Welcome, Fellow Anti-Zionists!

Welcome, Fellow Anti-Zionists!

In case you’re landing here after hearing about me on Vocativ’s recent viral Facebook post, then welcome aboard my 2020 U.S. Presidential campaign train!

Little’s Train Expel the Jews by ‘22

Thanks to all of you who commended me for “my bravery.”  I’ll be aspiring to commit more acts of heroism as the election approaches, denouncing the criminal Jew rat bastards louder than ever before!

Outpouring of Support For Patrick Little Over Boca Raton Altercation

UPDATE: If you look at Vocativ’s page today, you can see that Facebook decided to censor the top comments in favor of me.  The Jews that run Facebook don’t want you to hear the voices of the Palestinians who have had their homes bulldozed and their people slaughtered by the terrorist Jewish state of Israel.

Throughout my campaign, I will continue to expose the crimes committed by Jewish people against natives of the Middle East.  If you elect me as U.S. President in 2020, I will reclaim all aid the U.S. has ever sent to Israel.  I will also launch an attack on Israel to reclaim the weapons-grade nuclear material that Israel stole from our country in the Apollo Affair, which it now brandishes as a deterrent against any country that would put a stop to its insane supremacist regime.

You can learn more about my campaign platform here.  You can see me pull stunts and red-pill the crap out of people on my BitChute channel.

Identifying Jews as the source of nearly all the problems currently plaguing the United States and the world at large is the first step towards any positive political change.  I’ve walked 500 miles to name the Jew, and will never stop.

5 Replies to “Welcome, Fellow Anti-Zionists!”

  1. Thank you John Kaminski.
    I could not have said it better, but then you are the writing Genius and have been for quite some time.
    I recommend that you, Patrick to read John Kaminski’s essays.

  2. i believe its possible to be PRO-JEW ANTI ISRAEL. I also think that any war with Iran Israel needs to pull its own weight

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