MSNBC Is Really Going To Regret This One

The Jewish-controlled media always chops up my interviews, dramatically altering my message to try and vilify me.  The media typically performs this reporting alchemy in a “creative” manner, or under the guise of “time-sensitivity,” reporting only some of what I said.  In our country, reporting some truth (even if not the whole truth) is often sufficient to avoid a slander lawsuit.

But sometimes, the children of the lie just can’t help themselves, and they blatantly slander me on the air!

The reporter states that when she questioned me about being a “civil rights advocate” that I said I was advocating for “working, white, Christian men.”

But in my own full recording of our interview, when she asked me that, I did not qualify my response with the restrictions “working,” “Christian,” nor “men,” and neither were the people for whom I advocated exclusively white.  Actually, I said that I advocated for,

all groups which are victimized by Jewish supremacism, including Asians, blacks, white Americans.

The media intended to discourage vast swaths of the population from respecting and voting for me by portraying my advocacy as exclusively for specific whites.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  My advocacy is inclusive to all victims of Jewish supremacism, including Asians, Arabs, blacks, whites, Jews themselves, the working and unemployed, Christians and Muslims, and men and women!  The media slandered that I only advocated for the rights of a single group, when in fact I said that I advocated for a diverse set of groups.

Throughout the full interview, I explicitly stated that white Americans were not the only group that suffered from Jewish supremacism.

“…I feel Jews are using this position of power over other races to marginalize them and exploit them, not just whites.”

“I believe whites are one of the many groups that are oppressed and targeted for destruction by Jews.”

I cited the primarily Jewish-led Bolsheviks’ genocide of Europeans.  I cited the Jewish dominance of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and fantastically-high per-capita rate of pre-Civil War slave ownership, both of which scarred African Americans’ legacy in our country.  I explained that top-of-their-class Asian Americans lose seats at Harvard to Jews with very low test scores.

I explain my position as a civil rights advocate at other times, too.

“[David Duke] is a civil rights advocate, just like me.”

“A civil rights advocate, for…?”

“Human rights, the rights of all groups to self-determination, the rights of all people to have freedom of association.”

MSNBC is going to seriously regret slandering me when I serve them with this lawsuit.  The enormous sum of money we secure from these liars will go a long way to fund future campaigns of civil rights advocates and mass-awakenings of the American public.  If we made it this far on a few thousand bucks, how far would $1 million get us?  $2 million?  $10 million?

Perhaps we will also get a public apology from MSNBC, during primetime on their weekday with the highest viewership, admitting that they sabotaged my character, interfering with our political process by using a bold-faced lie to cost me new support in my Senate race.

They should have stuck to Pavlovian conditioning.  As more and more people sicken of the fake news media, they will turn to us for the truth.  We will never stop telling the truth, and we will never stop naming the Jew.

You can view the full interview here:
And the full, slanderous report here:


14 thoughts on “MSNBC Is Really Going To Regret This One

  1. Well, what do you expect? As I listened to that two weeks ago, I said to myself she is damn sure Jewish and she’s good. Yes, she didn’t include any of the interview and made up shit to fit into the WN world views she wishes to paint. I recommend a much tighter demand expectation when accepting interviews from these sort because they don’t do it to help us

  2. MSNBC has always been staffed by lying cultural Marxists. Completely shameless enemies of western man & woman. Go get them Mr. Little.

  3. When being interviewed by a hostile party, word sentences in such a way as to make it difficult to distort them by snipping. Words like “also”, “but”, “additionally”, “sometimes” should be positioned between other words so they cannot be snipped without its being obvious. Also insert references to service as Marine where it will be hard to snip them.

    Wrong: I am for white civil rights and also black civil rights.
    Right: I am not only for white civil rights but also for black civil rights.

    To distort the second version you have to snip between “am” and “for” and it’s likely to sound altered.

    There is a history of populist candidates bringing white and black together against an elite. Watson, Huey Long, even Lester Maddox after his segregation phase.

  4. The interviewer’s Harvard hubris is the epitome of patronizing Pavlovian conditioning. Ironically, the motto of that citadel of corruption, and institutionalized Jewish supremacy is Veritas. Clearly, truth, like light to a vampire, is an anathema to these pillars of integrity and virtue.

