are flooding Europe with muslims. Everyone in America opens the papers and it’s jew after jew after jew after jew in them committing perjury and covering their crimes. Any American that doesn’t see that jews are MONSTROUS CRIMINALS is either a jew themselves, insane at this point (most probable a jew since they are sick from inbreeding), or so stupid they should not be allowed to walk outside unaccompanied.

    • You should really goose-step off the Grand Canyon. Your 4th Reich – like you – is an abject failure. If you Shitler-lovers didn’t have internet 2. 0, you be cranking out flyers on a mimeograph machine in some dark dank cellar and taping them onto bus-stop shelters, telephone poles, and laundromat community boards.

  9. Funny how Paladin & Don can’t come up with any intelligent responses. They are obviously Jews who engage in perverted acts with the same sex, as is typical of them. All you need to do is watch Hollywood movies which are controlled by Jewish directors, producers and actors to verify what they stand for so feverishly! Homosexuality, child exposure to sexuality, extramarital indecencies, satanism, anti Godliness, anti White Male, extreme Feminism destroying the family unit, Greed, Deceit and the disgusting list of perversion goes on and on. I cannot wait for the day all of us take our country back! And kick these kike Satan worshipers the hell out of our country!

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