The Jersey Goyz March in Princeton, Pioneering “It’s Okay To Be White”

The Jersey Goyz March in Princeton, Pioneering “It’s Okay To Be White”

All Gathered Princeton Marchers

It’s a wonderful time to be alive.  White men, prideful of their heritage, are standing up for their right to exist.  The Jersey Goyz are heeding the call to march publicly with signs stating “It’s Okay To Be White.”  They are the first of many troops scattered worldwide, making our intent to survive known.

This morning, in Princeton, New Jersey, six brave European Americans took to the streets, displaying signs declaring the self-evident truth, “It’s Okay To Be White.”  The men sealed their mouths with duct tape to symbolize denial of Freedom of Speech in their own country.

In the United States, it is as good as illegal to question the morality of the Jewish narrative of “ending whiteness;” that is, to point out that the ostensible “justification” for the ethnic cleansing of all ethnic European peoples is nothing more than a hypocritical call to genocide, an incitement of the peoples against each other, by the international clique.

One is born to a people, and one dies a member of his people.  Whites—and all other groups—must refuse to apologize for having been born the way their Creator made them.  A people’s existence can never be used as justification to terrorize them.  The Jews attack the Palestinians any time they demonstrate for the right of their people’s continued existence, and Jews see to it that similar terror is wrought upon ethnic Europeans doing the same.

Here is the full live stream of the Jersey Goyz’ march:

Some passerby praised the Goyz.

You guys are the greatest, I love you. — 1:08

(enthusiastic honking)21:46

Other pedestrians, brainwashed by years of self-deprecating propaganda, convulsed.

So unnecessary.  That’s so unnecessary, guys.  Unnecessary. — 16:05

That’s so disgusting. — 25:55

Racists!  Racists!  Black lives matter!  Black lives matter! — 29:57

You’re not welcome here.  Get the hell out of Princeton. — 40:25

Go to Hell. — 40:45

Regarding the comment at 29:57, I think we all agree that black lives matter.  No one’s questioning that.  In contrast, it’s fashionable today to openly call for the genocide of whites.

Sure enough, without any direct provocation, local Jewry went nuts.

I don’t wanna replace you for shit!  Who the fuck wants to replace you?  I’m serious.  Yeah, us Jews wanna replace you, right! — 18:30

(Jewish man spits at the sight of the protestors)  Fuck you, Nazis! — 25:10

Is it okay to be Jewish also?  Is that okay? — 27:20

It’s okay to be Jewish… however, if hating white people will be part and parcel of Jewish identity, then Jews should not expect to be welcome in white countries.

Eventually, a woman appeared, and began tailing and videotaping the peaceful protestors.  She incessantly pried for a response, trying to get the marchers to reveal their identities in any way.

28:55: What in this country is telling you, “it’s not okay to be white?”  So you’re not going to back up what you’re saying?  You’re going to wear masks, obviously not proud of what you’re doing… You’re not going to say…what group you’re from, nothing? … Do you live in Princeton? … I’d love to hear more.

The Jersey Goyz wisely declined to answer any of the woman’s questions.  Silently suffering belittlement from random strangers perfectly proves our point.

30:40: Gentlemen walking down the street, not saying a word.  I’m not sure of the point.  You wanna share your names?  Are you trying to start a dialogue, is that what you’re trying to do?  Nobody understands if you don’t talk about it, or explain why you think it’s not okay to be white.  Is there some law that keeps you from being white in this country?  Trying to understand. … Just gonna keep marching?  Marching and marching.

She became impatient when the marchers stuck to the protocol for “It’s Okay To Be White” marches, refusing to acknowledge her petty remarks.  The irony… the woman feigned to misunderstand the precarious state of our people’s existence, while fishing for information that the Jewish media and Antifa would use to terrorize the men.

Eventually, the woman openly stated her prejudice.

31:35: Somehow you decided it’s not okay to be white—maybe it’s you guys imposing that on yourselves.  I don’t think anybody else is saying it’s not okay to be white.  If you could clarify, that would be super… what it is you’re trying to say… then we’d understand—because I’m telling you, you’re not wanted here.

She openly admitted that she wanted the marchers to break their silence, hoping they would utter sentences which could be raked through with a fine tooth comb in a fake Jewish news attempt to piece together an intentionally misrepresentative chop job from her cell phone recording.

36:00: I think everybody who sees you know you’re really trying to say something else, gentlemen.  Why don’t you be honest with yourself and just really say what you’re trying to say.

Later she admitted precisely the image of the marchers she intended to realize.

41:20: Everyone knows—everyone assumes you’re just a white nationalist group, filled with hate, and you’re not welcome here.

This woman was trying to trick the men out of their stoic silence, so she could extract sound bits from them to be taken out of context.  She was trying to project onto them the image that she wanted the public to have of them.  This is an objective the Jews are highly skilled at—verbal manipulation—an knack at tricking goyim into “saying the bit” that could be taken out of context.  She was demanding of the goyim that they do the bit, and they refused.

Eventually, we will discredit all of the globalist tribe’s manufactured divisive narratives.  Once we expose the Jewish fake news media’s propaganda to be antithetical to the founding principles of this country, American workers will begin to engage in productive dialogues that the Jewish elite have attempted to prevent from happening.

Over 70% of Americans stated in a recent survey that Americans cannot believe what they see on the television news anymore.  People want rational conversation, as opposed to controlled scripts of Jewish Hegelian dialect.  Imagine, if instead of Tucker Carlson not being allowed to address white group interests, instead of him just opposing identity politics in non-white vote blocs, that Tucker would do interviews like this on his show?

At one point, the woman passed the torch to an eloquent gentleman, who was well-versed in the diversity of the Caucasoid stocks.  He intended to share his knowledge with the marchers…

Anglo-Germanic Supremacist

36:10: What the fuck are you guys doing; you’re not even white, dude?  Fucking Tunisian, back-alley knife-fighters… like, what the fuck’s up?  You look Italian as fuck, dude, fucking Mediterranean bitch, like what the fuck dude.  If you’re not Germanic or Anglo, you’re not white, sorry to break it to you, you fucking mutts.

(Passerby:) It’s okay to be white.

Yeah, it’s okay to be white, it’s not okay to be these weird-ass, fucking… you’ve tattooed your white skin, you’ve tainted your white skin with tattoos… I dunno dude, it seems like kind of a Jewish thing to do.

So who’s silencing you?  Like, yourselves?  Like, you decided to silence yourselves?  Or are you—you’re showing submission to my superior white genes, right?

(Passerby:) Pretty tough being a white guy, guys.  You’ve got it really bad.

They’re not even white, like, you can look at them.  Look at their skin.  They’re obviously—I see Italian, I see Irish, I see some Tunisian. … They’re not white, they’re just kinda hypocrites.  They’re sorta hypocrites.  Alright, have fun not being white, like…

I wonder what the gentleman would have thought of white people who participate in Black Lives Matter protests?

But let’s be honest — he was just trying to de-legitimatize the concept of ethnic identity for European blooded people.  Yawn.  If we ever wanted to know who was white, we could just ask any American Indian, African or Asian to point them out for us.

Jews always “un-people” the groups they wish to cease the existence of.  When Jews call whites a “social construct,” it is analogous to when Jews call Palestinians “fake-istinians.”  They intend to de-legitimize a group’s identity.  In the previous verbal assault, the ostensible Anglo-Germanic supremacist applied Frankfurt school deconstructionism to the concept of racial group identity.  Nationalistic pride impedes the implementation of Jewish supremacist tyrannical will; therefore, such pride must be crushed in all gentile peoples, at all costs.

This silent protest was a smashing success.  Pale-skinned people decried a message simply affirming the existence of a group—in some cases, the very group to which those hatemongers belonged!  We truly pity white people indoctrinated with anti-white propaganda for their entire lives, unable to appreciate their own inner beauty.

We’re going to cure that pathology.  We’ll be spat-at and accosted, and undoubtedly violently attacked, with no hope for justice.  Eventually, anti-white hatred will be so palpable that onlookers’ minds will switch “on” again.  Self-loathing whites will struggle to fall asleep at night, our silent message echoing in their minds.  White activists will be unavoidable, encountered on the streets every day.  On Thanksgiving and Christmas, when white protestors become the subject of dinner conversations, people must face the question: “Is it ‘okay’ to be white?”

