It’s Okay To Be White, in Seattle!

It’s Okay To Be White, in Seattle!

Titanium BallsA white man asserts his people’s right to exist!

I Could Do This All DayWe could do this all day.

On Friday, an intrepid gentleman and I marched silently in a crowded Seattle shopping center.  Our mission: remind the populace that it’s okay to be white.

In case you need it, click here for a backup of the above video on BitChute.

We were well-received!

High Five High five!

OK Sign👌 “OK!” signaled the based street cleaner.

Thumbs Up👍 Family man gave the thumbs-up.

There were plenty of fist bumps to go around.

It was a message that people of any national origin could stand behind.

Asian SupportIt’s fun to say it!  This Asian guy agreed.

Black SupportA black man took the tape and stood in solidarity.

Enthusiastic DuoThese photographers couldn’t get enough of our guy.

Asserting the right of white people to exist wasn’t completely without controversy, however.

Don’t Let The Children See It!Don’t let the children see it!

Sign Smacker Sign SmackerIt’s okay to smack someone’s sign if he’s white, apparently.

We Should Be Ashamed“You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.  Ashamed of yourselves.”  🖕

One guy dumped a latte on my partner and I, yelling “not white anymore, motherfuckers!”  He then ran off, blaring an anti-German racial epithet as he went.

This audacious fellow’s antics merely proved our point ever more powerfully.  A nice suit doused in coffee has a way of demonstrating racial hatred, and black Americans noticed.

Black Support“Can we get a picture with you?  Oh, why do you have coffee on you?  Somebody threw coffee on you?  ‘Cuz they were black?  Or they were white?  And they didn’t like the sign?  It’s okay to be black, and white.”

Explaining How It WorksThis is how it works, goyim.  Without saying a word, and without retaliating against those who deny us, when we openly assert white people’s right to exist, we take two steps forward:

  1. We break the ultimate taboo, taking the first step towards securing the existence of white people and a future for our children.
  2. In the same stroke, Jews expose their hatred of white people with open effrontery.  For every passerby who takes notice, we draw nearer to the day when the world sets itself free from Jewish oligarchy.

We are proud to be us, for all our good traits and our flaws.  It’s okay to be any type of person.  Throughout our march, black people reflexively and unashamedly stated, “it’s okay to be black.”  No matter how many Palestinian homes are bulldozed, and no matter how many pregnant Christian and Muslim women are shot in the belly by Israeli snipers, they will forever assert: it’s okay to be Palestinian.

Americans will remember: it’s okay to be white.

Christmas IOTBW Meme

Inspired to stand up and march for the white race, too?

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  1. what happened to the rest of the marchers? I thought there was an overflow of emails and interest, what happened? a lot of mixed signals going on here. I would’ve gone. it looks much better with a group. also, they are trying to dox the older guy that was there on twitter. they’ve got a picture of his car, plate # and everything.

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