It’s Okay To Be White Marches

It’s Okay To Be White Marches

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The best way to overcome tyranny is to expose it.  It is tyrannical to call for the genocide of an entire race, or to say that it is not okay to be a member of a race.

When the jews in the media began howling out in pain when the “It’s okay to be white” meme started appearing, they were ripping their masks off: (((they))) don’t think it’s okay to be white.

The jews in the media all the time assert that it is not okay to be white, that any area that is white needs to be ‘diversified’, such as when the jews at the New York Times announced the need to ethnically cleanse New Hampshire.

Whether ‘it’ is an individual, a city, a country, a continent, or as cited above, a state, the jews do not believe that ‘it’ is okay to be white.  Jews have been openly calling for genocide of ethnic Europeans, or the white race, as the jews tend to call it, for over a decade.  From media personalities to professors at Georgetown and Harvard, jews are screaming out in pain as they try to incite other races to do their dirty work for them by constantly pushing their anti-white narratives in all cultural institutions.

Dates and locations for marches are to be announced.

I get physically assaulted all the time by jews and their lackeys for questioning jewish narratives, and I expect that if I were to physically fight back, that I would wind up wrongfully imprisoned like so many others have.  We are oppressed, we are the victim, but only so long as we refuse to assert the right to be white publicly.

When I first got involved in activism, I was often unsure of what to say when doing IRL events.  It hit me when preparing to protest against censorship in front of the Twitter HQ in San Francisco that duct tape over the mouth knocked out multiple birds with one stone.  It allowed me to stand there with the sign “It’s Not Okay To Be White @Twitter” without worrying about straying off topic.  It also allowed me to eliminate the need to worry about having to think up retorts to hecklers (and there were plenty of them, as I was there for four to five hours, on a busy city intersection). Eric Striker understood the angle I was going for, his analysis was spot on: I got the oppressors to expose themselves, rip their own masks off, and expose their tyranny.  I only took the duct tape off when the opportunity presented itself to speak to a news crew (as I had hoped to attract).

Anyone who could have a problem with the theme of “It’s okay to be (insert race)” is obviously a genocidal maniac… which is the reason why most jews lose their minds when they see the “It’s Okay To Be White” meme.


What to do:

Put duct tape on your mouth and don’t take it off during the march

Carry signs  or banners or wear clothes that say it’s okay to be white.

Assemble for march quickly.

Do not fight back if you get attacked (call police after taking duct tape off mouth)

Ensure there is someone video taping the march for posting to the internet, for the safety of the marchers.

Carry a note card that says “please leave” in a pocket

Present the “please leave” note card to anyone who takes their duct tape off their mouth for any reason other than to call police.

Present the note card to anyone who acts threateningly or violently, or who breaks any of the rules laid out here.


What not to do:

Carry a sign that says anything other than “It’s Okay To Be White”

Wear a shirt with any type of political message or group logo on it.

Linger where the march ends after the marching is done

Take off duct tape off your mouth during march (unless you need to call the police)

Fight back if being  attacked

Not video record evidence of fellow marchers being attacked

Participate in a march that doesn’t have a designated person to stream the event (at least have someone making an offline recording from outside of the procession).



You don’t have to be white to participate.  I expect there to be quite a few non-white participants.

Email to find out more about marches in your area. So far we have marchers for ten cities.

More details to follow.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little

50 Replies to “It’s Okay To Be White Marches”

  1. Jesus christ Pat we love you on /pol/ (most of us) but do not do this. Especially since of the Pittsburgh shooting everyone is still sensitive. Even if you get perms this could turn into another UTR. IOTBW was made to be done the way it is which is posting it and watching the rage. A march is only going to draw out the (((skinheads))).

  2. As one of the originators of the IOTBW movement on pol and as someone who has never countersignaled you I feel it’s necessary to speak up. This (e celeb usage to gain in recent and ever losing traction in relevancy) is not what it’s ok to be white is about. It’s supposed to remain a non organized, faceless, anon and spontaneous movement. It’s about the message not Patrick Littles dwindling revelance. You will only accomplish associating your self and your tasteless posts to normies. Not to mention the recent Bowers thing. Like it or not, that’s how it will come across to normal people. Please, let IOTBW remain what it always has been and don’t insert yourself into it. Many people on pol agree with me on this, just have a look through the threads. Can’t you come up with your own slogans to organize people to march with? Also, I don’t think many people are going to show up for this and therefore it will look weak in the eyes of normal people. Please reconsider this idea. It’s not going to go over well

      1. Don’t listen to these scared females, Patrick.

        It’s ok to be white will break the conditioning.

        People need to be shocked.

        If they associate “It’s ok to be white” with nazism – so what?

        It is STILL ok to be white.

        I have another meme I would like to suggest.

        Why do people hate Jews?
        What is the real cause of antisemitism rising?

        Keep up the good work, Patrick, and don’t listen to these weak faggots.

        Tiptoeing around the issue will never wake the normies up.

        Normies will not wake up because they have done extensive research and they have reached the same conclusion as we do.

