The Official Numbers Are Completely Bogus, Here’s Why

What follows is an in-depth statistical analysis of why the initial results of the 2018 California Senate race are absolutely fraudulent.

The short version:

  • I was ahead of Erin Cruz in engagement by a minimum of 7 times, slated for at least 8 times as many votes as her.  Yet the results reported that Cruz received almost 3 times as many votes as I did!
  • We estimate that the Palestinian population, who knew very well about my race, accounted for about 50% of my reported vote; given their community’s relative size, that is a statistical impossibility.
  • In the highly-receptive Black community of Oakland, I dominated interest across social networks, and had a strong on-the-ground presence.  Yet, a public relations miracle occurred, and Oakland’s political nobodies suddenly rallied overwhelming support, despite no one even knowing who they were.

Using my website’s traffic as a scale, we can begin to tally the votes missing from my total.

We will make inferences about the site’s viewership based on the top 20 slots for visitors’ “city” (determined by geocoding their IP addresses).

From the last week’s collection of viewership data, we’ve had 20,699 visits from across the world.  The United States accounted for at least 70% of visits where the country was known, so we estimate that 10,081 visitors from “an unknown country” were from the US.  Factoring-in the confirmed locations, the total visits from the US would be about 15,142.  1933 of those visits were certainly from California, out of the 2393 visits which were certainly from the US.  That means about 81% of US visits were from California.  From 81%, we can assume that 10,699 visits from “unknown US cities” were California’s cities.  Add this to the confirmed amount of 1933 Californian visits, and we have an estimated 12,632 visits from California in the last week; that’s 61% of all visits to my site coming from potential voters.

We know that 1430 of the visitors hailed from Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Fransisco.  (San Diego was a Republican stronghold.  All three of these cities boasted large Arab communities, which showed unanimous support for me.  They were very important.)  So, at least 74% of California visits (that’s 9347 visits) were from the critical LA/SD/SF trio; that’s 45% of all visits to my site (in the world) coming from highly-likely voters.

Using these 61% and 45% figures, we can begin to estimate my voter engagement from other sources of media.

Performing a YouTube search for “Patrick Little” and sorting by view count, we find the following highly-trafficked videos:

These are only the videos which have survived (illegal) censorship over the past month!

At an absolute minimum, videos about me have been viewed 304,512 times on YouTube.  We estimate that 45% of people encountering me globally are in LA/SD/SF.  Let’s also assume that there is a high percentage of agency among my viewers, such that 80% of viewers will vote for me (who can vote for me).  Let’s also generously assume that only 80% of the views were unique (20% were the same voter viewing a second video).  Combining these percentages with the total views, we can expect 87,700 viewers of these videos to have been high-potential voters for me in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco alone; looking at California broadly, we may have numbered 118,882!

Now, let’s compare that to Erin Cruz, the candidate whose events no one attended nor cared about:

According to the fraudulent election results, Cruz received almost 3 times as many votes as I did.  But in terms of her engagement on YouTube, her most popular video had 7 times fewer views than my most popular video!


Let’s look at her most “noteworthy” YouTube engagements:

Her best videos total 26,602 views, to my minimum of 304,512.  Even if we granted 80% of those views coming from unique viewers, with 50% of viewers having the agency to vote for her, she would only garner 10,640 votes from this endeavor, to my estimated 87,700 to 118,882 from the same platform.

Beginning to doubt the poll results, yet?

It’s impressive to see our reach within our own sphere, but our presence even extends to left-wing channels.  Scroll down through any of the videos which attack me, and from CBS News to The Young Turks to Erin Cruz, most of the commenters support me:


YouTube is just the tip of the iceberg.  Let’s sample one of the many copies of our top video appearing on popular Facebook pages, like the Palestinian Quds News Network.  We have another 63,000 views on that copy alone.


With Palestinians constituting about 6% of the US Arab population, and with over 1 million Arabs in California, we had up to 60,000 potential Palestinian-Americans ready for me to finally exact justice on the terrorist state of Israel.  Let’s not forget: Israelis have bulldozed Palestinian homes, sniped pregnant Palestinian women in the stomach, and show no signs of disengaging from continual warfare.