    In truth, is it is a golem factory wherein the lucky initiate drowns in an elixir of self, only to be reincarnated with the false light of Emet etched into their six-finger forehead. Once the mortarboard capstone is firmly cemented in place, a nimbus grander than the rings of Saturn illumines all in proximity.

    These are the ghouls of Plato’s cave, with fangs of deception hidden behind the dim glow of an anglerfish bulb, feasting on human flesh for their substance. The interviewer prides herself on character assassination, on removing the heart, so all that remains is a one-dimensional cartoonish shadow to hoodwink the credulous.

  5. During the interview one particular question could have been asked of Morgan Radford. I believe it would have been a very sobering one.

    Miss Radford?
    Miss Radford, have you or Aaron here ever been doxed to include your residential address?

    P.S. The Jews and their allies have been using doxing as a political weapon for some time. We better get our act together on this one. The media and the powerful ones absolutely dread to be doxed. They are people of the lie, of the darkness; a darkness which fears the light. Like it or not, we are at war!

  6. Everything is not alright………

    It’s beyond fckd up………

    Did you really think you were going to get a fair vote count and not get defrauded in California??

    C’mon man……..

    The same thing would have happened in South Carolina……..

    All they have to do is pull a switch, punch some buttons……..

    And you’re over……..

    At least online……….

    And you’re whole movement is over……..

    At least online…….

    Because (((they))) know how things work……….

    And (((they’re))) right……….

    That’s how things work…………

    And the only movements that will survive (((their))) onslaught are made of individuals born to fight against how things work……..

    And you wonder why there’s so much infighting……..


    We’re still alive and beating though…….

    Carry on……..

  7. Patrick Little – Duels with Nick Fuentes, Jun 9, 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

    Patrick Little, a 33-year-old married White, a USMC veteran of Afghanistan, and an experienced IT engineer, ran for US Senate in California. He’s been censored off from social media after trying to start a discussion about the jewish supremacist control of many critical institutions of the United States and its government.

    Here, Little finds himself being ambushed by the teenager Nick Fuentes and his two juvenile sidekicks. In a half hour chutzpahrian display of insolence and disrespect, Fuentes attacks Little about his recent Senate run in California, relentlessly calling him names, such as being a Fed agent, a dumb ass, stupid, a character out of the film Taxi Driver, a loser, mentally unstable, and his favorite, “a little girl”.

    Although they succeeded in riling Little up, with their constant name-calling and mocking, the lasting impression is that Fuentes comes across as a complete jerk, deserving of parental discipline before being sent to his room.

    — KATANA

  8. This website defines “futility”. It has no facts and it is run by someone with serious mental problems. I hope it keeps providing laughter for a long time (yes, I read through the articles and comments and frankly they’re amusing to me, the same way a dog running in circles is amusing).

    • Through his campaign, Patrick has educated many people about the problem of Jewish supremacism, and demonstrated Americans’ ability to fight the kikes by exposing their crimes. Eventually, so many people will know about the evils of Jewish behavior that a force will arise to expel them from our country. You call this “futility;” we call it “persuasion,” and soon, “justice.”

      You claim that this site has no facts, but actually, it makes many claims and cites many sources (Kevin MacDonald, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nation of Islam…) and none have been disproven yet. Perhaps you’d like to point out which are wrong and disprove them?

      You can’t, though. You are just posting nonsense, hoping that someone will read it, give in, and just permit the Jews to keep raping them I guess?

      You know what I get a kick out of? Your monumental hubris. Look up “Leo Frank” to see what happens when Jews rape us. It’s not pretty when the goyim are at their wits’ end, but at that point, justice is long, long overdue.

      • You’re going to cite Louis Farrakhan and Fraud MacDonald? And you think screaming that you’re being raped is SANE?
        Your response was a failure, even if it’s better than 99% of what’s posted at this broken sewer of a website. Please keep your day job.
        Futility, futility, futility, futility, futility.

  9. Good God, what a bunch of whining, dickless incels you guys are! Holy shit. Your pathetic little buddy isn’t going to win any elections, and he’s not going to set up “regional capitals”. Get over it.

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