Here’s How You Can Help Expose Election Rigging In California

Did you vote for me on June 5th?  If so, I need you to fill out the following form to certify the precise precinct or location where your vote should have been counted.  The form will help you to obtain this data after you provide your county’s name.

This data will have a material impact in our fight to combat election rigging and to guarantee that your voice is heard.  In many precincts, if even a single person provided me an affidavit certifying his vote, we could immediately begin the process of challenging the election results!

Crucial Survey for Voters

This survey is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

Imagine how many more people will learn the truth once we expose that my votes were thrown out, and by whom.

I wouldn’t be able to do this without you.  We have so many obstacles to overcome, and we will persevere together.  We will never stop fighting to end Jewish supremacism until peace and freedom are restored to America, and to the world.

Recap, And The Next Battle

First, I want to personally thank you for voting for me.

We accomplished something huge on June 5th’s Election Day.  With a shoestring budget, and despite illegal censorship and slandering on major platforms, we rang the bells of patriotism across the Internet, and we certainly flooded ballot boxes all throughout California.  Every splotch of ink next to the name “Patrick Little” represented a declaration of freedom for all Americans.

Jewish elites, hell-bent on enslaving us, played their usual tricks in a bid to maintain power.  After it was revealed that I was polling at 18% in 2nd place, they rigged their next poll to claim that I was at “0%,” and were quick to report on it.  This was a ruse to create an impression of disinterest for my campaign.


Online search and viewership trends indicated that the majority of Californians were interested in me.  Leaked internal poll results from my opposition revealed that they considered our block supremely influential.


The initial results of the June 5th California Primary Election were rigged.  The reported numbers were manipulated to dishearten and disregard us.

96% of votes cast in America are tallied by voting machines, and the manufacturers of those machines are owned by Israeli shell corporations.  The source codes of these machines are top-secret, so it is impossible to audit that the machines will count votes honestly on Election Night.

Is it a “conspiracy theory” to believe that an Israeli voting machine may have been programmed or remotely instructed to disregard votes for an Israel-last candidate?  Well, this programmer testified to creating an election-rigging machine himself:

Was it simply “a glitch” when voting machines in Texas switched votes from Trump to Hillary, but did not switch votes for any other candidate?


Do you blindly accept what authorities tell you about our vote totals, after the ballots have been taken out of public sight and counted using “secret software” written by “The Chosen?”

I sure don’t.  That’s why I am contesting these initial results, and I need your help.

I am going to expose that the vote totals in several California districts have been grossly manipulated in an effort to silence your desire for freedom from Jewish supremacism.

Please fill out the above form, indicating where you voted; you will provide us with the data we need to conclusively demonstrate election rigging.  If you will take one step further, and sign an affidavit legally affirming that you voted for me, we will be armed with the evidence needed to contest the election results.  The public will feel our presence and hear our truth.

Thank you again, and God bless.

13 thoughts on “Here’s How You Can Help Expose Election Rigging In California

  1. I am not sure if this will help, but here is the link to the California Secretary of State Website to check on ballot status:

    Here is a link to some of the most important links for information on vote fraud: It also includes a video documenting the corruption/chaos/mess of the 2016 California Democratic Primary. Much of what is seen in this video is just as true as what took place in the 2018 Primary Mr. Little was in. See

    Finally, allow me to quote below something Mr. Little says above because it is so important and because for obvious reasons it is left out of the MSM reporting on vote fraud. This reporting is often just an exercise in controlled opposition to the disastrous problem of vote fraud in America. Just like so much of the reporting on 9-11 which talks about the how of 9-11 rather than the who of 9-11 so much of the reporting on vote fraud talks about the how of the fraud rather than the real who (Israel/Jews) of it, that who being the mastermind controllers behind vote fraud.

    Mr. Little: “96% of votes cast in America are tallied by voting machines, and the manufacturers of those machines are owned by Israeli shell corporations. The source codes of these machines are top-secret, so it is impossible to audit that the machines will count votes honestly on Election Night.”

