Campaign Slogan: Liberate the US from the Jewish Oligarchy

A careful examination of history shows that the decisions of Jewish people have been the catalyst for widespread misery throughout the past few centuries.  A close look at today’s power brokers reveals their Jewish heritage or influence, which is the source of nearly all injustice worldwide, and of the degradation of formerly-good American institutions.

While I am looking to represent all US Citizens, I am a white advocate.  There is systematic discrimination and incitement against European-descended Americans, and I want to crush manifestations of anti-White racism in US institutions.  This racism is originated by Jewish Marxist conspirators.

Asians face discrimination in academia, with Jews occupying 67% of seats in the graduate school of Harvard, despite being less than 2% of the US population.  I will ensure that Jewish nepotism no longer squeezes qualified Asian-Americans out of our universities.

I am also a black advocate.  Justice must finally be made for black Americans descended from African slaves.  The descendants of the Jews who ran the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and who operated the slave markets in America must be held accountable for their ancestors’ crimes against humanity.

During my 2018 CA Senate run, I originally proposed to limit Jewish representation in our government institutions as a countermeasure against their race’s cancerous influence on our society.  However, after further consideration, I have decided that full expulsion of Jews from the United States is the only solution for freeing us from Jewish supremacist tyranny.


  • Merit-based employment in all government agencies and all institutions which receive funds from the Federal and State Governments.
  • Introduce legislation outlawing lobbying efforts of foreign governments, specifically those of the terrorist state of Israel (AIPAC, ADL, etc).
  • Introduce Senate resolution condemning Israel for terrorist attacks on the USS Liberty and US bases during the Lavon Affair.
  • Put to rest the issue of slavery in the US by introducing a bill ending all foreign aid to Israel, and giving the US population of blacks descended of African slaves in the US a one-time payment.  This payment will be equivalent to the next ten years of aid to Israel divided by the number of recipients.  Enshrined in this bill will be a permanent ban on providing foreign aid to Israel, including a death penalty for any politician introducing a bill that would lead to foreign aid to Israel.
  • Introduce a bill to fund research into implementing my Mars Impact Theory, the redirection of asteroids to a collision path with Mars such that the planet would have its magnetosphere and atmosphere restored for later colonization and mineral exploitation by the US government and potentially any partners in colonization.
  • Introduce a bill that would lead to the embargoing of Israel until they agree to repay all foreign aid previously rendered, with interest, as well as reparations to families of the victims of Jewish terrorist attacks on the US.
  • Introduce a bill to the US Senate making it illegal to raise funds for any foundation related to the perpetuating of propaganda related to a “holocaust,” formally making the US’s stance on “the holocaust” to be that it is a Jewish war atrocity propaganda hoax that never happened.
  • Introduce legislation restoring immigration policy in the US such that the 1965 Immigration Act is repealed and restoring the policies of the National Origins Act.
  • Introduce legislation restoring the original intent of the Constitution, explicitly stating that the United States is an ethnically European nation.
  • Campaign Finance Reform: Make it illegal for corporations or lobbies of foreign governments to donate to candidates or political action committees.  Outlaw all lobbies, except non-profit lobbies that work to protect the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the US Constitution.
  • Nationalize Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all other natural monopolies in the IT industry.
  • End the estate tax for family-owned farms, and reimburse all families who have paid estate tax on their farm inheritances going back to the establishment of the estate tax, with interest.
  • Reclaim the weapons-grade nuclear material that Israel stole from the US in the Apollo Affair, using the full force of the US Military if necessary.
  • Sentence traitors to the US who have conspired with the terrorist state of Israel to complete a community service project, cleansing the Superfund site created by the Apollo Affair of radioactive material, without protective gear.
  • Whereas Jews are ultimately loyal to the state of Israel, and thus represent hostile foreign nationals of a terrorist country that has committed acts of war and war crimes against the US, without resolution by ceasefire or peace treaty, and whereas every other Western country has ultimately expelled the Jews, therefore, expel all Jews from the United States by the year 2022.