Given my unanimous popularity in these communities, let’s say that 90% of Palestinians who voted would cast their votes for me.  Only 10% of Californians vote, but with Palestinians being exceptionally-motivated (given the Jewish-led, US-financed genocide happening in their origin country), let’s say that we had a 5x turnout by Palestinians.  That’d be a minimum of 27,000 votes for me from California’s Arab community.

But that would mean that one minority group accounted for about half of my total votes.  Does that make any statistical sense?

And what about Oakland?  Volunteers were supposedly leading my Black supporters to the polls and handing out fliers all day.  My outreach was very effective in Oakland.   Most people I approached listened intently, and even knowing I was a Republican candidate, they quickly pledged their vote to me.


Even if Oakland is “just a Democratic area,” why did no-names like “Crew” and “Mottus” and “Bhumitra” receive more support than I?  We seriously doubt any of these candidates had the volunteers and outreach that I did, not to mention search exposure:


The Jewish supremacists must be terrified.  They can smear me as a “white supremacist” until they’re blue in the face, but they cannot divide and conquer Americans.  Just watch the video; the Black community loved me.

As an aside, to address any would-be dismissals of the power of my social media presence: during this digital age, we are highly confident in correlating Internet usage to political action.  Just observe drivers texting at the wheel, or count the smartphones you see at any restaurant; Internet usage is ubiquitous in California.  80% of Californians are Internet users.  Even the homeless are guaranteed mobile devices here, it’s a “human right.”  Digital presence is the closest correlating factor to winning an election today.

If it wasn’t already obvious that our campaign has been sabotaged by the Jewish supremacist establishment, there will undoubtedly be more crimes overtly-committed in the days to come.  We will continue to uncover the fraud behind this election, and return every last missing vote to the ballot box.

85 thoughts on “The Official Numbers Are Completely Bogus, Here’s Why

    • Voter fraud is epidemic in this country. The voting machines are controlled by people of the zionist belief system. Fight this in the courts! I hope Little gets a fair trial, this country needs more americans like him standing up to the true roots of the power structure.

      • Voter fraud didn’t tilt this outcome at all, even if all of the 118,000 ( which most likely would go to Feinstien or other Dems) people left out of the registration voted for Little he’d be at 4%, still far off from the top

        • Keep mangling the message to serve your ends, Jew. The 118,000 figure encompasses YouTube ALONE. And if the tallies are fraudulent, which they obviously are, who’s to say this so-called “defeat” wasn’t actually a LANDSLIDE VICTORY.

          • The 118,000 figure is the people who weren’t on the voting roster( which would be a mix of a whole slew of candidates), not YouTube.

          • Oh, THAT 118,000. The 118,522 voters omitted from voter lists in Los Angeles County, as opposed to the 118,882 projected voters from YouTube. It’s hard to keep track of all these suspicious 118K’s.

      • I am now a Republican. After being exposed to the truth as to why our country is standing on it’s own head, it has been revealed that the cause is in fact, the JEW. Pat Little: I am a 55 year old wife and mother, registered Dem-lib, thought I was progressive, but have been SUPER WOKE. Not only have I been rooting for the wrong team, it is clear to me now how and why our country has been destroyed, and it’s because we have JEWS who have infiltrated every facet of our government agencies, our courts, our banks, our media etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and on and on. I voted for you on June 5th and I will continue to support you in every way possible. I hesitate to become an official volunteer, as it will prevent me from being able to speak out and defend you in every way possible without being analyzed under a microscope of the ADL. By the way, freedom of speech, and you know this, is already being stomped out by the JEW.

    • To “A”; stop jewing up the blog. He’s a fricking statistician, and far smarter than you. The jews fk up and own American elections, their influence needs to be disentangled from our democracy!