        Normies will wake up when 1 million of our people say – “The Holocaust did not happen”.

        Then normies will say: Maybe 1 million people are not all crazy.

        We will win the culture war by reaching critical mass.

        When millions of people say one thing – normies will take notice and change their mind.

        NPC-s will not change their mind by doing their own research. They will change it through peer pressure.

        This is why it is important to reach critical mass.

        1. NO cucking
        2. Clear, loud message – “Jews run USA. Holocaust never happened”.

        The more we repeat this message, and the more people repeat this message – the more power it has.

        This is why it needs to be said loud and clear, with confidence.

        It will start having momentum – and when we reach critical mass – NPCs will take notice.

        1. Example of a flier using this new meme

          Why do people hate Jews? (Big letters)

          Jews own 80% of the media, the Federal Reserve, 90% of Hollywood, 60% of the Porn Industry, they encourage “open borders”, (Written in smaller letters)

          Why do people hate Jews? (Big letters)

          The Jewish owned media attacks whites for imaginary “racism”.

          Why do people hate Jews?

          HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) is behind the push for illegal immigration.

          This is why Bowers shot the synagogue. (Smaller letters).

          Why is Antisemitism on the Rise (Big letters)

          Jews from ADL and SPLC are behind Internet censorship. (Google it!)

          Why do people hate Jews? (Big Letters)

          They finance “open borders” in the US, while they have a wall and DNA test citizenship in Israel. (Smaller letters)

          Why do people hate Jews? (Big letters)

          Jews have owned the main banks since the Middle Ages and control The Federal Reserve.

          Why do people hate Jews?

          Americans live in poverty while we give billions each year to Israel..

          Many more such memes can be made.

          It can answer the question that is on everyone’s mind: “Why did Bowers shoot the synagogue?”

          Why do people hate Jews — can be as big as It’s OK to be white…

          Only the format is different.

          The flier has “Why do people hate Jews?” in big letters

          And at the bottom of the page, in smaller letters, there is also an explanation.

          The Why do people Hate Jews? meme will break the conditioning in a single blow.

          It is written as a question, and people become curious to know the answer to the question.

          It is a natural response to being asked a question. You wait for the answer.

          Each answer needs to be short and eloquent.

        2. agreed the video is great ! its the people who can keep going after suffering the most who in the end will prevail ! there is no stronger weapon or defense against it then the honest truth shown and paraded by a brave patriot, an innocent person in the face of lies and defamation by the wicked. you and the fellow patriot have shown that ! and we should all be ashamed for not taking up our sign and tape right on our local roads and byways !

    1. >Pat Little’s dwindling relevance
      Pat has inspired HUNDREDS of us to follow in his footsteps and none of you naysayers has any right to criticize what he’s doing.
      You don’t ‘OWN’ the copyright on It’s Okay to Be White, and you’re not as smart or accomplished or experienced as Pat , so why should he take advice from you?
      How does he know that you’re not just some JIDF infiltrator trying to derail this movement?
      Pat is NOT ‘centralizing’ the It’s Okay to Be White message around himself, and your calling him an ‘E-Celeb’ when he is a legitimate political candidate who has bravely put himself on the line for Race and Nation, something that 99.9% of this so-called movement has been too much of a ‘coward’ to do, speaks volumes about your own resolve.
      Keep up the great work, Pat, keep going out IRL, and don’t let these Optic Cucks get you down.

  3. .
    You were told it’s not your to use. Steve liotta of nyc was silly enough to act as you mouthpiece and was not warmly received

  4. No, no, no, no, no… It was actually I, who coined “It’s OK to be white” and I own a full patent on that phrase.

    No one can use it unless they pay me 30 cents.

    I also hereby give permission to Patrick to use it for free….

  5. That’s one of the perks of being an anonymous online non-entity…. you don’t get to claim copyright over anything….

  6. I have spent 12.484 hours lurking on /pol/

    and I also posted about 40 fliers of It’s OK to be white.

    Here’s my conclusion.

    You anonymous faggots think you will change the world by posting some fliers on utility poles…

    Not even naming the jew, just saying “It’s OK to be white”….

    You think posting fliers on fences and hiding on the internet will change anything?

    You think the Jews will run scared, because of your fliers that get ripped right off 10 minutes after you tape them to a wall?

    More is needed.

    So take your head out of your ass… and help Patrick if you can.

    Use your energy to fight the Jew….. not Patrick.

  7. It’s funny to see /pol/ guys virtue signal Patrick

    And worry about muh optics…

    You are literally a bunch of guys hiding on the internet who post fliers on walls that get ripped off about 10-15 minutes later.

    You have the nerve of telling Patrick… he is not “worthy” of using the meme?

    Get the fuck outta here!

  8. “You were told it’s not your to use. ”

    Spoke the king of /pol/..

    You better do as you’re told, Patrick.

    Literally an acne ridden virgin with an internet connection can claim to represent /pol/ and boss you around.

    What a joke.

  9. I’ve been lurking an anonymous online message board for a couple of years now

    So now I’m this big expert on the Jews

    Therefore I forbid you from using a meme I cannot even prove I invented.