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  1. This is so hilariously bad and would make a great comedy routine if it wasn’t serious. Do the world a favor and follow your leader. Or maybe consider a career in comedy where you can’t hurt nobody.
    Fascist ideals like yours will be destroyed and there’s nothing small dicked losers like you can do about it. I’m a girl and I am sure I have a bigger dick than you lol.
    Wishing you the worst of luck,

        1. Okay and talking about somebody’s dick size is an argument? Why is it women think they have a right to talk about someone sexually under a blanket of anonymous internet cover? What if a man said “Hey, Ash! You’re pussy lips are so loose and meaty it looks like a tranny hackjob nightmare!” Not very nice little lady. Hope you grow up instead of throwing your toys like a child. Anyone who has to put up with your foolishness is probably miserable anyways so nobody cares what you think.

    1. Gee, why do I believe you are black. Why do I believe your programmed by the Jewish controlled media and the Jewish leaders of your crybaby groups?
      I also note you give no specifics about whats bad so it’s impossible to address your concerns

    2. Hitler never committed suicide lol. He ended up in south america and the JFK files confirmed this.

      Also point out a single lie in his campaign. The man is spitting facts after facts.

    3. Obviously Ash, you’re a Jew who loves the advantages that members of that Socio-political union enjoy.
      Your utter contempt for any Anglo white man who doesn’t believe his primary mission in life is to serve the Jewish union is exactly why we need more guys like Patrick who has the backbone to say what needs to be said. And to hell with what the NeoBolsheviks feel about it.
      Since when did La Kosher Nostra give a damn what a white non-Jewish male thought anyway?

      1. No Jews were ever gassed. It was a Jewish hoax to create the Jewish supremacist ethno-nationalist state of Israel

    4. Read Henry Ford “ The foremost problem of the world today. The international jewish banker” and also “My lifes work” and “Protcols of the Learned Elders of Zion” also read Gerhard Menuhins “Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” then read David Irvings “Uprising” after all that soaks into your skull read “Ezra Pound Speaking” finally round it off with Michael Collins Pipers “Final Judgement”. Then study history as it was written before Vatican II

      Another fantastic book is the Nation of Islams book “ The Secret Relationship between Blacks and jews” Ryan Dawson “Seperation of Business and State” And then finally read Jeff Gates masterpieces “Guilt by Association” to understand our modern criminals.

  2. where do you stand on protecting christianity? jews are attacking it and this needs to be addressed. i live in liberal hell and believe me, they hate christians with a passion. as a fellow national socialist i offer my gratitude and support. i wish you well brother!

    1. christianity is a made up jewish religion that specifically states jews are the people of isreal and that god said that in their book. you really think he gives a **** about christianity? its the devil

    1. You better back a lunch and bring a Gatorade because the D entire white Western world in 1945 couldn’t do away with us what chance do you think you have.

    2. “Put to rest the issue of slavery in the US by introducing a bill ending all foreign aid to Israel, and giving the US population of blacks descended of African slaves in the US a one time payment. This payment will be equivalent to the next ten years of aid to Israel divided by the number of recipients. Enshrined in this bill will be a permanent ban on providing foreign aid to Israel, including a death penalty for any politician introducing a bill that would lead to foreign aid to Israel.”
      You oppose reparations for slavery, nigga? How is that Nazi?


    3. Your a sick fuck to say “I’m going to murder your entire family.” Seriously even if you believe the retarded ridiculous holocaust fairy tale, Patrick Little didn’t say anything offensive on any level. You are a sick sick person and you need to evaluate your life if you think murdering somebodies entire family is warranted because of views that one person has. Go back to the UK.

        1. Consider what we have faced in many places for years concerning claimed history surrounding WW II. Consider anti-semitism (however defined) has at times been worthy of death! The difference? The government is doing the one you don’t complain about and we are doing the other. I suppose it goes along with the privilege of being white

    4. Imagine my surprise to see a terrified fool in the comments haha. Patrick is going to make california great again, and no subversion is going to stop him. What kind of psychopath makes an internet logged death threat, against an American Patriot? What did you do to serve your country? Be prepared, Feinstein is going to be slayed in this election. It wont be with violence, which is the driving force people like you use, it will be carried out democratically. This is what sets honourable citizens apart from Fascists like you. Be ready. June 5th is coming!

