I Am Running For President in 2020

I am running for President of the United States in 2020 under the Democratic Party.

Expel the Jews by ‘22.  Vote Little, win big! in 2020.

I am currently traveling, making campaign stops across the nation.  America must know about the immediate danger of Jewish supremacism, and we must fight it.

Just as nearly 90,000 people (at least!) cast their vote for me in my US Senate race earlier this year, every vote cast in the next presidential election will signify our absolute condemnation of Jewish crimes against humanity, and our love for our country, freedom, and our people.

You can follow my exploits and hear what I have to say on my Gab social network page and on my campaign YouTube channel.  You can also review my campaign platform.

Soon, you will be able to support my presidential run by donating to it.  We blasted the majority of candidates out of the water in our last election, on a shoestring budget!  With your help, more and more people will learn the truth, and truth will set us free.

Hail victory, and God bless America.

Here’s How You Can Help Expose Election Rigging In California

Did you vote for me on June 5th?  If so, I need you to fill out the following form to certify the precise precinct or location where your vote should have been counted.  The form will help you to obtain this data after you provide your county’s name.

This data will have a material impact in our fight to combat election rigging and to guarantee that your voice is heard.  In many precincts, if even a single person provided me an affidavit certifying his vote, we could immediately begin the process of challenging the election results!

Crucial Survey for Voters

This survey is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

Imagine how many more people will learn the truth once we expose that my votes were thrown out, and by whom.

I wouldn’t be able to do this without you.  We have so many obstacles to overcome, and we will persevere together.  We will never stop fighting to end Jewish supremacism until peace and freedom are restored to America, and to the world.

Recap, And The Next Battle

First, I want to personally thank you for voting for me.

We accomplished something huge on June 5th’s Election Day.  With a shoestring budget, and despite illegal censorship and slandering on major platforms, we rang the bells of patriotism across the Internet, and we certainly flooded ballot boxes all throughout California.  Every splotch of ink next to the name “Patrick Little” represented a declaration of freedom for all Americans.

Jewish elites, hell-bent on enslaving us, played their usual tricks in a bid to maintain power.  After it was revealed that I was polling at 18% in 2nd place, they rigged their next poll to claim that I was at “0%,” and were quick to report on it.  This was a ruse to create an impression of disinterest for my campaign.


Online search and viewership trends indicated that the majority of Californians were interested in me.  Leaked internal poll results from my opposition revealed that they considered our block supremely influential.


The initial results of the June 5th California Primary Election were rigged.  The reported numbers were manipulated to dishearten and disregard us.

96% of votes cast in America are tallied by voting machines, and the manufacturers of those machines are owned by Israeli shell corporations.  The source codes of these machines are top-secret, so it is impossible to audit that the machines will count votes honestly on Election Night.

Is it a “conspiracy theory” to believe that an Israeli voting machine may have been programmed or remotely instructed to disregard votes for an Israel-last candidate?  Well, this programmer testified to creating an election-rigging machine himself:

Was it simply “a glitch” when voting machines in Texas switched votes from Trump to Hillary, but did not switch votes for any other candidate?


Do you blindly accept what authorities tell you about our vote totals, after the ballots have been taken out of public sight and counted using “secret software” written by “The Chosen?”

I sure don’t.  That’s why I am contesting these initial results, and I need your help.

I am going to expose that the vote totals in several California districts have been grossly manipulated in an effort to silence your desire for freedom from Jewish supremacism.

Please fill out the above form, indicating where you voted; you will provide us with the data we need to conclusively demonstrate election rigging.  If you will take one step further, and sign an affidavit legally affirming that you voted for me, we will be armed with the evidence needed to contest the election results.  The public will feel our presence and hear our truth.

Thank you again, and God bless.

MSNBC Is Really Going To Regret This One

The Jewish-controlled media always chops up my interviews, dramatically altering my message to try and vilify me.  The media typically performs this reporting alchemy in a “creative” manner, or under the guise of “time-sensitivity,” reporting only some of what I said.  In our country, reporting some truth (even if not the whole truth) is often sufficient to avoid a slander lawsuit.