    Toward the end of the linked article here ( , the very courageous and honest investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn states: ” It needs to be understood that the entire election process in the United States is a fraud. More than that, it is a fraud that is being perpetrated by the Israeli defense establishment on the naïve and gullible American public. “

  2. Re. Bollyn’s assertion on who – shocking but not surprising.

    Re. location of the Little-voter form and affidavit question – is there some reason why it should not be displayed more prominently? I mean (Oh I see – probably why MY website gets less the one hit a day.) what percent of people look back here ? …out of those who never returned after hearing elsewhere candidate Little had lost.

  3. Sup little, it’s Kelly from CLB7. Just want you to know that everyone you worked with thinks you’re a complete dumbass, racist, and insane. I always thought you were a cool dude that lacked a little common sense but made up for it in knowledge. But even if your book smarts don’t make up for your stupidity that you’ve shown. I’m here to tell you hat your mindset is absolutely incorrect, and your name is tarnished forever.
    I wish you the best in pulling your head out of your ass.

    • Hey big man Kelly ( ) so you want to come on here and pick a fight with a real stand up to the Jews patriot. Tell you what big man Kelly. Instead of coming on here and insulting someone who’s got the courage to go against the dumbed down brainwashed Goyim in America, why not tell your fellow big green politically correct machine compadres about another Marine who like Patrick Little was honorably discharged from the Corps and went on to speak a very politically incorrect and inconvenient truth.

      Yeah, that’s right I’m talking about a real Marine Corps hero and real truth teller, none other than Major General Smedley Butler. You know the fellow who was awarded the Medal of Honor not once, but twice. Before you try to put Patrick Little down for telling the truth tell your fellow Marines about what Smedley Butler wrote — one of the most famous and TRUE books about war — War is a Racket. And war still is a racket:

      When you decide to pull your head out of the sand and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem, let us know. Until then you can stay in your big green echo machine.

  4. FYI, the reason so many of us were visiting your website was that we wanted to see if you were really as insane as the reports said.
    And you’re right, the mainstream media lied. You’re like a bazillion times more insane. Including that bit about your dumbass asteroid plan (I admit that actually sounded kinda cool).

    • Absolutely – not everyone who visits your site votes for you hahaha- can’t believe that’s your reasoning. I visited it because i couldn’t imagine there was someone so stupid out there that thinks the holocaust was a hoax, but wow I guess insane racist people still do exist.

      • Strawman! Patrick never claimed that “everyone who visited his site voted for him.” He questioned the inverse relationship between meaningful engagements with potential voters across *multiple* media platforms and votes supposedly cast for other unpopular candidates.

        If you’ve followed Patrick’s engagements with people on the street, they are often quite receptive when they listen intently. Given the length and depth of his online interviews, we don’t dismiss these engagements as part of some “holocaust denier zoo.”

        Do you really still believe the Jewish movie producers and Jewish book publishers who tell you that Germans had a massive and secret program for exterminating Jews in death camps? There is no German document proving this, and a “holocaust” was never mentioned in Eisenhower’s nor Churchills’ memoirs. Sounds like an “insane conspiracy theory” to me.

        I expect you are a troll who makes negative statements and hopes a good goy will read them and regress to his anti-Hitler Pavlovian conditioning. But if you are actually curious about holocaust denial, then I invite you to take a virtual tour of Auschwitz with a Jew who cared to know the truth about holocaust claims:

        When one takes even a cursory glance at the “evidence” presented for a “holocaust,” the claim of a top-secret Jew extermination program is what begins to sound “insane.”

        • In addition to absolutely no mention of any “holocaust” in either of the post war memoirs of Eisenhower (some 550 pages) or Churchill (nearly 2500 pages) one may add the memoirs of Charles De Gaulle (more than 2,000 pages) to the list. Absolutely nothing, zip, nada!

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