      1. I am former military, and as a Caucasian female I commend your aspirations as well as your intentions.

    5. That’s what you kikes intend to do to all whites regardless of our political stances, so why shouldn’t we fight against you scum?


  3. I am a legal immigrant, and I salute your political endeavors…We need to help our downtrodden citizens instead of bringing poverty to this country. The culprit media is going to pelt you with fallacies and you must respond to them in a civilized manner.

  4. Hilarious. Some lefty perv threatens you – because the mouse feels threatened. Typical little Jewish mouse.

  5. While I respect a wide range of views and opinions, these ideas are just hateful and as a candidate for the United States Senate should be untolerable. The fact that you are even polling disgusts me, but I hope that through the love and power of God you realize that hate solves no issue and anti-semitism will tear this nation apart. I am a student from Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas, and while this race does not directly effect my district, it very well effects the future of this nation. I will do my very best to make sure people understand that you are not the right person to represent the beautifully diverse State of California.

    1. What’s your issue- telling the truth about Jewish power? Because he has a very inclusive platform.
      Of course, brainwashed with propaganda that passes for reality, you fail to notice the myriad of ways hate speech is aimed at our kind

      1. I agree that we should not allow any foreign country to interfere with our elections. Think about how Russia was interfering with last election. And I believe our President who has a Jewish son-in -law and a daughter who converted to Judaism is a puppet.

        You communicated that the United States was intended for descendants of Europeans ancestry. As a female Hispanic my grandparents who immigrated from Mexico helped build this country just as all the immigrants who came to America. We are entitled to all constiturional rights.

      2. What is your problem with white people? All patrick is doing is pandering to blacks for their votes, with this one time ‘reparation’ payment. So blacks will receive a single check for, what, $1,000? Of course the low information, impulsive blacks will immediately support the idea of quick cash. To them, it is better than a payday loan that they would have to repay–and eventually default on. Blacks who remain glued to this whole racism narrative today, have serious problems. They suffer from an inferiority complex and it is sad. I could go on and on about the real plight afflicting blacks and how they are being misled by a phony political party claiming to care about them. If patrick can’t publicly serve EVERYONE, he has no business in politics.

        1. Given Israel gets well over 30 billion from us a year, it will be closer to 10,000 to ever man, woman and child. I recall them talking about a 45 billion military aid package a couple years ago. Though, lets say roughly 30 billion a year for ten years and you have somewhere between 7.500 and 10.000 apiece.

          Though, blacks will never let go of their hate for white people and themselves. The media and the institutions have done too much damage and they are keen and content with hating the world. Some are great… others terrible and there is no recovery. After the one time payment, money will be wasted and then they will go back to hating whites.
          Jews may or may not be as evil as Patrick claims but IF so, let’s hear an outline of facts. Outline each and every institution on his website, who controls it and the historical evils that have been committed with citations.
          Patrick otherwise can keep blaming Jews on deaf ears.
          Anyway, I’m not a supporter. Just a spectator.

    2. You should study more in school. Maybe that would positively affect your spelling. After you understand the differences between affect and effect, maybe you’ll be able to effect real change.

    3. Shut it yid. Westlake high school and Eanes district stand with you Patrick. Come to Austin! VOTE LITTLE WIN BIG

  6. He has good points but overall he is lost the holocaust is the most documented genocide in history and this candidate should at least accept the facts and show respect for all victims and their families.

    I agree with the idea of cutting excessive foreign military aid to Israel and other nations not because I dislike the legitimate Jewish state but because we are in trouble here at home and need to fix our own mess first.