    • The Jews are the new Masters of America. Does anyone really still think that their complete domination will be ended by peaceful, well intentioned voting? I was very excited for Pat and still am. It’s heart warming too see that a fellow service member has the balls to stand up to the tiranny. But unfortunately, even though I was rooting for him I just knew that no matter how many votes he got, the synagogue of Satan would never allow him anywhere near the Senate.

      • To Herr: Yes, some of us realize how deep and all encompassing their hold on us is. It’s looks impossible to vote our way out of this one. Sad.

      • That is a defeatist statement, there were no victories anywhere in the world with such an attitude. Imagine if everyone thought/spoke this way, nothing would ever be accomplished.

        • Defeatist? How? Yes, victory can still be achieved. I’m not saying it’s over, just that they have completely taken over the United States. We no longer have a government, period. Just look at the reaction of the comically named “US Congress” when Netanyahu showed up there during Obama’s presidency. 30 standing ovations!!! Look up the Talpiot Program, by the way. Yes, change is still possible. It’s just going to be one hell of a lot harder than showing up every few years to cast an Israeli controlled electronic ballot to choose one of two kosher traitors. Look at the great white saviour, Trump. When he was running and leading, I did about an hour of superficial research online, and it was clear for all to see that he was completely owned and operated by Israel!!!
          Between Hillary and Trump, the only clear question back then was which was the biggest Zionist traitor?
          I would tell that to whoever cared to listen and of course, I was branded Nazi, insane, or worse. An aquaintance actually laughed at me, insisting that I believed alien reptilians ruled the Earth, and that I must be a follower of David Icke. This aquaintance of course, dutifully went out and votes for Trump, proudly wearing his MAGA red hat.
          Well all know how well that turned out.
          It’s like saying, would you like diet Coke, or diet Pepsi? Either will eventually kill you, but you get to choose which. Freedom!!!
          Sorry to be a party pooper, guys. Just reality, is all.

    • To A : We’re done “accepting” the loss of our country. That’s what this is about. Some of us care. What’s wrong with you?

  1. You have mad skills at red pilling people. You really rekindled a fire in some of us that needed to be stoked. I think you should stay in politics. You have a very likeable personality and you have developed a unique style of delivering your message.

  2. @ A

    What an astounding sense of self-righteousness you people have!

    You think you have the moral right to override the vote if it goes in favor of the unrighteous Patrick Little (or the unrighteous Allison Hartson).

    Well, we Americans think the vote is something sacred.

  3. Patrick was robbed and voter fraud seems to epidemic in Western countries these days. But, the worst examples come from America. I hope Mr. Little contests this outrage.

  4. never give up Patrick. your resolve is currently bringing about a new generation of jew-naming politicians in the U.S.

    this is the beginning of a second revolution. People out in the highways and hedges might not realize it yet, but the jews certainly do. they are terrified.

  5. @ A

    Hello Hasbara?

    If by deception you make war, why should we believe anything you say?

    You claim that the only possible error in the official vote count equals 118,000 votes. A contraryopinion is to be tound at, as stated in a previous post. According to this, all votes are counted by three large corporations, using secret computer software. In other words, there is no oversight and vote fraud is absolotely possible.

    Allison Hartson’s team announced that the poll at the end of May showing that Little’s count had dropped from 18 percent to zero was a lie, and that Little was gaing momentum. Should I believe Hartson or Hasbara?

    Little has just given a good argument that vote fraud occurred. I think Little is right about this, and I think this is a very serious matter.

      • “They more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a little one.” – Hitler
        “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Stalin

          • The big lie is that the US is still a democracy, while 96% of its votes are counted by secret computer programs owned by 3 private corporations (ES&S, Hart, Dominion).

            Most people are unaware or don’t want to believe that rigging an election on such a machine is as simple as programming it to report higher or lower results for certain candidates, or even sending it remote instructions.

  6. “The jew cries out in pain as he is beating you”. Ever notice that you an call a jew a scoundrel, ne-er-do-well, shyster, or other derogatory name and it will roll off his back like water off a duck, BUT, call a jew a “jew”, and he will recoil in horror, having been “found out”.

  7. The correct name for the site I mentioned in my earlier post is:

    @ A, I repeat what I said, i.e., you Jews have an astounding sense of self-righteousness. And I wish to state in addition that there is very strong evidence that the state military intelligence of the nation of Israel authored 9-11, and that American Jews helped the Mossad. To see that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition, I refer you to an article I wrote in 2013: article_14103.

  8. – Dialectics is a formula for generating predetermined outcomes. Reduced to its simplest form dialectics could be summed up as problem, reaction, solution. Applying a dialectical strategy is accomplished through a process of tension and resolution. Here a construct is employed as the strategy to create the problem or crisis thus fermenting a reaction (tension). Then the problem is controlled by presenting a solution (resolution). In this way the Jew achieves its desired outcome. –

    • I’ve been to your site a few times. Great work. You’ve put it very succinctly, the Jew controls both sides, of our so called political system. It’s always the same thing, you get to “choose” between a super kosher puppet from the Democrats, or an ultra kosher Republican. Then comes along Saviour Trump, pure as snow, a non politician, who will make America great again, who will be his own man and pay for his own campaign, pull out of the middle East ASAP, etc, etc. Then he gets elected and as soon as he takes office, becomes more Jewish than Netanyahu himself!!! Let’s face it, folks. It’s over!!! We are now no better than the care taker Vichy Republic in occupied France.
      The irony is that this time around, the Jews are the Nazis. And we are the French.

  9. @ A

    Maybe you’re not Hasbara, but how do you know that the most that the official vote count could be in error is by 118,000 votes? Did God tell you this in a dream? I have read that even paper votes are counted electronically, and that this is done with computer software that is private, and is not available to government agencies or the public — and as a consequence the error in the official vote count could be massive.

    I have read that the only limitation as to how large the error in official vote count can be is what the public finds believable — and that this believability of the public is largely controlled by the media.

    I think the false report given at the end of May that Little’s count had dropped from 18 percent to zero was done to influence public believability. I think a decision had already been made for massive vote fraud to occur in which Little and Hartson would be given very low numbers, even though they were the front-runners for the number two spot, and this lie was told to affect the public mind and make the massive vote fraud be believable.

    Finally, will show that the Twin Towers were taken down by controlled demolition. And there is strong evidence that this was done by the Mossad, and I submit that if people will do that, they will commit massive vote fraud.

  10. I was glad to vote for you, Patrick, but I don’t think that publicly objecting to the potential fraud is a worthwhile move.

    Those who are unaware of or on the fence about the JQ are likely see the claim of fraud as outlandish, and it is something that the media can capitalize on to slander and discredit you. For example, Right Wing Watch has already posted an article with the headline, ‘Defeated Neo-Nazi Candidate Patrick Little Thinks He Actually Came In ‘First Or Second’, in which the author easily uses a few cherry-picked statements from your livestream to portray you, your claim of fraud, and our shared position on God’s chosen demographic as crazy and rediculous.

    I’m no statition or political scientist, but the data, explanations, and conclusions you present here seem quite compelling. However, the fact remains that we likely did not have enough supporters to vote you into the top two, even if you are entirely correct about the fraud.

    Considering this, publicly contesting the election results appears to be a move that has many cons, but little to no pros. This write-up, albeit well-done, is unlikely to convince JQ critics or skeptics, and your claims of fraud are already serving our enemies as ammo to be used against you.

    Furthermore, the reported results are not close enough for us to reasonably push for an investigation, recount, or recasting of votes in the eyes of the public. Finally, I don’t believe that proof of wrongdoing is likely to come to light, even if compelling evidence exists.

    I admire your bravery, intelligence, and willingness to take up the fight in the political realm, but I think that pursuing this potential fraud is a mistake. I truly want you to succeed in your goal of mainstream exposure, and it was not a pleasure to write this.

    Don’t quit Patrick, we desperately need strong, courageous men such as yourself, Nehlan, Rockwell, and Pierce to lead, inspire, and fight.

