The Real Dangers of Social Media Censorship

The Real Dangers of Social Media Censorship

I’ve had my Facebook and Twitter accounts repeatedly deleted, in violation of FEC laws.  My YouTube channels have received restrictions on streaming, and many of my videos have been censored or deleted.  Facebook and YouTube are both owned by Jews, and Twitter is policed by the ADL, a pro-Jewish organization.  Jews do not want the American public to know about their crimes against humanity, because if Americans did know, Jews would be expelled tomorrow.

Freedom of Speech is most important for protecting the peoples’ right to speak and learn about controversial topics.  The most important chapter in the book of “forbidden knowledge” elucidates the perpetual racial tension between Jew and gentile.  Americans must know that they can only be free to fulfill their destinies by first expelling the hostile Jewish race.

An alarming trend of Jews using infrastructure to silence their critics has taken hold of America in recent months, and this trend is too dangerous to ignore.

As Alexander Solzhenitsyn described in his book The Gulag Archipelago, since the 1850s, Jews have used communist ideology as a means of furthering their own interests.  With the exception of Israel, Jews will always start communist revolutions in the nations they inhabit, including America.

As the late Russian communist defector Yuri Bezmanov mentioned in several of the interviews he granted Western journalists in the 1980s, a Jewish communist power grab always begins with a campaign of indoctrination and spreading communist propaganda, and this agenda has been active in Western nations for over 50 years.  We know this campaign by the name of “political correctness.”

Political correctness began with communist Jewish university professors such as Herbert Marcuse, who lectured at the humanities departments of respectable American universities in the 1950s.  This nasty Jewish communist propaganda has gradually wormed its way deep into the fabric of Western societies.

The difference between the communist propaganda the Jews pushed earlier in Eastern Europe and their current propaganda is the focus.  The old communist propaganda of China and Russia primarily focused on class tensions; however, the later Western adaptation of communism focuses on ethnic and gender tensions.  The people of the West were simply too prosperous and comfortable for communism built on simmering class tensions to provide enough fuel for a revolution.

The second phase of a Jewish communist power grab consists of censorship.  As censorship gradually worsens, calls for arrests of those who disagree with the Jewish communist party line are slowly introduced, often over a period of many years, along with increasing calls for disarming the populace—sound familiar?

The danger lurking within the current Jewish-led campaign of social media banning and censorship is the fact that if governments will not officially censor people, then Jews will simply use semi-private social media networks to accomplish the same goal.

Studying communist power-grabs in Russia and other nations that fell to Jewish-orchestrated communism reveals that when censorship arrives, calls for rounding-up and arresting those who hold incorrect political opinions soon follow.

Once the population of a nation under Jewish communist attack has been disarmed and political dissidents are being arrested, the final phase of tyranny gradually settles-in, and the mass purges and genocides begin.  Solzhenitsyn warned the world that when Jewish communists get their way, uncounted millions of people always die.

The Russian Revolution serves as a perfect example of this principle.  The Bolshevik government was 85% ethnically Jewish, and murdered 30 million Christians in Russia.  Even mentioning that the government was controlled by Jews was an act punishable by death.  If Jews will act as a group to annihilate native populations, I believe that is something native populations ought to be talking about.  It should be a topic of conversation on buses, at dinner tables, on television, and especially on the Internet.

Censorship on social media of political opinions that Jews do not like is not harmless, but instead a very dangerous problem.  We must be free to talk about Jewish behavior and the horrific manifestations of their collective actions.  When our freedoms are at stake, so are our lives.

We must be free to determine that to regain all other freedoms, the Jew who would rob our liberty must be removed from our nation.  Jews must be expelled from the United States, before they complete their deadly implementation of communism.

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  1. The jews are a mafia seeking to monopolize the wealth & the powers (economical. political, cultural. media, etc…) worldwide, by all the means. There are anti-mafia & anti-monopolistic legislation in many countries, first of them USA. These laws must be applied on jews
    Nadeem Abdo

  2. You’re an absolute piece of shit. I hope next time you decide to sit there in a street corner holding up your stupid signs a car runs your fucking bigot ass over. If I were you, I’d tread carefully. Especially if you’re going to pull these stunts in my town.

    1. I would like to apologize for this insensitive remark. You are entitled to your opinions and freedom of speech. While I do not agree with the messages you convey people should not wish for tragic things to happen to you. Again I am sorry for making such nasty comments. At the end of the day we are all Americans and should respect one another and the hatred needs to subside, including my own.

    2. hmmm another emotionally retarded loser who hasn’t dealt with their childhood issues. oh so brave making threats behind a keyboard. – But I’ll go on a limb and bet your as gutless as you are retarded and would never stand up for whatever shit sucking convictions you have the way he has.

  3. Nice essay. Will nitpick on the use of communism as a bogeyman. Communism is no longer a threat, and certainly will not resonate as propaganda in the current year.

    The jews abandoned official “communism”. It was a long-term project by a jew faction that disagreed with the zionist faction about the proper strategy for a jew world takeover that both groups agree is the goal.

    Communism has at its core, the notion that the best road to jew world dominion is to put the goy masses to use, enlisting them as an army, by swindling them with the promise that if they give up all property rights they will become (somehow) wealthy. (Worker’s paradise). Also the lie that the obstacle is oppression by the goyim’s own leadership class, and so it must be liquidated, and their nationalistic loyalty must be shifted to those of their own low socioeconomic status internationally (and inter-racially).

    In contrast, zionism is founded on the notion that the jews don’t need masses of stupid goyim to make jew world domination happen for them. Jews can do it by themselves with a fanatically committed minority, and based on their existing control of the goyim’s money systems as funding, PROVIDED they follow the “prophecies” in their own psychotic holy books that proscribes they must return to Jerusalem & dedicate themselves to their semitic volcano war god yahweh. In return, he will grant them world dominion. Due to the inherent bronze-age superstitious nature of the biological jew, this concept is attractive even to secular jews who do not otherwise observe judaic laws.

    What’s being referred to as “communism” in the essay, is not actually communism, meaning it is not actually its own separate thing. What is being described as communism is really just “jew hegemony”, that is to say, what happens every time the jew gets absolute and total physical power over the host population…utter and abject slavery, with mass murders to secure it.

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