  7. I am William Muhammad. I am black and a member of the Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam believes that this is the time in history for the separation of black people in America from the children of their former slave masters. We also believe that the so-called Jews (they are not even worthy of being called real Jews) have falsely claimed our title as the chosen people of God, as the scripture says that God would chose the rejected and despised. We can no other people that actually went through 400 years of rejection, hatred, persecution, and slavery except for the black people in America.

    I was reading your platform regarding reparations to black descendants of slaves in America. It’s a nice suggestion, and yes, it is a start. However, here’s another suggestion. Let black people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves have a separate state or territory of their own, either on this continent or elsewhere. Let our former slave masters or the government of America provide such land, and that the area must be fertile and mineral rich. Let the government of America maintain and supply our needs in this separate territory for the next 20 to 25 years until we are able to produce and supply our own needs. Since we can not get along with white America in peace and harmony after giving them 400 years of our sweat and blood and receiving in return some of the worst treatment human beings have ever experienced, we believe that our contributions to this land and the suffering forced upon us by white America justifies our demand for complete separation in a state or territory of our own.

    Now, regarding the so-called Jews: That’s your white brother! He has mastered you and he has master my people. From their control of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Bank, Hollywood, the music industry and the White House, the so-called Jews have used their financial stronghold on this country to force America to militarily and financially maintain Israel. They have reduced the American people to the level of animals with the immorality and fifth they produce in Hollywood and the music industry. They have taken control of the American educational system and reduced it to rubbish. Most American high school and college graduates are entering the work world functional illiterates. For this reason, in the Nation of Islam, we have taken our black children out of the American schooling system, because you (white America) have allowed your so-called Jewish brother to destroy your education.

    Though it is clearly written in the U.S. Constitution that only congress shall coin the money for America, your white brother Woodrow Wilson in 1913 signed into law the private banking institution the Federal Reserve. This institution has single-handedly taken America to hell with it’s interest incurring currency. Worst of all, the Federal Reserve Bank is an illegal and unconstitutional bank. Every U.S. elected official that supports and maintains the Federal Reserve should be imprisoned for treason.

    I don’t know whether the so-called Jewish Holocaust actually occurred or not. The people of the world know for a fact that the Holocaust of black people in America actually occurred. I do know that these people are masters at lying and deceiving.

    There are not too many issues that I disagree with in your platform. For basically, your organization and my organization yearn the same goal: You desire to live separately with your own European (WHITE) brother and we desire to separate from your people and live in peace and harmony with our own (BLACK) brother. Good luck with your Jewish problem, for most of your white brothers are afraid of them or have sold their souls to them for a position of power or money. No matter what, never stop speaking the truth.

    1. ” Let black people in America whose parents or grandparents were descendants from slaves have a separate state or territory of their own, either on this continent or elsewhere. ”

      Bro, they already did that nearly 200 years ago. It’s called Liberia and it still exists today. Go hog wild. If your comment was not a sarcastic copy and paste from something else, then dang, you sure have a lot of learning to do.

  8. Add Veterans issues/support to your platform. Better care and more money for VA facilities. Fix broken system for Vets applying for Disability. Take care of actual American citizens and no benefits for illegal aliens. Campaign on getting funds to fix California’s broken infrastructure like that earthen dam that was about to fail last year, Address Americas opioid epidemic Trump and many other politicians have pushed for fixing it. The (((sackler))) family are a huge part of the opioid epidemic their company (Purdue Pharmaceuticals) has been successfully sued by some states and a few of the executives that worked for Perdue have been jailed. Make sacklers pay for people addicted to their products.

  9. Awesome, but one little qualm: I think you should redirect the asteroids to Israel rather than Mars.

  10. Let’s be honest. This nitwit will never win this election, nor does he think he will. He’s just angling to be the next Richard Spencer, with a batch of nitwits following him. He’ll figure out how to monetize what he does and that will be that. With any luck in five years he will be just another crackpot in a suit and skinny tie, bleating his hate to the losers and zeroes who joined his hate club. His wife will leave him, his kids will hate him, and his friends will drop him.

