ItРђЎs Okay To Be White,
in Seattle!

Their actions serve as a glorious reminder that our human right is to live without discrimination based on skin color – it truly makes life wonderful! It’s wonderful being alive right now.

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It’s Okay To Be White is an Alt-right slogan which encourages white people to embrace their cultural heritage and advocate for civil rights for white people. In Seattle, this message can often be found popping up around town in different forms or forms.

Posters carrying this message were distributed throughout Washington’s University area, Chinatown-International District and Capitol Hill area despite its controversial content; no reports have surfaced of criminal activity due to these posters’ appearance.

But their presence caused much debate in Seattle and several political leaders – including Mayor Jenny Durkan – strongly denounced them and made statements against any message or poster which promote racism or discrimination in any form.

Protests were held across Seattle against these posters and their ideas; ultimately, their presence triggered much-needed conversation about race and racism in Seattle. While the posters themselves may have been removed from view, their message of greater awareness, understanding, and acceptance for people from diverse backgrounds remains. Mission accomplished!

The Mayor's office issued an additional statement, noting that Seattle stands with those opposing this slogan and message, and will take active measures to ensure Seattle remains a place where all individuals feel safe and welcomed. Local community members were outraged over the posters. Local activists raised their objections as white people celebrated being white while people of color continually struggle for recognition and visibility.

Remind the Public That Being White Is Okay :

As we made our way through Downtown Seattle shopping center, the sun shone bright and people bustled about. At an intersection we stopped, silently holding up signs to inform passerby that it’s alright to be white. Surrounded by an assortment of shoppers and onlookers, we remained focused in our mission.

Each sign we brought – constructed out of crisp white poster board and bearing bold lettering reading “It’s Okay to Be White” – simply stated our position with ease. Words that became part of an online meme were taken out onto the streets for us to spread our message.

Although we caught many curious glances as we waved signs with signs spelled “No Refugium for Deportees,” but instead let our signs speak for us; the experience proved profoundly eye-opening. As expected, our message met with some positive responses – some nodding in agreement while a few even giving thumbs-up!

Workday courses can be an incredibly powerful tool for individuals who are protesting against the controversial slogan “It’s Okay to be White”. These courses offer an opportunity for participants to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding the slogan and to learn how to effectively and productively voice their opposition to it.

Additionally, smiling faces emerged alongside murmurings such as:

Yes it is okay to be white." Our march was an affirmation of equality without being aggressive or provocative, sending out our simple message without creating disruption or sparking hostility.
This protest marked not only a victory for White Americans and Europeans who want to express themselves freely but was also an historic moment that provided courage for many Europeans who may otherwise fear labeled racist for speaking up and outing themselves as anti-Semites.
Men strolled up and down the streets attracting stares, comments, or shocked expressions - drawing in people interested in social equality while making our point through peaceful means.
Too long has "white" been perceived negatively and derogatively by most. Now these Jersey Goyz are taking action and sending a clear message: it is okay to be white! Today is an extraordinary time to be alive!
As curious bystanders asked what was going on, the Goyz held their signs in unison to demonstrate against prejudice and oppression. One man explained: "We are here to remind people it's okay for white people."
alive! Society is becoming aware that every individual deserves respect, dignity and freedom without fear of reprisal or ridicule from society at large.

Tyranny must be challenged head on in order to be overcome successfully. Tyran takes many forms – from hateful remarks to violent oppression – and must be brought to the attention of those it affects and those with power to bring change.


To effectively combat it, those affected need to know. Education, advocacy and media tools offer ways to bring to light how it exists and why it persists as well as ways of taking steps against it.


By sharing our stories, successes and failures with each other, we can learn from one another, deepen mutual understanding and work toward creating lasting change together. When faced with statements calling for the genocide of an entire race, it is critical to speak up and refute these remarks with moral and ethical arguments.


Additionally, those affected should come together and form a united response plan against racism. Collective action and advocacy provide a powerful message against hatred and bigotry that it won’t be tolerated, the best way to overcome tyranny being to identify it, understand it, challenge it with appropriate measures then fight it with right actions – something only achieved with collective effort over sustained time can truly achieve.

This campaign’s mission is to foster an environment in which individuals of diverse racial backgrounds may express themselves freely while also raising awareness about racism throughout Seattle. Additionally, It’s Okay To Be White seeks to build solidarity among people of differing racial backgrounds and ensure our city remains inclusive for everyone, no matter their race.

By engaging in open and honest dialogues about race in Seattle, residents can create a culture which welcomes all regardless of ethnic background or identity. Through understanding and accepting differences, we can build a city that is both inclusive and diverse while being an advocate for people of color and other marginalized communities.

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