    • You are incorrect. Pat has every right to contest the outcome of this rigged system, who are you to say otherwise?
      I love it when these quasi-intellectuals dish out advice while they sit back and do whatever it is they do. In the meantime, folks, you know what? It’s good to show some emotion, we are human after all. Being polite is designed to control others and it was invented by Jews to shame us into submission. Fuck that.

  11. I’m really not surprised no one took your Mars terraforming plan seriously when you call an abbreviated rant about how you should have gotten more votes because of youtube views an ” in-depth statistical analysis.”

    But seriously, how’s it feel to know you’ll be known as 1% Pat for the rest of your life that i’m assuming will be spent as a small man with serious emotional issues yelling into the void while no one listens?

  12. When Houston Stuart Chamberlain said of Hitler that he was not a politician what he meant, I think, was that Hitler’s personality issued from an inward depth. In the Gospels where it is said of Christ, “He spoke with authority, unlike the scribes,” the meaning is the same, I think – i.e., the personality of Christ issued from an inward depth. Now then, this same quality is what I came to see in Patrick Little, and it was what made me believe that he was genuine, which at first I doubted quite a bit.

    I believe that White people are superior to other races when it comes to this inwardness, and I think that the Jew, whose mind I believe to have been born in ancient Sumeria, has a blockage with regards this inwardness. And associated with this blockage of this inwardness is the Jew’s compulsive desire to rule the world, I think.

    I think it is in the White American that the Jew will meet his match and suffer defeat. And I think we are rapidly approaching this gigantic turning point in human history.

    All that said, I think there really was massive vote fraud in Little’s recent Senate bid. Until I saw this actually happen I wouldn’t have believed that massive vote fraud was possible. Now I believe this possibility to be real.

    The way to defeat the Jew is to expose him for what in truth he is. If we can expose the massive vote fraud that just happened in the California primary election regarding Patrick Little, we will hurt the Jew badly.

    Is it possible for volunteers to review the paper ballots and count the votes made for Little? If so, yours truly will volunteer some time to do this in San Francisco, where I live.

    The White American really does have the stuff it takes to defeat the Jew. Let us have faith in this, for it is true.

  13. Unquestionably massive voter fraud. It reminds me of the NH Primary when Ron Paul ran the first time. Joe Stalin was correct, it’s not who casts the votes, it’s who counts the votes.

  14. Oy vey, Nazi Little got fewer votes than he expected; it’s anudah shoah! Long after you and your microcephalic minions are dead, buried, and forgotten, the Jewish people will continue to thrive. Deal with it, you mouth-breathers! Shabbat shalom.


      • Jesus Christ, on the Jews…

        John 8:44
        You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

        New International Version (NIV)

        Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV® Copyright ©1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.®Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

  15. I am going say somethings that are VERY controversial (but shouldn’t be)

    – the holocaust happened
    – Jews do not exclusively control anything
    – Ignorance is the root of white supremacy
    – Website visits DO NOT equal votes (most are from people like me)
    – You only got 50,000 something votes (aka you LOST get over it, nobody wanted a second holocaust)
    – There is NO SUCH THING as white genocide
    – No race is superior to any other race (like I said, this line of thinking comes from ignorance)
    – Jesus was Jewish
    – You will not be allowed any where near the White House. I saw an idiot in the comments of one of your YouTube videos who actually thought you would split the vote with Donald Trump in 2020.
    – If you claim that every thing you disagree with is wrong then woe is me and my 325.2 million American friends (Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, and Independent) who all agree that people like you should stay the hell away from the government, (remember how you were kicked out of the GOP convention?) Generously speaking, you have .5 million racist, bigoted, white supremacist followers in the hole entire country.
    – If you don’t like our ethnic diversity then you leave, I’m sure World War II era Germany would love to have people like you, to bad it and its retched ways went extinct decades ago.
    – One last thing- the election was not rigged, when you finish counting votes manually, you will find the exact amount the State of California reported, but that won’t satisfy you, because you are sadly convinced that Californians actually follow you and your followers. One of Hitler’s most successful tactics was to convince people that he had more followers then he did.