    1. “This man’s ideas are suppressed and unpopular. He’s not going to win, it’s not possible, don’t ever try. He’s not genuine. His family will stop loving him. Feel doubt! Doubt doubt doubt!!!”
      In Patrick, I see a confident man with unshakeable ideas. In your comment, I see someone trying desperately to affirm themselves.

  11. The first bullet point seemed so reasonable… (though in the context of the rest of the list it’s hard to imagine that as anything other than a foil for bigotry)

  12. You are a Godsend. What a refreshing hope to see someone with the guts to call things for what they are!
    The only brave candidate out there, speaking the truth without fear!
    God bless you sir, I do hope you win!

  13. Shouldn\’t you eschew the US flag that helped defeat Germany and carry a Nazi (or at least neo-Nazi) flag instead?

  14. WOW … So refreshing to hear someone speaking the truth and standing up against the corrupt Jewish Agenda that has been ruining this country. It’s very sad and frustrating to see our brave men and women in the military doing the “bidding” for the Jewish banksters. Fake wars to kill ‘THEIR’ enemy, the Muslim people. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank that is part of a Global Central banking system run by the Jews that has been indebting countries and enslaving people since the early 20th century. Most ships that brought African slaves to the U.S. and Mexico were Jewish owned. Confirmed by historical records. Dr. Tony Martin, professor of Black Studies at Wesley College, exposed this and AIPAC tried to destroy his career. Everyone should read, ” Tell the Truth , Shame the Devil”, which is banned in Switzerland, and ” Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. Also, check out anything written by Eustace Mullins. Kissinger called him the ” most dangerous man in the world”. Knowledge is Power !! You have 2 votes and many prayers from us. Godspeed Patrick !

  15. Im a Jewish conservative and I love my country United States I also love my ancestoral homeland Israel. As a Jew I know the secret of time travel. You would be much happier as a Nazi guard. For time travel to work you must have complete faith in your actions. Say 3 times 1941 Germany” then kill yourself with a large knife. You will wake up a Nazi.

  16. How can you simultaneously support a merit-based approach to government employment while also wanting to forcefully reduce the representation of Jews to their proportional population?

    1. Why do you assume Jews got where they are because of merit? Jews have very high in-group loyalty and won’t vote/hire a non-Jew unless it is advantageous for them to do so.

      Why do you know who Albert Einstein is, but you don’t know the names of any other members of the Manhattan Project? Was he the most important member of the team? Or the brightest?

    2. Because Jews practice ruthless nepotism and are the only group to consistently be void of rational behavior. This is why theyve got the boot in 109 countries.

  17. Finally a breath of fresh air for America. Your country sucks by the way! I know this because I live in New Zealand and I can see your country for what it truly is. America is a big and ugly SHITHOLE at the moment.

  18. Tell all your friends and acquaintances to vote Patrick Little. He is the best chance to save California.

  19. Please don’t promote nationalization of private companies. This is a country founded on free market economics, plus government involvement in IT can only lead to suppression of free speech, even if not at first.

  20. Mestizo guy from TX. Immigrant parents, wow. Just wow , man i feel like tearing up for real. Godspeed brother, keep fighting the good fight. Millions of us got your back.

    I do gotta say I dont think this nation was meant to be European only. I believe we are the only nation where a melting pot works. That being said the border needs to be closed NOW and none allowed in, at least not for a very very long while. Also as someone w a lot of love for my parents home countries they also have the same disease crippling them as we do. Their middle classes ripped away in the name of a dollar, its what they want though right?

    Keep it up my man

  21. I didn’t realize it was the Hasidic Jews dressed up as Arab terrorists that crashed the planes into our towers in America.
    Their makeup artist deserves an Oscar.

    1. Not sure where your comments fit into this discussion, but since you brought it up, I suppose you have video or pictures of “Arabs” crashing planes into the towers, this would make a great exclusive for any news network, might make you a millionaire as well. But if we truly want the truth of how the Israeli gov through the Mossad with the aid of the Zio controlled FBI and the enslaved Whitehouse carried out 9/11 then watch this video: “9/11 Missing Links” it lays bare the facts and the ways Jews in Israel and America with their ZioTools and slaves in the American gov did 9/11.