Inspired to march for our people’s freedom, too?

It’s Okay To Be White Marches

It’s Okay To Be White Marches

Sign up for email updates on upcoming It’s OK To Be White marches in your area.  (I recommend using an email not connected to your real identity.  You can get a free ProtonMail account for this purpose.)

The best way to overcome tyranny is to expose it.  It is tyrannical to call for the genocide of an entire race, or to say that it is not okay to be a member of a race.

When the jews in the media began howling out in pain when the “It’s okay to be white” meme started appearing, they were ripping their masks off: (((they))) don’t think it’s okay to be white.

The jews in the media all the time assert that it is not okay to be white, that any area that is white needs to be ‘diversified’, such as when the jews at the New York Times announced the need to ethnically cleanse New Hampshire.

Whether ‘it’ is an individual, a city, a country, a continent, or as cited above, a state, the jews do not believe that ‘it’ is okay to be white.  Jews have been openly calling for genocide of ethnic Europeans, or the white race, as the jews tend to call it, for over a decade.  From media personalities to professors at Georgetown and Harvard, jews are screaming out in pain as they try to incite other races to do their dirty work for them by constantly pushing their anti-white narratives in all cultural institutions.

Dates and locations for marches are to be announced.

I get physically assaulted all the time by jews and their lackeys for questioning jewish narratives, and I expect that if I were to physically fight back, that I would wind up wrongfully imprisoned like so many others have.  We are oppressed, we are the victim, but only so long as we refuse to assert the right to be white publicly.

When I first got involved in activism, I was often unsure of what to say when doing IRL events.  It hit me when preparing to protest against censorship in front of the Twitter HQ in San Francisco that duct tape over the mouth knocked out multiple birds with one stone.  It allowed me to stand there with the sign “It’s Not Okay To Be White @Twitter” without worrying about straying off topic.  It also allowed me to eliminate the need to worry about having to think up retorts to hecklers (and there were plenty of them, as I was there for four to five hours, on a busy city intersection). Eric Striker understood the angle I was going for, his analysis was spot on: I got the oppressors to expose themselves, rip their own masks off, and expose their tyranny.  I only took the duct tape off when the opportunity presented itself to speak to a news crew (as I had hoped to attract).

Anyone who could have a problem with the theme of “It’s okay to be (insert race)” is obviously a genocidal maniac… which is the reason why most jews lose their minds when they see the “It’s Okay To Be White” meme.


What to do:

Put duct tape on your mouth and don’t take it off during the march

Carry signs  or banners or wear clothes that say it’s okay to be white.

Assemble for march quickly.

Do not fight back if you get attacked (call police after taking duct tape off mouth)

Ensure there is someone video taping the march for posting to the internet, for the safety of the marchers.

Carry a note card that says “please leave” in a pocket

Present the “please leave” note card to anyone who takes their duct tape off their mouth for any reason other than to call police.

Present the note card to anyone who acts threateningly or violently, or who breaks any of the rules laid out here.


What not to do:

Carry a sign that says anything other than “It’s Okay To Be White”

Wear a shirt with any type of political message or group logo on it.

Linger where the march ends after the marching is done

Take off duct tape off your mouth during march (unless you need to call the police)

Fight back if being  attacked

Not video record evidence of fellow marchers being attacked

Participate in a march that doesn’t have a designated person to stream the event (at least have someone making an offline recording from outside of the procession).



You don’t have to be white to participate.  I expect there to be quite a few non-white participants.

Email to find out more about marches in your area. So far we have marchers for ten cities.

More details to follow.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

Sign SMACA Petition to End Online Censorship, like Paul Nehlen’s Shall Not Censor

Sign SMACA Petition to End Online Censorship, like Paul Nehlen’s Shall Not Censor

SMACA Sign It Meme

Sign the petition for Congress to pass SMACA, the Social Media Anti-Censorship Act!  Click here to sign it:

The other day I shared a message about ending online censorship, like the type my political campaign accounts have been subjected to.  Watch it here:

Don’t forget: First the Jews outlaw criticism of Jews.  Then they kill anyone who won’t shut up about the crimes that Jews have committed against him.