    I am just one person but I claim to speak on behalf of all of /pol//

    We post fliers on electric posts, that don’t even name the Jew

    we just allude something about being ok to be white.

    We think a few hundred fliers on post that get taken down within 20 minutes anyway

    Will scare the Jews into leaving America in terror…

    Therefore, Patrick Little, don’t even think of taking this idea further…

    We will just post fliers with innocuous messages…

    If you don’t do as you’re told, Patrick
    We will just post anonymous threats on your feed.

    That’s all we can do.
    Post fliers and online threats.

  10. Hey Pat. I just want you to know some people have suggested we change the march to “The Goyim Know” instead. I gotta be completely honest, I dont know if its just a ton of shills who are trying to stop it from being an IOTBW march or if its really /ourboys/ who are against it but a ton of people are saying NOT to do an “its ok to be white” march.

    I really dont know what to think at this point, Pat you really need to reach out to people and make sure this march is NOT going to turn a bunch of /ourboys/ against you man, you do NOT want to lose your voting block! That would be a disaster. Like I said I honestly can not tell if its just shills trying to stop us or if its our people who are truly against this. Please figure this out, if it is /ourgoys/ you might lose a shitload of support!

    1. Where I come from…. the soldiers follow the general….

      Not the general follows what the soldiers think.

      If anyone, anyone on /pol/ – withdraws support from Patrick because he did an IOTBW march…

      Over such an insignificant detail… they no longer support Patrick

      Then so be it!

      A leader who is afraid of what his soldiers think is not a true leader at all.

      And this sounds like emotional blackmail by a woman

      Do as I say Patrick — or I won’t support you anymore….

      If they don’t support him anymore…. over a small thing like this ….

      Then they deserve that the Jews cast their daughters in porn movies fucking niggers.

      Sometimes I think goyim are just dumb.

      Patrick, my two cents.

      Don’t do “The Goyim Know” – normies have no idea what that means.

      Do “It’s ok to be white”.

      You know that the march will be attacked, and if ANTIFA attacks people who display IT’s OK to be White signs — and this gets reported by the media…. then it’s GOOD OPTICS, you morons.

  11. I have just come from GAB and your posts aren’t loading. Just a suggestion: Why don’t you start a forum, u know, like stormfront/vnn, but one you will select moderators who understand and support this counter-semitic movement?
    The way things are, it is impossible to discuss the JQ in other fora without some sort of sabotage happening, as is going on @gab. NOTE: This movement you are leading is the only movement that is really scaring the kikes – because it is a winning strategy. Winning here meaning kicking the kike out of influential positions in majority goy countries.
    What other forums(like those mentioned above) have failed to understand is that you have to focus on the jew, and the jew only, else, the jew will infiltrate your movement, and destroy it.

    I do hope you will start a discussion forum soonest, so that people being kicked out of twitter, gab, youtube etc can find a home to discuss the JQ openly. This would also serve as a forum to wake people up about the cancer that is the kike infestation in our society.

  12. First they censor you
    Then they dox you and attack you in the media
    Then they attack you physically
    Then they lock you up

    Then more and more people realize you are telling the truth

    Then more and more people start telling the truth

    Then we win.

    Bobby Sands did a hunger strike that ended in death… which generated headlines around the world

    And brought more sympathy to the cause of Irish Nationalists than all of the IRA actions combined.

    We need something like this.

    If any of our guys get imprisoned, to go on a hunger strike. Or even if they are not imprisoned.

    We need a dozen guys to go on a public hunger strike – while protesting Jewish ownership of banks and media, and saying it’s ok to be white and we don’t want to become a minority.
    Like it happened in Baltimore. Like it happened in Detroit.

    It doesn’t have to be until death.

    This will shortcircuit the normies brains. Sometimes a hunger strike works better than an act of violence, to bring awareness to the cause.

  13. Patrick,

    If the IOTBW march is a success, then everybody will say how great you are (even people who criticized you)

    If IOTBW is a disaster, then everyone will criticize you (even people who said it’s a good idea).

    Being a good general is seeing what needs to be done – and doing it…

    Knowing what is a success, and having courage to do it…

    Don’t worry what the soldiers think.

    A good general will win the battle — and then all the soldiers will be happy.

    Fuck /pol/

  14. I am willing to lead or help lead a march in Vancouver, BC Canada. I already have a group here and have done events on video in the street. I have done many videos with Pat. We’re friends and want to work with him and his leadership.

  15. “Do not alter the message.”
    “There is no phase 2.”
    “Anyone who deviates from this is a shill.”
    Patrick Little has revealed himself to be a shill by trying to co-op the message. He is an enemy to whites everywhere trying to discredit one of our best, most effective tools for revealing media bias against whites. Do not fall for his lies and shameless self promotion.

    1. Fuck you anon hiding behind a keyboard.

      As long as you are an anon hiding on the internet – you have no right to criticize Patrick, who is risking his life for the cause…. while you write angry comments on the internet.

      You are probably a Jew who attacks Patrick.

      Piss off, Jew!

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