  22. Mars impact theory and terraforming does not seem to me to have any relevance in an election campaign.
    Even if such project were feasible, it wouldn’t belong to a group of people, a political party, or even one country. This would only be a project decided and agreed upon by the whole of humanity. The ubris of the Talmudists that you denounce, to create a world of their own at the expense of the rest of humanity, seems similar to the model of your ambitions for the universe, when you mention the words “colonization and exploitation by the US government”. As a politician, wouldn’t it be better for you to promote the measures to protect and safeguard our planet, keep it clean, respected and safe for the future generations. Instead of dreaming to play God by using the tools of mass destruction and subjugation designed by that very same group that you denounce, why don’t you instead devote your political energy to rid the world of all tools of mass destruction? That would be a more honorable point to be found on your platform.

  23. It’s funny how you can get some things right and get them totally wrong at the same time.
    Decentralize it instead. The early cypherpunks called the right to encryption part of the second ammendement. You do not want ANY GOVERNMENT to have the power of Google, Twitter and Facebook combined!

  24. The only difference I would make re: the Jews is to expose, arrest, and deport the Zionist Jews, i.e., the political elite Jews who advocate Zionism/Communism and leave the little Jew alone. Jews who work and don’t have duel citizenship and are not a threat should not fear your position. Many Jews have been brainwashed too.
    But, you are right on your assessment regarding the “Holocaust”. The only holocaust in Germany was the deliberate bombing of non-combatants: civilians, women , children, elderly and cities 20,000,000 lives lost. lived in Germany for three years after WWII, 1955-1958. It wasn’t then and it isn’t now a free country.
    I put ten years in the military and as a veteran I know who rules this country & it’s not the American People. I know what happened to the USS Liberty in June of 1967 and I know the coverups made. Everything people have been told about Mr. Adolf Hitler and National Socialism is a lie. The information about what really happened is suppressed. Remember the victors write the history books. If you accept only one version of a narative you will be wrong all the time. The Republicans (so called conservatives) are pathetic moral cowards. Mr.Patrick Little you have my support.

  25. I am a Black man and I support Mr Little and hope he will win against the Jewish supremacist and Israel-first, Diane Feinstein. After watching a few of his videos, and also reading about his agenda on this website, I have concluded that Patrick is not only very brave, but he is also extremely intelligent.
    99% of the world’s problems are caused by the sick Jewish minds. Imagine a tribe being responsible for almost all world’s problems, and then creating laws making it illegal to talk about their crimes? That is what Jews have done.
    The Jew has used their media monopoly to incite Blacks against Whites, Muslims against Whites etc. This ensures that as Whites, Blacks, Muslims…are busy fighting each other, the Jew continues to swindle and dominate all goyim.

    I especially like the fact that Mr Little has talked about nationalizing Google, Facebook, Twitter because these companies are used by Jews to further their agenda. The Jewish agenda being to enslave all goyim. Brainwashing and impoverishing the goyim is part of this Jewish agenda. I would also suggest that, once the Jew is removed from power, monopolies like Google and Facebook should be broken up, sold (strictly to gentiles), and the money used to pay people and companies that have been sabotaged, mistreated or discriminated by these companies over the years.

    I consider Patrick’s campaign to be the beginning of a revolution – a revolution to emancipate ourselves from the evil Jewish supremacists who rule over us, and who use the power they have over us to swindle us, terrorize us, and degrade us and our children.

    I would have voted for you, but I don’t live in California. I, however, wish you success in your campaign. I hope you will win the election, because such a win will be felt around the world. The time has come for all gentiles all over the world to throw the evil Jew from their backs and become free again.

  26. Whoa. Awesome. Don’t agree with everting and agree you should leave the interplanetary stuff alone Def but damn you got some watermelons on you like Farrakhan says lol

    God speed if I was in Cali I’d vote for you even though I don’t agree with all of it.

