YouTube Playing Games With Fair Election Laws

YouTube Playing Games With Fair Election Laws

I thought YouTube had stopped violating FEC laws, but this is apparently not the case. They deleted several of my US Senate Campaign’s channels when I was the top-polling challenger to Feinstein, and now videos are processing for over five hours.  In any case, here is a link to my BitChute account where I mirror many of my campaign videos.  I am currently creating high quality offline audio books and uploading the edited, finished version to YouTube and Bitchute.  Listen to Ramsey’s “The Nameless War”.  It is required reading/listening for my campaign supporters.

Click HERE for Chapter 1 with intro and prologue

Click HERE for my Campaign Channel on Bitchute


Patrick Little

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  1. I liked your AIPAC name-the-jew video. You do it right Patrick. You don’t call them the left. You don’t call them deep state. You call them JEW. If everyone called Jew, Jew, called Jewish criminals, JEWISH CRIMINALS, the kike bastards would be deposed within a year.

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