    Let the racist Nazi trolling began!

    a white, male, conservative.

    • Nothing is inferior about Jews, that is true, until they become zionist anti-humans, anti-planet and just oh so chosen.

    • Listen, you old and ugly JEW. America is sick and tired of the JEW destroying their lives, and that’s what you vile creatures do, it’s in your DNA, you can’t help it. The Bible states that you are Crypto Jews, the spawn of Satan, not descendants from Abraham, and it can be genetically proven. Americans won’t say it to your ugly face, but we do HATE YOU. WE DO WANT YOU GONE. WE DO KNOW OF YOUR EVILNESS as it is EVERYWHERE. THE JEW destroys the morality of this country. THE JEW DOES THAT. World is waking up, you old JEW. Go back to the land you stole and good luck murdering all of the innocent Palestinian men, women and children without the aid/welfare money from the tax payers of the USA @ the tune of BILLIONS AND BILLIONS EVERY YEAR. LATER JEW!

    • Are you this stupid that you will deny the holocaust of 30 million White
      Christians slaughtered by the Bolshevik Jews in the 1920’s to 30’s ?


      About 300 thousand Jews died in Europe, of all causes during World War Two.
      The International Red Cross kept very accurate records on such matters, and census figures from immediately before and after the war agree.
      Most were safely tucked away in labour, not extermination camps. Here is what may sound shocking to you;
      Elie Wiesel, high priest of Holocaustianity, was actually given a choice, yes, by the heartless Germans, as Soviet troops approached, to stay in the camp and greet the Soviets, or retreat with the German troops. Well, guess which he chose? He left with the Germans!!!! The same Germans that, according to him in his ever more fantastic stories after the war, were building massive burning pires with Jewish babies!!!
      In addition, when he developed an issue with his foot, the Germans actually treated and cured him in the camp hospital. These are Wiesels words, in writing!!!
      Hardly the type of hogwash from Shindler’s list. Come on, man!!! The gig is up!!! Quit spreading you Jewish Holohoax porn.
      For more info, here is this awesome link.

  16. A… where are you trolling from? Probably unit 8200, a house wife from Haifa, perhas? Or are you connected with Cambridge Analytica, or Google Jigsaw and the White Helmets?
    You see folks, these are all Mossad operations, Unit 8200, Google Jigsaw, Cambridge Analytica, White Helmets. Don’t waste your time defending the trolls assertions, just inform your fellow posters of some truth. It shuts them down. It is like turning the light and the roaches scrambling.
    As for Patrick, wish we lived in California to vote for you. However, one piece of advice, watch your six Marine. Those Talmudist allow themselves to kill any child that might become a threat to them someday, not just an adult. Now, you know why they shoot the unborn Palestinian child. We are not fighting for our democracy, this is gone. We are now fighting for each other. Yes, all races, everyone of us is fighting for the person next to him. We need each other and Patrick is cutting accross the artificial divide.
    These Khazar criminals stop at nothing so what are you willing to do about it? First thing, kill the Bank.

  17. Excellent observations; you are truly descended from a Crusader. Continue the fight, and we will donate and share your message; and fight as well.

  18. So, umm, if all this is true, why have you not sued in court to change the results? I would think you would have no trouble in such a case if you are correct.

  19. Voter Fraud is real, but Patrick’s logic here is rtarded.
    Youtube views don’t equal votes and most of the people watching your videos where there to hate.

  20. It is a good thing that JEWS are allowed to post here. It reinforces exactly how repulsive they really are and they reveal themselves to be sophmoric liars. By agitating they inflame the desire to do what ultimately needs to be done without remorse or regret.

    The morons do little else but run at the mouth while shooting themselves in the foot which is very ineffective in actual combat.

    In the timeless struggle between good and evil it must be admitted that good has most often gotten it’s ass kicked… This is about to change for good.

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