  27. I find anti-semitism to be both distubing yet sometimes hilarious, and the absolute height of Christian hypocrisy. Do you consider yourself a Christian, Mr. Little? Well, here’s a revelation for you: your precious savior Jesus Christ was born a Jew, raised as a Jew, and he died as a Jew.

    So, Mr. Little, why do you never refer to your precious messiah with the same hateful and unfounded vitriol that you obviously have for all Jewish people, like your precious Christ?

    I refuse to even address your conspiracy theory abouy how Jews “own the media.” Unless you can provide indisputable facts and references to back your bizarre claims, you are nothing but a lying conspiracy nutjob, one who might truly benefit from a lobotomy.

    YOU ACCEPT THAT YOUR PRECIOUS JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN, RAISED, AND DIED A JEW. So what will you do when you beliefs as a “Christian” will, upon your death, be judged by your God and your alleged son of God? Do you acually think God will take kindly to your condemnation of his son, THE JEW?

    And for your information, Jews do not constitute a ‘race’ of people. It’s a religion, not a race. They come from many different countries with a large variety of genetics and how they practice their faith. Face the fact that your Christian faith demands your worship of A JEW, whom you consider your religion’s messiah and saviour, and you accept him as the ‘Son of God.’

    How do you think the “son of God” would react to this heinous bigotry and violence? He would unequivocally condemn it.

    The bottom line is that you are a very evil person and an anti-semitic bigot, who like many others in history have used their bigotry and false propoganda against one particular minority religion for no other reason except the bigotry you were taught by your ignorant jew-hating parents, who are as much to blame as you for your evil, misguided, bigoted ideas and Nazi propoaganda.

    SHAME on you. Your militant Christianity is right up there with millitant white supremicists. Guaranteed your precious God will NOT protect you. In fact, it’s the opposite. Shame on you – you bigoted, uneducated, brainwashed animals.

    Nothing you can possibly say will justify such beliefs or behaviors. In the end, you will reap what you sow, and end up branded a bigoted lunatic for life, as you deserve.

    So stomp on and spit on the Israeli flag all you want. It won’t make a bit of difference. The election results will speak for themselves.

    Thank the Universe you are rightly considered nothing moer than a bigoted piece of human garbage. Mark my words, someday you WILL ALL eventually suffer the consequences of your heinous actions.

    1. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Exactly. This slug is going to hell.

    2. No. This is a jew lie and it is based on a major translation error in the Bible. Everywhere you see the word “jew” in the New Testament, it should instead be Judean. Judea was a province under Roman control and it consisted of various ethnicities, as documented by the historian Flavius Josephus and Strabo the Geographer.
      The jews of today, and of Jesus’s time, are racially Edomites/Canaanites (Idumeans as described by classical historians) and they are NOT Israelites.
      Jesus rejected the Edomite Jews and called them liars, deceivers, and murderers. The Edomite jews went on to murder Jesus. The Edomite Jews of today call themselves Israelites because they are falsely claiming to be descendants of the Israelite tribes. A careful study of the Bible and history reveals this to be FALSE.
      Whites of European descent, such as Patrick Little, are the descendants of the Israelite tribes. The jews are the greatest liars and imposters in world history. But their time is almost up. They will eventually get a real Holocaust, as prophesied in the Bible. They are Edom, they are the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9 and Rev. 3:9).
      Jesus was not a jew. Jesus rejected the jews and then beat the wretched money-changing jews out of the Temple.
      God hates the Edomite Jews as described in Genesis and Romans (Esau is Edom; “Esau have I hated”) and the entire Book of Obadiah in the Bible prophecies the complete annihilation of the jew.
      The jew has made up lies about the Holocaust, but the biggest jew lies of them all are “Jesus was a jew” and “Jews are the Israelites of the Old Testament”.
      The jew’s time is almost up.

  28. I can produce 15 lbs. of feces in a single day. Can you do that, you filthy goy slob? I didn’t think so. Vote for me, Schlomo Bagelbaum, not this putz! Thank you very much!

  29. Implementing your platform would require an overthrow of the Constitution. So you should probably lead with that. You would throw out the Constitution, and then…

    You don’t seem to have any real ideas. No job creation, no health care, no education, no student loan reform, no consumer protection, no environmental protection, no protection of public lands, no affordable housing, no transportation, no human trafficking, no international trade policy… nothing but hating Jews. That isn’t going to get you very far.

  30. Impressive candid8 and campaign and message, except for one thing – Feinstein is a US citizen only, according to public records I have seen. Where’s the evidence she has dual citizenship?

  31. This Little has very little self-esteem. He thinks that 2% of American population could enslave a nation of 350 millions. He is an insult to any proud American patriot. Not to mention a rabid paranoid conspiracy. His place not in Senate but in asylum.

  32. Israel did 9/11 and is behind almost these terrorist false flags blamed on “isis” which them and corrupt elements within the Usa control. 911 thruth ends all wars!

    Please read “solving 911”

    Or watch Christopher Bollyn’s Speeches

  33. Read Michael Collins Pipers entire catalog alongside the catalog of Eustace Mullins, Pat Buchanan, and Ezra Pound who was locked up twelve years for telling the truth about them. Please note that the entire works of Winston Churchill, Dwight EISENhower both of these men with “jewish” blood in their lineage have not one word about a “shoa” in their entire multi volume histories. Neither does the work composed by Charles Degaulle, who was almost assasinated by Permedex as was John Kennedy for attempting to prevent the terrorist in stolen Palestine from having access to the nuclear bombs.

    So three of the gangsters who ran the entire WW2 communist and jacobin freemasonic operation under the signs of scorpio never saw a jewish death camp? But if y’all jews in hollywood saw them I guess “it’s true.” Go read Fred Luechters book “ The Luechter Report”. Then study Douglass Christies incredible victory for truth against the pedestry clan. When he proved the “shoa” never happened in Canadian court. Tell the Truth and shame the Devil by Gerhard Menuhin the son of a famed Violinist is the place to start.

  34. My father served in WWII. He was with General Eisenhower when the General visited the concentration camp and took photos of the victims. My dad brought home those pictures. How can you deny what General Eisenhower and the soldiers who were with him saw? Good men died defending our American way of life. You write like the Nazis did before they started gassing and cooking Jews.

  35. A couple things you may wish to consider:
    1. Defund all entities which receive government money and engage in political censorship especially universities,
    2. Prosecute and assess for back taxes entities which blatantly violate their tax-deductible status by engaging in unallowed political activity.

  36. Why is student loan debt the only debt you can’t discharge in bankruptcy? If you take a loan out to get the degree you need to get a good job, OK pay back the loan. But what if you can’t get a good job? Hasn’t the contract been broken? You’re a debt slave the rest of your life. Any corporation can put their onerous debt into a subsidiary and bankrupt the subsidiary, but millions of young white people are putting off family formation because all their money goes to student loan payments.

    No more debt slavery! Allow student loan debt to be discharged in bankruptcy like EVERY OTHER DEBT.

  37. Patrick Little is a joke. He’s just out to make money. As a COMBAT vet I can say that this guy is a disgrace to the uniform.

  38. I support you 100% Mr Little. I agree with everything you stand for. Naming the Jew is as natural as understanding Jewish exaggeration of the Nazi treatment of the jews. The Jew hatred of Northern Europeans, and their tribal supremicism aimed at undermining our society is the greatest threat to our people.
    I loved your J walk in New York. Man you have huge cahoonas, and you have given many of us strength to Name the Jew. I have committed to naming the Jew in public and with strangers. The key is to be truthful, and to deliver the naming as matter of fact.

    I will be following your career and contributing to your campaign. As far as I am concerned you are the natural leader of this movement, and the more lieutenants you gather the stronger we will all be.

    And finally we can oust the Jew and their natural perversions
    from our homes

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