Their death threats don’t scare me.  I am certain in my heart that the freedom of all races of men is a cause worth dying for.  By grasping and wielding our Freedom of Speech, using it to cut through the lies and educating the masses about Jewish crimes against humanity, we will put an end to their tyranny, and live.

The ADL Uses Non Sequitur Pavlovian Conditioning To Manipulate Readers and Slander Me

The ADL Uses Non Sequitur Pavlovian Conditioning To Manipulate Readers and Slander Me

The Anti-Defamation League was formed in response to the prosecution of a Jew who was declared guilty by multiple courts, including the Supreme Court, for raping a young girl and blaming it on a Black man.

Naturally, the ADL has belittled me for spreading facts about historical and present-day crimes committed by Jews in positions of power.  Their latest article on me, “Patrick Little’s “Name the Jew” Tour Spreads Anti-Semitic Hate Nationwide,” serves as a textbook example of Jewish tactics for manipulating people in an effort to cover-up their most egregious crimes against humanity.

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The Real Dangers of Social Media Censorship

The Real Dangers of Social Media Censorship

I’ve had my Facebook and Twitter accounts repeatedly deleted, in violation of FEC laws.  My YouTube channels have received restrictions on streaming, and many of my videos have been censored or deleted.  Facebook and YouTube are both owned by Jews, and Twitter is policed by the ADL, a pro-Jewish organization.  Jews do not want the American public to know about their crimes against humanity, because if Americans did know, Jews would be expelled tomorrow.

Freedom of Speech is most important for protecting the peoples’ right to speak and learn about controversial topics.  The most important chapter in the book of “forbidden knowledge” elucidates the perpetual racial tension between Jew and gentile.  Americans must know that they can only be free to fulfill their destinies by first expelling the hostile Jewish race.

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I Am Running For President in 2020

I Am Running For President in 2020

I am running for President of the United States in 2020 under the Democratic Party.

Expel the Jews by ‘22.  Vote Little, win big! in 2020.

I am currently traveling, making campaign stops across the nation.  America must know about the immediate danger of Jewish supremacism, and we must fight it.

Just as nearly 90,000 people (at least!) cast their vote for me in my US Senate race earlier this year, every vote cast in the next presidential election will signify our absolute condemnation of Jewish crimes against humanity, and our love for our country, freedom, and our people.

You can follow my exploits and hear what I have to say on my Gab social network page and on my campaign YouTube channel.  You can also review my campaign platform.

Soon, you will be able to support my presidential run by donating to it.  We blasted the majority of candidates out of the water in our last election, on a shoestring budget!  With your help, more and more people will learn the truth, and truth will set us free.

Hail victory, and God bless America.

Here’s How You Can Help Expose Election Rigging In California

Here’s How You Can Help Expose Election Rigging In California

Did you vote for me on June 5th?  If so, I need you to fill out the following form to certify the precise precinct or location where your vote should have been counted.  The form will help you to obtain this data after you provide your county’s name.

This data will have a material impact in our fight to combat election rigging and to guarantee that your voice is heard.  In many precincts, if even a single person provided me an affidavit certifying his vote, we could immediately begin the process of challenging the election results!

Crucial Survey for Voters

This survey is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

Imagine how many more people will learn the truth once we expose that my votes were thrown out, and by whom.

I wouldn’t be able to do this without you.  We have so many obstacles to overcome, and we will persevere together.  We will never stop fighting to end Jewish supremacism until peace and freedom are restored to America, and to the world.

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MSNBC Is Really Going To Regret This One

MSNBC Is Really Going To Regret This One

The Jewish-controlled media always chops up my interviews, dramatically altering my message to try and vilify me.  The media typically performs this reporting alchemy in a “creative” manner, or under the guise of “time-sensitivity,” reporting only some of what I said.  In our country, reporting some truth (even if not the whole truth) is often sufficient to avoid a slander lawsuit.

But sometimes, the children of the lie just can’t help themselves, and they blatantly slander me on the air!

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