But sometimes, the children of the lie just can’t help themselves, and they blatantly slander me on the air!

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The Official Numbers Are Completely Bogus, Here’s Why

What follows is an in-depth statistical analysis of why the initial results of the 2018 California Senate race are absolutely fraudulent.

The short version:

  • I was ahead of Erin Cruz in engagement by a minimum of 7 times, slated for at least 8 times as many votes as her.  Yet the results reported that Cruz received almost 3 times as many votes as I did!
  • We estimate that the Palestinian population, who knew very well about my race, accounted for about 50% of my reported vote; given their community’s relative size, that is a statistical impossibility.
  • In the highly-receptive Black community of Oakland, I dominated interest across social networks, and had a strong on-the-ground presence.  Yet, a public relations miracle occurred, and Oakland’s political nobodies suddenly rallied overwhelming support, despite no one even knowing who they were.

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Absolutely Jew’d Election Results Were The Best Possible Outcome

The defrauding of the initial 2018 California Senate results was desired and instigated exclusively by those international statesmen who were either of Jewish descent or worked for Jewish interests.

Such blatant tampering of the election results is the best possible outcome for our movement, because we will now reveal that Jewish supremacists have sabotaged the Will of the People.

The election results for the entire state currently count my votes at 54,633.  Yet, I have met with leaders in the Muslim and Christian Arab communities, and they were all voting for me.  There are over 1 million of these people in California.  I have received letters from Islamic and Palestinian organizations showing they were handing out flyers at their organizations instructing everyone to vote for me.  I got 40,000 votes in one part of the Bay Area alone.

You may also recall that opposing candidates leaked internal polling numbers and sounded the alarm in response to the mass of our base.

I have dominated the other candidates in Google search and YouTube engagement.  Prior to the election, my website also ranked far ahead of all but one candidate; namely Alison Hartson, whom the Jews have also shafted with their fraudulent results.


Our website has received very high traffic leading up to the election, with people reading for an average of 5 minutes, with 34,000 total views on our home page, and 10,000 views of our in-depth platform proposal.


In contrast, Erin Cruz, who was a “podcaster,” with less than 200 subscribers before this election, had no support.  Every meeting she held was completely empty; the Facebook RSVPs below show that she had an average 2-3 people in attendance.


Supposedly, Cruz received 3 times as many votes as I?  Ridiculous.  She is an astroturfed candidate, financed by Jewish supremacists.  Her chances of receiving more than a few hundred votes were nil.  Yet the Jewish-controlled media set the expectation that she would be one of the top 5 candidates.

I will have affidavits from tens of thousands of people confirming that they voted for me, and I have had a team of lawyers reach out to me from several states.  My legal team and I are going to all of the counties, and we have already served them letters demanding that they preserve the election ballots for 22 months, as required by federal law.  My team will be helping me recount all of the ballots and collect evidence of voter intimidation and fraud.  You can volunteer to help, too.

These lying bastards and deceivers are going to be brought down from their seats of power, and the longer they hold onto their power, the harder their fall will be.  The asymmetry of information that Jewish supremacists perpetuated before the Internet is past.  Today is different.  We the People are winning, and winning big.

Stay strong.  We will march forward towards victory, exposing this massive scandal and the Jewish supremacists behind it.  We will achieve more victories in 2020 when I run for President.  We will trample out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.  Our truth is marching on.

Let’s Address The Legacy Of Slavery, Together

Let’s address the legacy of slavery.  According to US Censuses, Jews were 50 times more likely to own African slaves than whites.   According to the Jewish World Encyclopedia & leading Jewish publications, Jews ran not only the African slave trade in the US, but globally.  Please reach out to me for interviews regarding this topic.  Reparations have been included in my campaign platform since day 1: